Brazilian metal band announced the replacement for outgoing vocalist Talita “Thalita” Cristina, who joined earlier this year but hasn’t appeared on any recordings for the band. The new vocalist is Bil Martins (Dark Witch/Ex-Heavenly Kingdom). The band is gearing up for the recordings of the third studio release “Keep it Hellish,” which is due out in 2013 via Pure Steel Records.

The press release reads as follows:

“After the premature departure of the singer Thalita that replaced the former vocalist Roger Hammer, HELLISH WAR announced that Bil Martins is it’s new frontman.

“Born in the south cost of Sao Paulo, Bil is an experienced vocalist with a 15 years career. Founding member of the band Dark Witch, he now assumes the position of new HELLISH WAR singer and his first mission is to record the new band’s album, Keep It Hellish. This will be the third studio release of the band, fourth of its career, sucessor of the live effort Live in Germany (Hellion Records). Keep It Hellish will be released in Europe by Pure Steel Records in February of 2013 and will preced the second European Tour of the band being booked for October.

“The debut of Bil Martins on stage with HELLISH WAR was on friday, December 14th, during the band’s show at Asteroid Bar in Sorocaba, Sao Paulo.”

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