Dew-Scented has issued the following announcement about a guest musician on the band’s upcoming “Icarus” album:

“We’re introducing the first of three special guest-musician appearances on ‘Icarus!’ First one is Rob Urbinati (Sacrifice) – Guest vocals on ‘Gleaming Like Silver.’

“Sacrifice is one of the best and most underrated Thrash Metal bands ever and a big influence on Leif for his vocal-work with Dew-Scented. From their debut masterpiece ‘Torment In Fire’ (1985) to their amazing comeback album ‘The Ones I Condemn’ (2009), these guys have always delivered trendless, classy Thrash Metal with amazing riffing and tasty songwriting.

“Dew-Scented had covered Sacrifice’s ‘Apocalypse Inside’ song on 1999’s Ill-Natured album and stayed in casual contact with Rob and Sacrifice ever since. It’s awesome to have Rob now do guest vocals for ‘Gleaming Like Silver’ in a duet with Leif!”

Rob Urbinati comments: “Sacrifice have been honoured by Dew-Scented in the past with a cover song, now I am honoured to be included on the track ‘Gleaming Like Silver.’”

The “Icarus” release dates are as follows:

July 27th, 2012 in Germany, Austria, Switzerland (via Metal Blade Records)
July 30th, 2012 in the rest of Europe (via Metal Blade Records)
July 31st, 2012 in North America (via Prosthetic Records)

The album’s track listing is as follows:

01. Hubris
02. Sworn to Obey
03. Thrown to the Lions
04. Storm Within
05. Gleaming Like Silver
06. By My Own Hand
07. The Fall of Man
08. Reawakening
09. Destined to Collapse
10. A Final Procession
11. Perpetuated
12. In Dying Mode (bonus track)
13. Steady Decline (PRONG-cover/bonus track)
14. No Spiritual Surrender (INSIDE OUT-cover/bonus track)

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