Swedish epic doom metallers BELOW are currently hold up at Sonic Train Studios in Varberg, Sweden with KING DIAMOND guitarist Andy La Rocque recording their Metal Blade Records debut.

BELOW draws influences from BLACK SABBATH, CANDLEMASS and KING DIAMOND, so going with La Rocque as the producer was a clear choice for the group.

“The progress of the recording of our debut album is going great and to have the opportunity to work with Andy La Rocque and Olof in Sonic Train Studios is amazing,” says the band.

“We are currently finished recording the drums, the bass and the main guitars, and will start with the vocals this weekend. It sounds amazing already. It will be a truly epic album that will leave its mark in the history of doom.”

La Rocque adds: This is one of the heaviest bands I have worked with in the studio for a very long time, and the sounds so far is amazing! And always great to work with great musicians!”

The Swedish quintet is working with Tobias Rosén — bass player of fellow Metal Blade Records artists NOCTUM — of Howlin’ Owl Productions and a split seven-inch single is in set to be released by Dark Descent Records. The full-length CD will follow in 2014.

In November, BELOW will tour Europe for the first time supporting the mighty doom band DEVIL from Norway.

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