Kaotoxin Records has issued the following announcement about releasing a new digital EP from Eye of Solitude:

“We are VERY proud to announce that we will release, this may, as a foretaste of the dark masterpiece ‘Sui Caedere,’ second full-length by UK masters of desperate (Funeral) Doom / Death Eye Of Solitude, a digital EP entitled ‘Awoken by Crows,’ the title track of which will also be featured on the forthcoming album (release date: June 25th).

“The ‘Awoken by Crows’ EP will feature four tracks for a total running time of 27 minutes. The track listing being as follows:

1. Awoken by Crows – 6:24
2. Suffocating Silence – 7:04
3. Die alone – 7:24
4. Death said bring a friend – 6:08
(track 1 from Sui Caedere, tracks 2-4 from the 2011 sold out untitled EP)

“Additionally, the EP will be followed, in late May, by the release of the ‘Suffocating Silence’ music video directed by Dead Parrot Productions LTD. You can stream and download ‘Awoken by Crows’ for free as part of our on-going digital label sampler ‘Weapons of Self-Destruction’ on BandCamp.”

“Awoken by Crows” by EYE OF SOLITUDE

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