Accoding to The Pulse Of Radio, AVENGED SEVENFOLD recently notched the fifth No. 1 single of the band’s career this week with “Hail To The King”, the title track of its upcoming album. What sets AVENGED SEVENFOLD apart from a number of other current rock acts is that they have not used outside songwriters to help them write songs for the radio. In fact, singer M. Shadows told The Pulse Of Radio it never occurred to them. “I didn’t even know many rock bands used other writers,” he said. “I knew they did in the past — I knew Alice Cooper used to and, you know, AEROSMITH would use other writers. Coming from Warped Tour and the punk rock background that we came from, it never even crossed our mind. To us, it’s like, we try to create our art, and if we don’t have that creative outlet and it’s not working, I’d rather just wait it out until something that we want to say and we want to put down comes. But bringing in another writer never, ever crossed our mind.”

“Hail To The King”, the band’s sixth studio album, will arrive on August 27.

The CD is AVENGED SEVENFOLD‘s follow-up to 2010’s chart-topping “Nightmare”.

AVENGED SEVENFOLD will begin a fall headlining North American tour on October 3 in Chicago, concluding on October 26 in Las Vegas. Support on the road trip will come from DEFTONES and GHOST.

The band is playing a free show for fans in Los Angeles on Monday (August 26), the day that the new record comes out.

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