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“.44”, the new video from Finnish technical death metallers DE LIRIUM’S ORDER (DLO), can be seen below. The clip was produced by Jukka Pihlajaniemi (Yellow Bucket) and was filmed at the Tuska open air metal festival in June 2013 in Helsinki, Finland. The song features a guest appearance by Lars Eikind (BEFORE THE DAWN, WINDS, KHOLD), who performs the clean vocals

According to a press release, “.44” “investigates a mindset of a school killer, exploring a dark past and eventually, depicting the delirium that takes a hold on its victim, the killer.”

“.44” comes off DE LIRIUM’S ORDER‘s third album, “Veniversum”, which was released in March 2012 via DLO Productions, distributed by Inverse Records.

“Veniversum” track listing:

01. Autistic Savant
02. .44
03. Maximum Sentence
04. Seppuku
05. The Gravity of Crime
06. Schizophrenic
07. My Kingdom from Baekdu
08. The Aftermath

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Shining's Niklas Kvarforth

Shining’s Niklas Kvarforth

Metal Hammer and Subterranea aren’t just proud to host an exclusive preview track from Swedish miscreants Shining’s new album, 8½ – Feberdrömmar I Vaket Tillstånd, but we’ve also got an exclusive interview with infamous band founder Niklas Kvarforth as well.

Released on September 23 via Dark Essence Records, 8½… revisits tracks from their early 00s period – many of them unreleased – with a raft of guest vocalists including Wardruna and God Seed’s Gaahl, and both fomer and current Mayhem frontmen Maniac and Attila Csihar. Check out the track, Selvdestruktivitetens Emissarie, featuring Gaahl, and the interview below!


The last time we spoke you were saying how numbering the albums set out marker points for you. After dropping that for Redefining Darkness, was it important for you to go back to it again (and implicitly stating that Redefining Darkness – the eighth Shining album – was still in that sequence), or was it just to say that this is an ‘in between’ album?

“During the recording of Redefining Darkness there were numerous things in our universe that were changing, and instead of doing something half-assed as most people do, I wanted to change all that was interfering with what was lying ahead. However, as much as the murder of the old is a necessity, some things are holy and shouldn’t be touched. The aftermath almost destroyed the band and its founder as well. So, when I was working on the ninth album and had the opportunity to revisit the past project, which is now being released, this mistake had to be corrected. And yes, it might have our less intelligent fans understanding that it is not a new album that’s being released as well, which in this day and age might have been quite a smart move on our part.”

Why choose this particular period to revisit?

“These songs were recorded in 2001-2002 when Hellhammer requested some pre-productions before entering the studio to record III. Of course, these recordings got spread to others and eventually released as a very poor ‘we-wanna-make-some-easy-cash’ bootleg album by a German company. This has bothered us since then of course and when we started reclaiming what was ours from other companies, the idea of releasing these songs ourselves combined with the idea of re-recording our debut album with six different vocalists suddenly seemed like quite an appealing idea. So, here you are.”

How did having guest vocalists affect the way you relate to the songs, particularly when they’ve always been from such a person viewpoint? Did you find yourself being able to see them more from an outside perspective?

“Its very odd hearing these songs sung by others. And I had to take things bit by bit in order to be able to grasp the whole thing when being sent recording after recording. Nevertheless, now I’ve had some time to go through the songs with a somewhat more evident distance, and although it’s still strange, I feel empowered when I hear that my brothers have all managed to do their own thing and treat the material with the respect it deserves.”

Was there anyone you would have liked to have contribute to the album who couldn’t be on it?

“When the initial re-recording idea was first being considered about six, seven years back all my favorites were already onboard. Yet, as time goes by, one gets to learn a thing or two about those you know, and because of this, two singers who were originally going to contribute were excluded and replaced. But no, I feel I got exactly the ones I wanted on the album.

Did resurrecting the earlier material bring you closer to it or do you feel it was a way of summing them up and moving on?

Definitely brought me closer. Especially as I was able to do something proper with the recordings and also add things that I felt were missing initially. Lars did a magnificent job getting the whole fever-atmosphere to come alive too. A magnificent artist, who will, from now on, definitely be contributing to my future work on a much larger scale than before.”

By his own admission, Gaahl can take a lot of time finding the right… resonance for recording vocals, particularly black metal vocals. How did he approach recording for you?

He was the last one to finish, let’s put it like that. But no, there were no actual problems in getting him to record once he was in the studio. What was a problem was getting hold of him at times, because he, like me, is involved with so many other things that are time-consuming. I have to say though, that Gaahl’s work really does stand out and took me by surprise. Finally, the two of us managed to get something recorded together, something the two of us have been planning for years now.”

Famine from Peste Noire is a bit of a controversial figure due to perceived far-right views. What’s your take on this and what did he bring to Terres Des Anonymes?

I always knew about Peste Noire but didn’t really get into it until after a week-long visit to one of my best friends in Ljubljana who introduced me to Famine’s genius. I also of course knew about his reputation and sometimes controversial outbursts in the media and whatnot but honestly, those things do not interest me at all. I seriously couldn’t care less. I chose him because over the last couple of years we have developed a sincere friendship,and apart from being one of the most interesting and talented musicians around, his vocals are otherworldly. Famine made Fields Of Faceless a completely different song from what it was originally and I am truly honored to have him putting some of his magic into my work.”

Your time on Spinefarm was pretty shortlived. Why did you move on, and do you see it as a failed experiment or learning experience?

Shining has always been cursed. Sometimes to an almost ridiculous extent one could say. Spinefarm was a learning-experience, but so were Avantgarde, Osmose and Indie as well. I do not care much about living in the past though and neither do I have the authority to discuss contractual matters in the media so let’s leave it at that.”

Do you have any information on how Martin Strandberg’s documentary on you is progressing?

Don’t know really. I think Martin is working for SABATON at the moment but I also know he’s just as much a perfectionist as little old me. But be sure, it’s coming, it’s coming. But once again, neither I, nor the band are personally involved with the project so do contact Martin himself for further information.”

Check out Shining’s homepage here

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16-year-old drummer Tito Felix is apparently the world's first human cyborg, because he nonchalantly annihilates "The Aftermath" by Origin. You know, the band that has fucking John Longstreth on drums. Here's a live video of "The Aftermath" we shot. There really aren't any words I can put here that will quantify how sick this video …

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Italy’s Exhumer (not to be confused with German band Exumer), will soon be releasing a new album. Comatose Music comments on the coming release: “Ruthless and calculating, Italian death metal sickos Exhumer release their first album since 2008 entitled ‘Degraded by Sepsis.’ “This new release displays rabid skills of technical brutality, inhuman speed and supreme aggression while leaving a trail of bloodsoaked anguish in the unavoidable aftermath

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It's been a little over a month since the tragic loss of Slayer guitarist, Jeff Hanneman and the tributes keep rolling in. We posted our report from Jeff's memorial show a few weeks ago, and have seen tributes from Decibel Magazine, Revolver  and now Guitar World is releasing their tribute. We've already heard Hanneman's side …

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Connecticut metal band Symphony Of Malice is streaming samples from its recent album “Judgement Day: The Aftermath” over on CD Baby . You can listen to previews of all ten tracks at that location

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Connecticut metal band Symphony Of Malice has unveiled its second official music video, this time for the track “Endless Desolation.” That song is part of the band’s recent release “Judgement Day (The Aftermath).” The video was directed by Edwin Escobar with the script for it done by Symphony Of Malice guitarist/vocalist Gus Sinaro.

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Member of the group marks the infamous performance anniversary and talks about the aftermath.

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The Navy SEAL who killed Osama bin Laden told his story to Esquire magazine — speaking not just about the raid and the three shots that changed history, but about the personal aftermath for himself and his family.

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Diablo Swing Orchestra has released a new video clip for the song “Black Box Messiah,” which can be viewed below. The track comes off the band’s “Pandora’s Piñata” album (reviewed here). The full album’s track listing is as follow:

1. Voodoo Mon Amour
2. Guerilla Laments
3. Kevlar Sweethearts
4. How To Organize A Lynch Mob
5. Black Box Messiah
6. Exit Strategy Of A Wrecking Ball
7. Aurora
8. Mass Rapture
9. Honey Trap Aftermath
10. Of Kali Ma Calibre
11. Justice For Saint Mary

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