In a recent interview with, Tommy Vetterli, guitarist of reunited Swiss thrash metal outfit Coroner, revealed that the band has been recording shows for a future live album and also plan to release a career spanning DVD in the future. An excerpt from the interview reads as follows:

Q: You know, there are a lot of expectations from the fans, now that they have seen Coroner live…

A: “They want an album!”

Q: Absolutely! I met a few fans after your show and they were all on their knees, so blown away by what they saw and they were like ‘man, they got a do an album after that!’

A: “Yeah, like I said before there are no plans. We might write one song or two and record and produce them. I actually want to do it but the other guys don’t want to do an album for now. I’ll have to try to convince them. I can’t do this without them. Besides, we’re working on a DVD with live stuff, new and old, interviews, etc. Then, yeah, we’ll see.”

Q: And did you plan to record a show to release a live album?

A: “Yes. We recorded last night. Actually we record all the shows that we play and then we’ll compile them into a live album.”

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