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Music News: Dave Mustaine shares the news.

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Austrian epic black metal act Summoning – the true guardian of Middle Earth – issued a preview clip for the upcoming new album “With Doom We Come.” The album is set to be released on January 5, 2018 via Napalm Records.

Sagas and myths culled from J.R.R. Tolkien`s vast universe are the black blood that courses through Summoning’s veins, and “With Doom We Come” is the ultimate soundtrack to a fantastic journey!

The track list will read as follows:

1. Tar-Calion
2. Silvertine
3. Carcharoth
4. Herumor
5. Barrow-downs
6. Night Fell Behind
7. Mirklands
8. With Doom I Come

Check out the preview here:

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Italy’s Dragonhammer released a lyric video for “Fighting The Beast.” The new song appears on the band’s upcoming new long player “Obscurity,” which drops October 27th via My Kingdom Music.

The band will present the new album at a release party supporting Firewind in Rome at Jailbreak Live Club……and so you’ll ride the Dragon flying on the music!

“Obscurity” was recorded at Domination Studios by Simone Mularoni (DGM). The track listing is:

1. Darkness Is Coming
2. The Eye Of The Storm
3. Brother vs Brother
4. Under The Vatican’s Ground
5. The Game Of Blood
6. The Town Of Evil
7. Children Of The Sun
8. Fighting The Beast
9. Remember My Name
10. Obscurity

Check out “Fighting The Beast” here:

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Portland’s Red Fang issued a new animated video clip for the song “Not For You.” The song is lifted from the band’s latest effort “Only Ghosts,” which is available now through Relapse Records.

Check out the clip, directed by Balázs Gróf, here:

Red Fang hits the road with Black Label Society in January. For dates and venues, head over to this location.

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20 Buck Spin declares the new partnership with Philadelphia-based blackthrash cult Daeva and is preparing the band’s lethal “Pulsing Dark Absorptions” MLP for a November 17th release. Unable to contain the band’s unhinged, high-octane attack, the entire album has been made available for streaming early alongside pre-orders.

Once in a black moon a band of truly terrible people emerge with no regard for societal norms or common decency. An ingrained shitty attitude makes life generally miserable, and yet provides some of the most raging, sinister and unhinged underground metal this side of the Styx. Philly’s Daeva (da-ay-vuh) harnesses the shitty guy mentality, sharpened over many years and many beers to an acidic burn, and pour it into the “Pulsing Dark Absorptions” debut, a snarling beast of blackthrash discord.

While reference points won’t be hard to identify for the worst among you, few bands manage to sound as energized and dexterous as Daeva does while swinging the axe of execution on first wave black metal, dissonant thrash and evil rock n roll. With a vocalist that goes from venomous rasp to mentally deranged to perfect aggressor inside the same song, Daeva slashes, bashes and gnashes through four original compositions with one simple message to convey: FUCK OFF! Finally, a poser-corpsing cover of Mayhem’s “Deathcrush” closes the B-side with a rusty saw blade to your throat. So, wipe that smirk off your face, set the player to 45rpm, and absorb Daeva’s pulsing darkness.

Daeva is guitarist/bassist Steve Jansson (Crypt Sermon), drummer Justin Bean, and vocalist Ed Gonet. Those who worship the works of Aura Noir, Voivod, Sodom, Sadistik Exekution, Midnight, Morbus Chron, Venom, and Absu, welcome Daeva to your congregation.

20 Buck Spin will issue “Pulsing Dark Absorptions” on MLP and all digital formats November 17th. Find vinyl preorders over here and digital right here.

The track listing is:

1. No Effective Banishings
2. Clenched Fist Of The Beast
3. Pulsing Dark Reabsorption
4. Descending The Miasmal Void
5. Deathcrush (Mayhem)

Pulsing Dark Absorptions by Daeva

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Western Canada’s decibel breaking heavy metal festival Loud As Hell is launching band submissions for the 2018 line up, being held from August 3rd to 5th in Drumheller, AB @ Dinosaur Downs Stampede Grounds.

Last year’s 6th annual event saw witness to another sold out fest that hosted a line up with Battlecross, Aggression, Planet Eater, Exit Strategy, Expain, Cocaine Moustache, Eye of Horus, The Order of Chaos, Neck of The Woods, Nylithia, Dead Asylum and more! The 2018 edition will see Loud As Hell celebrating its seventh consecutive year presented by Semchuk Productions, Jurassic Ink Custom Tattoo, Prairie Fire Events, and Asher Media Relations.

LAH always works hard to deliver the best lineup in the West ready to melt your face off. Featuring over 40 bands from across Western Canada and beyond, you won’t want to miss any of it. And don’t forget about their freak shows, burlesque dancers, clinics, vendors and dinosaurs!

Bands can submit their application at the following link. The Deadline to apply is Dec 1, 2017.

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Frontiers Music Srl is pleased to announce the upcoming release from JoNo entitled “Life,” which will be available December 1st. Today, the band has released a music video for the first single, “No Return.” Check it out in the player at the bottom.

Pre-order “Life” at this location. Digital pre-orders come with an instant download of “No Return.”

The band says: ‘We are very thrilled and proud about our cooperation with Frontiers Music Srl, a label which is home to so many great artists we truly respect and admire. As a band, this is an excellent opportunity to reach the international markets we’ve been aiming for. We can’t wait to release the coming album, and of course hit the stage to be heard and seen by a wider audience, meeting with old and new fans. See you all out there!’

JoNo started as a solo project of singer Johan Norrby (hence the moniker “JoNo”), who has been singing, writing, and playing music in various bands and projects over the years. This is very much true for all the members of the band. Guitarist Stefan Helleblad is also a member of Dutch symphonic sensations Within Temptation. Drummer Nicka Hellenberg actually played all the drums on Within Temptation’s “The Unforgiving” and has an impressive resume involving bands and recordings. Both keyboard player Johan Carlgren and bass player Janne Henriksson are frequently hired for both live and studio sessions. Leo Olsson – also a busy musician – joined the band in 2015.

JoNo’s music is hard to pinpoint. Maybe it’s best described as melodic rock with symphonic and progressive elements, always based on strong melodies with bombastic arrangements. Dynamics and a contemporary, fat sound are important ingredients in the JoNo musical recipe. The music has been said to show the influence of great artists like Queen, Supertramp, Kansas, Journey and Sparks, but above all the band has received a lot of credit and praise because of their unique sound.

The track listing for “Life” is:

1. Sailors
2. Crown
3. No Return
4. On The Other Side
5. Downside
6. To Be Near You
7. My Love
8. The Magician
9. Trust
10. The March

Check out “No Return” here:

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Belgian heavy music luminaries Amenra shared the centerpiece “Plus près de toi (Closer to You),” the new single from the new album “Mass VI,” coming via Neurot Recordings on October 20th.

About the piece, Colin H. Van Eeckhout comments…”The song is about a profound longing, a sadness you carry within. Solitude. The journey to come closer to the people, and things you loved and you miss. A melancholy hymn. Inspired by a translation of a 19th-century Christian hymn, Nearer To God To Thee. It made sense to write and sing in French. Those words felt like they had more poetic outcome, than the English substitute. By using French and Flemish on this album, I felt like I could keep it a little closer to home, to our hearts. It’s a part of our heritage.”

The track listing for the album is:

1. Children of the Eye
2. Edelkroone
3. Plus près de toi (Closer to you)
4. Spijt
5. A solitary reign
6. Diaken

Check out “Plus près de toi (Closer to You)” here:

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French claustrophobic black metal project Throane – created by the renowned Artist Dehn – is streaming the new song “Plus Une Main A Mordre,” which you can check out below. The song is the title track of the forthcoming new release, scheduled to drop on October 20th via Debemur Morti Productions. Pre-order the album at this location.

Throane is the most fully realized vision yet of enigmatic photographer/illustrator/designer Dehn Sora (Blut Aus Nord, Ulver, Deathspell Omega). “Plus une Main à Mordre” (“No Hand Left to Bite”) seeks balance between the struggle and the letting go, passing from chaos to quiet in revelatory circular motions.

The track listing is:

1. Aux Tirs Et Aux Traits
2. Et Ceux En lesquels Ils Croyaient…
3. À Trop Réclamer Les vers
4. Et Tout Finira Par Chuter
5. Mille Autres
6. Plus Une Main À Mordre

Check out the tune here:

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Today, Invictus Productions set December 15th as the international release date for Obscure Burial’s debut album, fittingly self-titled. The new song “Imago Mortis” can be heard in the player at the bottom.

Hailing from Finland, Obscure Burial are death metal incarnate. No memory, no past nor future, but the fertile blackness of one and only, the lawless king, son of the stillborn moment: Obscure Burial emerged from the lifeless womb in the year 2012. Not long after, their debut demo “God’s Abomination” was released by Invictus and the cult begins. Two years later came “Epiphany,” the band’s second demo, again released by Invictus. Here, the ruthlessly eldritch death metal receives a more advance and dynamic approach, and the fever surrounding the name begins to build ever further. Now, after a minor lineup change, the time is at hand for the band’s debut album: “Obscure Burial.”

Truly a magnum opus of all that’s come before within the enviable arsenal, Obscure Burial doesn’t alter the steadfast formula as simply perfect it. For true believers with ears and hearts wide open shall bear witness, upon one mere spin of Obscure Burial, that the ancient black/death magick is filthier than ever and effervescently captured in truly terrorizing 3D, raw and reckless and yet deadly fucking clear. The well of influence – Necrovore, Profanatica, Sadistic Intent, and early Possessed – is still being supped from, but here, Obscure Burial puts its own personal spin on it, piling on miles of malevolence and obscurity atop.

The artwork and track listing are as follows:

1. Lucilia Silvarum
2. Imago Mortis
3. Darkness Spawns
4. Transcending Deity
5. I Spoke To Darkness (Black Deserts Divine)
6. Necrophagous Ritual
7. Dweller in the Abyss
8. Dawn of Eschaton

Check out “Imago Mortis” here:

Obscure Burial by Obscure Burial

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