Asking Alexandria: The UK’s bright young hopes?

Asking Alexandria guitarist Ben Bruce reckons the globe-conquering metalcore crew’s new album is mixing up some pretty interesting influences.

“There’s a lot of heavy riffage on this record, whereas in the past we relied more on rhythms and breakdowns,” he muses. “So in that respect it’s very much like old Slipknot,” he tells Guitar World. “But then the choruses and a lot of the bridges are more rock-based, which is our Mötley Crüe side.”

Slipknot vs Mötley Crüe. Interesting…

“The album is by no means a regurgitation of the Eighties,” he adds. “If kids buy this record thinking it’s going to sound like Girls Girls Girls, it doesn’t fucking sound like Girls Girls Girls. It sounds like Asking Alexandria.”

The new AA opus was recorded with producer Joey Sturgis at Foundation Recording Studios in Indiana and will be released in the first half of 2013 via Sumerian. The band play four huge, sold-out homecoming shows on these shores this and next month with While She Sleeps, Motionless In White and Betraying The Martyrs. Be proud, UK. We have a young metal band that are selling out Academy venues in 2013. Not bad at all.

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