Technicality and elegance amongst the progressive elite didn’t start in metal, and in fact, all of the hallmarks that make progressive “metal” so impressive can all be traced back to the greats that made progressive rock separate from the rest of the world. Dead Heroes Club is not metal, but they are quintessentially prog. Combining early Phil Collin’s fronted Genesis, Uriah Heep, and RUSH, Dead Heroes Club personifies what it means to not follow the new standard fare of progressive rock. A Time of Shadow grants us a passage to a time when progressive rock didn’t require you to bleed technical chops in every song; its a tribute to the slightly off kilter ideology of rock n roll that was instilled by the greats such as Genesis, RUSH and Yes.

My favorite part of A Time of Shadow is the vocals of Liam Campbell. He brings to the table an old school style that modern rock just hasn’t heard from in a long time. His style reminds me of a storyteller with the emotion he displays. Instrumentally, Dead Heroes Club really echo the skills of Liam Campbell with an ensemble style that is whimsical and refreshingly lacking in grandiose guitar solos which has become an all to present hallmark of modern prog rock.

A Time of Shadow is the perfect way to hear prog broken down to its essential greatness. Dead Heroes Club, while not being able to stand side by side with the likes of RUSH, can certainly make a statement with their retro, yet innovative take on a type of music that has grown to be too systematic.


Similar Artists: RUSH, Genesis, Uriah Heep, Yes

1. Theatre of the Absurd
2. Stranger in the Looking Glass
3. The Centre Cannot Hold
4. A Gathering of Crows
5. The Sleepers Are Waking
6. A Time of Shadow

Liam Campbell – Lead and Backing Vocals, Keyboards
Michael Gallagher – Drums
Gerry McGerigal – Electric and Acoustic Guitars, Backing Vocals
Wilson Graham – Basses, Backing Vocals
Chris Norby – Piano, Keyboards
Catherine McAtavey – Vocals on “The Sleepers Are Waking”

ProgRock Records

Review by CODY

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