Lifeforce has always been one of those foreign labels (from the American perspective of course), that maintains a consistent connection with the American metal pulse. They were one of the first labels to introduce metalcore, American style melo death, and even deathcore to the European masses by supporting locally raised acts, alongside some American stalwarts, most of whom would go on to become some of the biggest names in the business (do Trivium, Between the Buried and Me, Caliban and Withered ring a bell?). Lifeforce are a viable commodity in the underground, especially as an alternative label to the Nuclear Blasts, Massacres and Spinefarms of Europe that cater to more traditional forms of metal found in the motherland. Now, Lifeforce is set to wreak havoc with yet another upstart, The Last Felony, who are set to release their second album, Too Many Humans, this August. Does Lifeforce have the know how to supplant yet another rising star into the psyche’s of metalheads the world over? Not likely.

Too Many Humans is from the so called Montreal tech death style that has brought about Cryptopsy, Neuraxis and Beneath the Massacre amongst others. Granted, Montreal has a very successful run with it’s death metal bands, but the problem with the success of individual cities, is that the more bands they pump out, the quicker the scene stagnates. Basically, The Last Felony, while not hacks, are grossly unoriginal and are merely towing the line of success brought forth by their Quebec brethren.

The Last Felony, as I seem to mention time and time again with these kinds of reviews, are wholly capable of blasting the ice off of the Saint Lawrence River during January, but their riffs are so standard that it could supplement virtually any modern North American tech death act. This is most definitely not “deathcore,” so no worries to those who may shy away from that. Too Many Humans is pure death, through and through, but that doesn’t make it good.

I understand why Lifeforce signed these guys, they are doing essentially what they have always done as a label, they are taking advantage of the pulse of the metal world and grabbing up a very effective technical band that could rival the likes of many of their peers. Small labels must work like this, they either have to stay ahead of the game (which Lifeforce does as well), or bring in marketable bands that take advantage of current climates. There’s nothing wrong with this, but it can breed contempt amongst label loyalists. The Last Felony will have no problem finding success in the industry if they play their cards right, but Too Many Humans has nothing to offer to this growing sub-genre.


Similar Artists: Beneath the Massacre, Neuraxis, Necrophagist, The Faceless

1.    We Are Future Housing Developments For Maggots
2.    Too Many Humans
3.    No One Would Notice If You Died
4.    Do Not Defend Me
5.    Quandary
6.    Most Unclean
7.    Overrated Existence
8.    Televisionary
9.    Water Cooler Suicide

Joss Fredette – Vocals
Dom Grimard – Guitar
Felix Roberge – Guitar
Vince Menard – Drums
Sébastien “Seb” Painchaud – Bass

Lifeforce Records

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