Charlie Dominici, former vocalist for Dream Theater, launched a Kickstarter fundraiser campaign for the creation of the movie adaptation of the Dominici O3 trilogy albums released in 2005, 2007 and 2008. This screenplay aims to capture the essence of Dominici’s sweeping vision of humanity’s past, present – and ultimately, its fate. A collaboration by Dominici himself, along with screenwriter and author David Sakmyster, and best-selling international author Steven Savile.

The current phase is to fund the completion of the Screenplay, as well as some initial entries into screenplay contests and festivals, aiming to attract agents as well as production companies and other talent. If successful, the next phase will consist of further promotional materials including short trailers, movie posters and convention shows, building toward casting, funding and ultimately – production. For more information on how to donate with benefits unlocked at various stages of fundraising, head over to this location.

The story is described as follows:

“A lone sleeper cell terrorist is pursued by a derelict detective until their lives become intertwined in a cat and mouse game that veers toward an incredible apocalyptic conclusion. This wild roller coaster ride of a story delves deeply into history, politics, religion, society and even extra-terrestrials. It will make you rethink our role on this planet, our entire history, why we’re here, the very notion of free will – and what it means to be human.”

Check out the opening track from “O3 – A Trilogy, Pt. II” which was released in February of 2007 (though cover of Part III is shown):

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