As promised yesterday, here are some photos from the opening night of Kreator’s Hoardes of Chaos Tour featuring Exodus, Belphegor, Warbringer and Epicurean at the Sonar club in Baltimore, Maryland. Unfortunately I was locked down at the office too long to catch Warbringer and Epicurean’s sets, while I was informed by Kreator’s tour manager that Belphegor had experienced visa problems entering the U.S. and were forced to cancel Tuesday night’s gig.

That only meant Exodus had a longer slot, which they made good on it, trust me. Exodus was terrific and Kreator was unbelievable. Yours truly was headbanging something fierce during both sets, which doesn’t get easier at age 38 (and for 2.5 hours between both bands, yowza), but I was still way faster than the young ‘uns in the ‘banging department, though they’ve well-inherited the pit from me and all the old timers who showed up at this gig. The last time I’d seen Exodus live in ’89, I lost my glasses in the mosh. Glory days…

Assume the stance, drop the shoulders low and rattle that goddamn head! Old school, baby!!!!



All Photos Copyright (c) 2009 Ray Van Horn, Jr. / The Metal Minute

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