Is it just me, or did everyone else think that Braindrill had called it quits because the band members got caught with weed in Canada, or because a member left the band mid-tour or some shit like that? I am probably way off with that assertion, but I was surprised to see a new Braindrill album, Quantum Catastrophe, the follow up to 2008’s excellent Apocalyptic Feasting. No longer will the world have to yearn for the likes of Necrophagist or Beneath the Massacre in order to get their tech death fix (just seeing how many people I can piss off with that comment…).

Equating to nothing less than a technical juggernaut, Braindrill never cease to amaze me with their jaw dropping skills. I don’t care if they use Pro Tools or any other digital device to give them an advantage (or nothing at all perhaps? Not assuming here!), these guys put virtually all of their peers to shame with not only technicality, but creative riff transitions that don’t hold back from launching into an old school American style 80’s death metal breakdown. There isn’t deathcore bullshit, in fact, there isn’t a hardcore breakdown or “slam” beat on thie whole album! Being able to bring “interesting riffs” with technical precision is an art that few bands are able to accomplish without sounding stale and repetitive (Cryptopsy and Nocturnus come to mind as good examples). While many technical bands, such as Immolation and Origin may be whole heartedly technical, they are also mind numbingly boring at times. Take this for what you will since most tech death has a very loyal, wide fanbase, but for us picky listeners who need a little more variation from riff to riff, Brain Drill’s Quantum Catastrophe is a sure fire way to get your rocks off.

The only downside is, despite having varying degrees of riffs, Quantum Catastrophe is breakneck speed with as many riffs shoved into 5 minutes as possible. If you want tempo changes, moodiness, or some other characteristic, then don’t trust that what Brain Drill brings to the table will give you satisfaction, since what they dish out is a predictable style, no matter how well done it may be.

Essentially, if you don’t know what you are getting yourself into when listening to this album for the first time, buckle up, because the ride doesn’t stop, with many twists and turns on the way. If you are looking for the lazy river for your musical equivalent theme park ride, then look elsewhere.


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1.    Obliteration Untold
2.    Beyond Bludgeoned
3.    Awaiting Imminent Destruction
4.    Nemesis of Neglect
5.    Entity of Extinction
6.    Mercy to None
7.    Monumental Failure
8.    Quantum Catastrophe

Steve Rathjen – Vocals
Dylan Ruskin – Guitar
Ivan Munguia – Bass
Ron Casey – Drum

Metal Blade Records

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