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German black / death metal band Aegror just issued this announcement about inking a record deal and gearing up to release a new album:

“A long lapse of time went by since Mithyr and Narthaas shared the passion for music and founded their first band called Nebelsturm together in 2005. In 2008 they changed the bands name to Aegror according to the lyrical concept of their first LP ‘De Morbis’ which has been released in 2010.

“After the line up has changed a few times in the past the band now has a stable line up with Mithyr, Narthaas, Acorus, Skarrg and Abyssus. Together the five members create unique and passionate black/death metal which is incompareable to other bands in this scene.

“And now – after 12 years – of hard work, blood, sweat and vomit they are fucking proud to announce that Aegror has finally signed to STF-Records & the Satura Publishing Company! Our new album ‘Dead Man’s Diary’ will be released on 02.06.2017.

“Thanks to all of you who supported us the whole time! Special thanks to Mia Mane Photography for this great new Promo-Photos, to Metallurgy Tonstudio and to Convictive!”

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French sludge crew Crackhouse today premieres a self-titled EP. Check out the 20 minute slamming beast below.

Formed in Tours (France) by the hands of Jean-Baptiste Carton, Simon Morlec, and Guillaume Vailant, Crackhouse authors a stunning sludge doom highly influenced by a [rogressive attitude with massive Ssoner sonorities/

Crackhouse’s self-titled CD EP will be available starting April 7th, 2017 and released by Argonauta Records. The track listing consists of:

1. Swamp Widows
2. Serpent Suuns

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All Else Fails has been nominated for an Edmonton Music Award in the Metal Recording of The Year category for “The Forever Lie.” The EP was released in February and continues the Edmonton band’s aggressively dark brand of metal that breaks traditional ideals.

Vocalist / guitarist Barrett Klesko comments on the nomination: “We are honoured to be nominated for Metal Recording of the Year at the 2017 Edmonton Music Awards. We are in excellent company; the choices this year are all great bands and even better people.”

All Else Fails was nominated for Metal Recording of the Year alongside fellow friends and musicians:

Black Friday – Suffering In Stereo
Juliet Ruin – Rogue Down
Silence The Machine – Lost
Striker – Phoenix Lights

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Apocalyptic heavy music group Integrity just revealed the first snippet of new music from upcoming album “Howling, For The Nightmare Shall Consume,” coming this summer via Relapse Records.

The featured song is the album’s opening track “Fallen To Destroy.” Listen now and see all confirmed 2017 tour dates via the YouTube clip below.

The new album contains 11 tracks recorded and mixed at Developing Nations Studio in Baltimore, with mastering handled by Brad Boatright (Obituary, Toxic Holocaust, Full Of Hell). More details on the album will be announced shortly.

Additionally, Integrity will perform a first concert of 2017 tomorrow at United Blood Fest in Richmond, VA. From there the band will tour throughout Europe including the legendary Roadburn Festival and Hellfest 2017.

Apr 07 Richmond, VA United Blood Festival
Apr 21 Tilburg, NLD Roadburn 2017
Apr 22 London, UK Birthdays Dalston

Jun 09 Berlin, DE Jugendkulturzentrum Linse
Jun 10 Poznan, PL Klub U Bazyla
Jun 11 Prague, CZ 007
Jun 12 Schweinfurt, DE Alter Stattbahnhof
Jun 13 Cologne, DE MTC Cologne
Jun 14 Arnhem, NL Willemeen
Jun 15 Brugge, BE JH Comma
Jun 16 Stadtmitte, DE Stadmitte
Jun 17 Ulm, DE Eden
Jun 18 Clisson, FR Hellfest 2017

w/ Creepout
Oct 06 Tokyo, JP Antiknock
Oct 07 Mie, JP Chaos
Oct 08 Osaka, JP Hokage
Oct 09 Tokyo, JP Earthdom

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An album consisting of nine bizarre stories stemming from mental trash and dark corners of odd fantasy, Wolfkhan’s debut full-length album, “Cyber Necro Spirituals,” is due out April 25th, 2017 via Arachnophobia Records. Wolfkhan is a rather unknown name. The project’s history, however, dates back to the early 90s. Mainman Marcin Gasiorowski, also known as the leader of Thy Worshiper, comments:

“Wolfkhan has come into being after Thy Worshiper’s demo ‘Tym z krainy cieni’ (‘To those from the shadow realm’). Somehow, I’ve always had some other ideas which I thought were worth recording. This is when we released the first demo.

“The second one saw the light of day after Thy Worshiper album ‘Signum’ had been unleashed. You can still watch the video for the single ‘El Diablo’ on YouTube. I have always cooperated on subsequent Wolfkhan’s releases with Thy Worshiper guitar players. Recently, I felt the creative call when we had come back with ‘Czarna dzika czerwien’ record. There was something I needed to get out of my system.”

To many, a soon-to-be-unleashed debut album will be the first exposure to Wolfkhan. Thy Worshiper’s longtime guitarist Dariusz Kubala, as well as the band’s past and present female vocalists have contributed to the material. However, when compared to last year’s “Klechdy” record, the contents of “Cyber Necro Spirituals” are more like an audio acid trip.

Wolfkhan’s founder explains: “I didn’t have a direction. The whole thing just came out by itself. One inspiration which possibly affected the way this record is like was the reading experience of the ‘Black Oceans’ novel by Jacek Dukaj.”

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The “Grave Alchemist” full-length, a horror concept album that weaves a tale of alchemy, necromancy, and vampirism over the span of three centuries, is due to drop via Prosthetic Records April 14th. As a precursor to its release, today All Hell’s “Laid To Unrest” is unveiled in the form of a video – check it out below.

“As ‘The Grave Alchemist’ is essentially an album in two parts, we felt that Side A (Side Solve) needed to end with what felt like an album closer, thus the nature of ‘Laid To Unrest,’” elaborates vocalist/guitarist Jacob Curwen.

He goes on to say, “Conceptually, this song represents the dissolution of the Alchemist; a temporary state of death analogous to the dark night of the soul, linked to the alchemical processes of Putrefactio and Fermentatio. The Alchemist is struck down for his crimes and buried alive as he utters the Words of his Return. The video takes cues from German Expressionists, particularly Wiene and Murnau, whose silent works, infused with dark and powerful symbolism, have now haunted viewers for nearly a century.”

All Hell will further bring odes of odium to the stage for a short run of live dates this spring, with additional live incursions in the plotting stages.

4/27/2017 The Nick – Birmingham, AL w/ New Masters Of Evil
4/28/2017 529 – Atlanta, GA w/ New Masters of Evil
4/29/2017 Drkmttr – Nashville, TN
4/30/2017 The Pilot Light – Knoxville, TN
5/04/2017 Slim’s Downtown – Raleigh, NC
5/05/2017 Raw Ink Live – Gaithersburg, MD
5/06/2017 Century Bar – Philadelphia, PA
5/07/2017 Gallery 5 – Richmond, VA

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Spanish heavy metal band Vhäldemar is about to release a limited digipack EP containing three songs from upcoming 5th album “Against All Kings,” due to be released next October through Fighter Records.

Entitled “Old King’s Visions,” this new EP is an appetizer directed to the most die hard fans: only 600 copies will be made containing five songs with a May 4th release confirmed. Check out advance song “Howling At The Moon” below.

Vhäldemar is also currently working on a video clip for the song “1366 (Old King’s Visions Part V)” which is expected by the end of April, just a few days before the release of this new EP.

1. 1366 (Old King´s Visions Part V)
2. I Will Stand Forever
3. Intro
4. Howling at the Moon
5. Gorgar (Helloween cover)

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Guitar virtuoso Matt Chanway has made a name for himself with Canadian death/thrash metal band Assimilation. Last December, Chanway struck out on his own and unleashed a self-titled solo debut album (streaming here).

Chanway explains that “initially this music was written for a progressive metal project called Chancellor in 2011. After leaving that band, I gradually morphed the tracks into instrumental tunes.”

Today Chanway demonstrates his shredding skills with a new playthrough for the track “271114” – check it out below. The new album’s full track listing is as follows:

1. Evidence of the Arcane (6:22) (instrumental)
2. The Receiver of Wisdom (6:58) (instrumental)
3. Harbinger 2.1 (8:24) (instrumental)
4. 271114 (6:48) (instrumental)
5. Eyes In The Sky (5:48) (instrumental)
6. Lucidity (6:26) (instrumental)

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Recently it was reveled that several Nameless Ghouls from the past lineup of Ghost are suing front man Papa Emeritus (Tobias Forge). Now one of those Ghouls has unmasked himself and several others as well. Former Ghost guitarist Simon Söderberg issued this statement via Facebook:

“As of yesterday we, four signatories from the band Ghost, have filed a lawsuit with the Linköping District Court. We are suing Tobias Forge (”Papa Emeritus”) – the band’s lead singer who has also been responsible for the finances of the band since its founding.

“As of the filing of this lawsuit we are requesting that the court, under penalty, oblige Tobias Forge to declare the incomes as well as expenses of the band concerning the years between 2011 and 2016.

“Throughout all the years we have been on tour with Ghost (between 2011-2016 some of us have performed something like 500 shows with the band) and throughout the band’s album recordings, we have neither been allowed to share in the profits of the band, nor have we seen any of the incomes accounted for.

“The only thing we have received have been minimal advance payments to allow the band to keep going. This despite the fact that we had an agreement that any profits should be shared fairly between the members of the band.

“When we have attempted to raise the issue of the band’s finances with Tobias Forge his sole response has been that there are so far no profits to be share, but that everyone will be generously compensated once the band turns a profit.

“The reason that this lawsuit is now being filed is a contract dispute that has escalated during the previous year (2016). Over the last year we have received multiple proposed contracts from Tobias Forge in which he seeks to redefine his role in the band.

“Since the conception of Ghost our common understanding and agreement has been that we are a band on equal terms, but that Tobias will act as band leader and manage the band’s finances through his own companies.

“Through contracts received from Tobias and his lawyers during 2016, Tobias has attempted to make us sign an agreement that implies we are merely consultants working for his company, an agreement also stating that we would receive less that a minimal wage for our contributions to the band. According to this proposal, furthermore we would renounce any and all rights to music royalties.

“All above despite the fact that some of us have been members of the band since its foundation, investing all of our time in the band during the past five years, with as much right to the recordings and trademark of the band Ghost as that of Tobias Forge.

“Out vocalist and former friend is now attempting to, in a underhand and shameless way, transform Ghost from a band into a solo project with hired musicians. Naturally this is not something we can accept.

“When, in connection with the 2016 United States tour, approached a lawyer in order to sort out the situation of the contracts, we were informed that Tobias Forge no longer wanted us to participate in upcoming tours. Thus, Tobias Forge is now going ahead with the tour, which started March 24 2017 and is set to end in the UK on August 12, on his own together with rented musicians who have replaced all other band members. Tobias Forge has chosen this path of action without any permission from us to carry out the tour on his own. This under the name Ghost, which we regard as our commonly owned trademark.

“The actions of Tobias Forge amount to nothing less than unabashed dishonesty, greed, and darkness. Not the darkness of which Ghost sings, but a darkness that pushes a person to betray his best friends when fame and fortune appear within reach.

“We are terribly sorry that this afflicts the fans of the band as well, and that they too should suffer because of this betrayal and greed. We who are suing Tobias Forge are:

Simon Söderberg (Alpha) – member of Ghost since 2010.
Mauro Rubino (Air) – member of Ghost since 2011.
Henrik Palm (Eather) – member of Ghost since 2015
Martin Hjertstedt (Earth) – member of Ghost since 2014

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– April 6th, 2017 –

photo and editing by Josefine Larsson @ Jojomen

Swedish death metallers Evocation have announced Janne Jaloma as their new drummer. Guitarist Marko Palmen comments: “We are very proud to welcome Janne Jaloma as the new drummer of Evocation. Janne has previously made himself a name in the Gothenburg & UK scenes as a dedicated and hardworking drummer for bands such as Despite, Bloodshot Dawn & Deals Death. His technical skills as well as his groove are pure magic, and the way he plays makes him a perfect fit for Evocation. Janne will make his live debut with Evocation on the release ritual scheduled for the 8th of April in Boras.”

Fans can watch Janne Jaloma’s drum play-through for “Imperium Fall” from Evocation‘s latest album, The Shadow Archetype, at:

Evocation live:
Apr. 8 – Boras, Sweden – Rockborgen

Evocation released their stunning new full-length, The Shadow Archetype, last month. While honoring their Swedish death metal roots, The Shadow Archetype also adds thrash metal elements to their addictive, heavy sound. For a preview of the album, the singles “Children of Stone” and “Condemned to the Grave”, can be heard at: – where the record can also be purchased in the following formats:

–Digipak CD (includes beer coaster!)
–180g black vinyl (EU exclusive)
–grey-marbled vinyl (limited to 300 copies – EU exclusive)
–salmon clear vinyl (limited to 200 copies – EU exclusive)
–clear/black-marbled vinyl (limited to 100 copies – USA exclusive)
*exclusive bundles with a shirt, plus digital options are also available!

Featuring a cover and layout by Xaay (Behemoth, Nile, etc.), The Shadow Archetype was recorded at three different studios. Backing vocals, mixing and mastering were done at Dugout Productions. Daniel Bergstrand handled the recording of backing vocals and mixing. George Nerantzis handled the mastering. Drums were recorded at Crehate Studios together with studio engineer Oscar Nilsson. The Shadow Archetype also features veteran drummer Per Moller Jensen (ex-The Haunted, ex-Invocator) on session drums. Per sets a new death metal standard on the new Evocation album with his complex, yet groovy drumming, which we know well from his time in The Haunted. Guitars, bass, and lead vocals were recorded by the band in their own studio, Acacia Avenue Recordings. “We started recording the drums in late June 2015 and did the last recordings with vocals in June 2016. So, we spent roughly a year in the studio with ‘The Shadow Archetype‘,” explains Palmen. “In my opinion, the production is our strongest so far. It has all the elements I want in a production; raw brutality with a distinctive punch!”

Evocation line-up:
Thomas Josefsson – vocals
Marko Palmen – guitar
Simon Exner – guitar
Gustaf Jorde – bass
Janne Jaloma – drums

Evocation online:

Buy iTunes Artist Page Artist News



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