Death metal trio Hideous Rebirth is back with sophomore album “La Fosa Comun.” Featuring album art by Tony Koehl (Arkaik, Dehumanized, Putrid Pile), “La Fosa Comun” was recorded by Arturo Acosta at Dark Cauldron Recordings and was once again mixed / mastered by Justin Loomis at TNS Audio Mastering.

The album also includes a guest appearance by Frank Zelada (ex Euphoric Defilement, Ossification, Siderate) and is due out October 277th via Gore House Productions. Guitarist / vocalist Erick Gutierrez comments:

“The writing process took quite a long time; beginning in late 2013. The recording process for the album took several months too. It’s not often we can get together but we made the best of everything when we could. It was extremely fun working with our friend Arturo over at Dark Cauldron Recordings. We brought back my vocals to help balance the lineup changes. We tracked drums with scratch guitars, in the beginning, knocking them out in a couple days, then moved on with 2 different guitars.”

In regards to the album art, he adds: “Tony always delivers. We shared ideas when we met up at his home to discuss the concept. I don’t believe it was difficult, we wanted his input on the art cover. When we finally saw it, it was better than we had envisioned.”

Erick finishes by saying, “’La Fosa Comun’ can be best described as 12 tracks of lore, conjuration, and ritualistic brutality. So much of us went into this album and we can’t wait for you all to listen.”

1. Orgy of Souls
2. Obscured in Blood
3. Haunting Carnal Illusions
4. Ab Insidiis Diaboli
5. Desecration Seance
6. Incandescent
7. Condemned to Silence
8. Flames of Passage
9. Pervasion of Impurity
10. A Shadowing Menace
11. La Fosa Comun
12. Ominous Transcendence

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