Right on the heels of the stunning announcement of the departure of four of the six members of Swedish band Sabaton, vocalist Joakim Broden announced replacement members. Joining himself and bassist Pär Sundström, will be the members of the band Swahili from Portland, Oregon, or perhaps Portland, Maine – no one knows for sure.

Due to overwhelming concern from the fans, Broden commented on the new lineup on his Facebook page: “Look, I honestly don’t want to get into the particulars of the split. I will say that the new incarnation of Sabaton will blow your minds. We have added three new musicians who add a whole new dimension to our music and they will be named in due time. I’ll give you one clue: Swahili.”

With the post was a link to the Portland psychedelic act. The new lineup has inspired Broden to delay the release of “Carolus Rex” until the summer. An employee of label Nuclear Blast, who spoke under request of anonymity, confirmed that Broden is in the studio with the new lineup – now obviously a five piece – re-recording “Carolus Rex” in Swahili as a third bonus disk. The band had previously announced that the limited edition of the new album would contain the full album in Swedish and English.

The upcoming “Swedish Empire” tour will proceed as planned with the new lineup, however the tour will be re-dubbed as the “Swahidish Empire” tour.

For a sample of the sound of what will undoubtedly be incorporated soon, check out Swahili here:

Swahili by Swahili

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