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The final lineup of the event has been confirmed with the addition of Salt Lake City avant-doom duo Eagle Twin, Seattle punk icons Zeke, Floridian death doom cult Crud, Austin funeral doom trio Communion, Arizona behemoths Twingiant, Denver industrial post punk unit Echo Beds, and California heavy psyche rockers Roast! See the full lineup below.

Electric Funeral Fest III Lineup (alphabetically):

Amplified Heat
Cloud Catcher
Eagle Twin
Echo Beds
Forming The Void
Green Druid
Grey Gallows
Keef Duster
Love Gang
Smokey Mirror
Smolder & Burn
Space in Time
Spirit Adrift
Still Valley
The Munsens
The Midnight Ghost Train
Primitive Man
White Dog

Hi Dive (21+), 3 Kings Tavern (21+), Mutiny Information Cafe (all ages) [event link]

Ticket Options:
$32 one-day pass
$60 two-day pass
Tickets are available here

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Music News: Oh, those perfectly intonated bends.

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– April 5th, 2018 –

Death metallers Lik from Stockholm, Sweden have just released the 2nd single taken off their new album, Carnage, to be released May 4th via Metal Blade Records. To watch the video for “Dr. Duschanka”, please visit:

Lik comments: “‘Dr. Duschanka’ is a gruesome piece about what can go down if you happen to book yourself into the appointment of your nightmares. We were looking for a video that necessarily didn’t need to depict what happens in the lyrics, but reflects the dark and gritty story. At an early stage it was decided to do a classical performance video inspired by old classics like Pantera‘s ‘I’m Broken’. Together with crew of ‘The Happy Creative’ we achieved this and the visual distortion goes well with the sonical!”

The first single, “Rid You Of Your Flesh”, can be heard at: – where the record can pre-ordered in the following formats:

–ltd. 1st ed. Digipak-CD
–180g black vinyl
–grey black marbled vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 300 copies)
–white vinyl (EU exclusive – limited to 200 copies)
–red opaque/black splattered vinyl (EU/EMP exclusive – limited to 100 copies)
–clear/black marbled vinyl (US exclusive – limited to 200 copies)
* exclusive bundles with a shirt, plus digital options are also available!

In the dirt where fallen idols lay to rest, the maggots and seeds in 2014 spawned a new creation. This took the ugly form of Lik, which fittingly means corpse in Swedish. An un-dead creation which offers a plate of savory old school death metal. Walking the earth for three cold winters, and with the first offer named Mass Funeral Evocation in 2015, it’ll have a sister released in May of 2018. Through iconic Metal Blade Records, Carnage will reach even further in the quest to spread the beauty of imperfection.

Responsible to capture this on tape was once again Lawrence Mackrory (Darkane, F.K.U). This time things where stepped up a notch as the recording took place in the famous Dugout studios in Uppsala where Daniel Bergstrand also added some spice to the infernal stew. In the land where the craft is polished to resemble something else than brute reality, Lik has no passage as this entity is devoted to make a permanent mark in those who lay down their souls to rock’n’roll. That’s why the recipe will always, and has always been, to record as much live as possible. Keeping editing to a minimum offers a “what you hear is what you get”-experience. That’s why it feels like you’re on the spot at a live gig, rather than a calm studio environment when you spin the disc.

The new offering from the Stockholm group delivers more of what you got on the debut. It’s an effort where you can expect everything from slow and bone crushing songs to fast and furious riffs. The lyrics are once again about everything between heaven and hell, both in reality and in fiction. It portrays the deepest corners of humanity and it also flirts with old school horror.

Carnage track-listing
1. To Kill
2. Rid You Of Your Flesh
3. Celebration Of The Twisted
4. Dr. Duschanka
5. Left To Die
6. Cannibalistic Infancy
7. Death Cult
8. The Deranged
9. Only Death Is Left Alive
10. Embrace The End

Lik line-up:
Chris Barkensjo – drums & vocals
Tomas Akvik – vocals & guitars
Niklas “Nille” Sandin – guitars & bass

Lik online:



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Music News: "The belief that alternative subcultures may be at an increased risk of self-harm and suicide is considered by some to be a myth."

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Music News: "Just by the power of being part of that show that I saw…"

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New Releases: "The best way to make God laugh is to announce your plans out loud."

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Music News: "You record the idea and listen back and say, ‘What just happened? It sounded so good before!’"

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Music News: All the bad blood between Nirvana and GN’R simply didn’t matter.

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Features: When playing regular stuff just isn’t enough.

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Music News: "If I ever do it, it would have to serve a purpose greater than just telling my story."

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