For a genre labelled by non-followers as music for “the angry young man”, heavy metal’s recent history has been littered with bands that profess fury without being particularly convincing, that are cautious in talking about what fuels their ire. Groups seem keen to play it safe to avoid upsetting people – ironic, in a style that is essentially an iconoclasm in and of itself. Incite frontman Richie Cavalera is thankfully not of this school, as he proves when Hammer ask him what drives some of his lyrical sources:

“How people treat each other nowadays, how it seems everyone is an asshole to each other. No one’s out to help each other – everyone’s got their blinders on and is going forward, letting time pass no matter what happens to everybody. There’s greed across the whole planet. It’s brought us to a terrible place where we don’t know if money’s going to be worth something tomorrow. It’s all so uncertain right now. Not to mention what I think we do to the world in general. It’s like a human body – if you sit there and mess it up, it’s going to get sick and it’s going to fight back.”

The Phoenix, Arizona quartet began in 2004 playing, in Richie’s (stepson of Sepultura/Soulfly legend Max) words “Suicide Silence meets Job For A Cowboy”, a style the vocalist was uncomfortable with, wanting to draw more inspiration from thrash acts like Sacred Reich than those more death metal leanings. The band’s line-up heavily changed, and the band’s current confrontational brand of groove-orientated metallic crunch emerged. Debut album The Slaughter arrived in 2009, and the band have just released sophomore outing All Out War. After touring with Soulfly and brothers Igor and Zion’s band Lody Kong this summer as part of the Maximum Cavalera tour, Incite are now looking to a future of their own forging – and Richie is quite clear on exactly what he wants to achieve.

“I just want to be able to keep playing for people that really need the music,” he says. “When you go to places like Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and Poland, you see the appreciation and the starving hunger for music, and I imagine that there are endless places out there that are the same way. I want to see this band do what Sepultura was able to do – go places that no one else was going to at the time.”

All Out War is out now November 26 via Graviton

Feature by Tom Dare

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