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Not listening: Hevy Devy

Devin Townsend says he can’t listen to new Black Sabbath album 13 because Bill Ward isn’t present on the recordings.

Ozzy and co recruited Rage Against The Machine drummer Brad Wilk after failing to reach an agreement for original sticksman Ward to appear.

And although the record has gone to number one across the world, it’s not top of Townsend’s listening list.

He tells DeadRhetoric: “It has nothing to do with the drums being not Black Sabbath, or poor performance or poorly recorded or anything.

“It’s just that I can’t shake it’s not Bill Ward. It’s not Black Sabbath to me. I know that’s a naive way of looking at it, but I feel the same way about anything I do.”

There’s a connection with how he feels about his former band Strapping Young Lad – he says he can’t think about it properly because people have never let him work out how he feels about it.

“Unless it’s completely me, I don’t want to be that guy – I don’t want to be that guy that goes up and plays Strapping Young Lad songs,” he says. “I wrote most of the stuff, but I didn’t feel comfortable.

“Until I come to terms with it and until people stop bugging me, I’m not going to have any perspective on the band other than frustration, other than odd memories.

“The more that people demand I do something, the less I want to do what they demand me to do. So the more people go on with these self-serving demands about Strapping Young Lad, I’m like, ‘Look, no! Not now, more than ever before, because I keep being bugged about it.’”

Townsend releases his Retinal Circus live DVD on September 30.

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