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Cleveland group Contra today reveals “Snake Goat,” a new track from forthcoming album “Deny Everything.” Listen in below and you can pre-order the new album Bandcamp here. The full track listing is as follows:

1. Human Buzzsaw (streaming here)
2. Snake Goat
3. Altered Beast
4. The Gorgon
5. Humanoid Therapy
6. Son of Beast
7. Bottom Feeder
8. 100 Hundred Hand Slap
9. Dr. Goldfoot
10. Shrimp Cocktail

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“Haunting Black Infinity” is the name of the tormented new blackened assault by Dallas-based Tyrannosorceress – streaming below – taken off the band’s Tofu Carnage Records-bound “Shattering Light’s Creation” debut LP.

Issues the band of the single, “From the ends of the primordial darkness of the womb. The only absolute is chaos. Forever the red dragon coils within and without, beyond and in between, as everything and as nothing. Unborn Uncreated Haunting Black Infinity! Tehom, Leviathan.”

Featuring two slabs of 180-gram vinyl including a D-side etching by Ruggierei and layout by Zach Jobin and Sean Mehl, “Shattering Light’s Creation” will see release through Tofu Carnage Records on June 23rd.

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“Yeast Mother: An Electroacoustic Mass,” the debut EP by Snares Of Sixes – the newest investigative musical outlet of Agalloch’s Jason Walton – just saw release through Crucial Blast this past Friday. Now a full stream has come online and can be heard below.

Fusing an intense and eclectic range of extreme and experimental approaches into a disjointed and somehow simultaneously seamless hybrid of sounds, Snares Of Sixes’ maiden recording sees co members of Lawnmower Deth, Winds, Sculptured, Blekspetl, Hollow Branches, Self Spiller, Barrowlands, Age Of Silence, Dolven, Musk Ox, The Night Watch, Maestus, and more joining the creator in his delivery of this intriguing mutation.

Offers Jason Walton of the EP: “‘Yeast Mother’ scratched an insidious and pervasive itch for me. In many ways this is an album I have been striving to make since my high school years. Once I fell in love with challenging and confounding music, I have created many vehicles to try to replicate the feeling of awe this form of music inspired in me. Especially Likely Sloth, Nothing, and Self Spiller were all created to satisfy this craving. With Yeast Mother, I believe I have finally reached that goal.”

Yeast Mother: An Electroacoustic Mass by SNARES OF SIXES

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