The Gates Of Slumber

Jason McCash has announced he’s quit The Gates Of Slumber – although he says the move is entirely amicable.

And the doom metal songwriter and lyricist has vowed he’ll be back in action soon.

McCash says: “It’s nothing at all against Karl Simon and Bob Fouts, but I think it’s something I have to do at this time. I really hope and wish the best for them and the group.

“I’m not done with music. I have a whole album’s worth of material that was supposed to be part of the next Gates Of Slumber album, that I very much want to see come to life.

“The material I have is still in the same vein as songs like Death March, Dragon Caravan and Day Of Farewell – it just won’t be under the Gates Of Slumber banner.”

McCash admits he’ll miss the band and he’s proud of what they achieved, adding: “I’m sorry for this to happen, but it’s just time for me to leave.”

Drummer J Clyde Paradis left the band last year, also amicably. Their last release was an EP entitled Stormcrow in January.

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