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According to, vocalist Austin Carlile of Southern California rockers OF MICE & MEN was fined $335 earlier today in connection with his arrest on March 30 in Bowling Green, Ohio on a felonious assault charge after police responded to a fight between two groups of people in the street and one person lying on the ground unconscious.

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Of Mice And Men singer Austin Carlile has been arrested on charges of “felonious assault”, according to reports coming from the US.

Austin – along with OMAM’s drum technician, Lionel Robinson – were arrested in Ohio on Saturday after a concert at the Cla-Zel.

“After playing its first show in Bowling Green at the Cla-Zel, Of Mice & Men’s lead singer was arrested and jailed early Saturday morning,” state Alter The Press.

Austin Carlile, 25, of Huntington Beach, Calif., was arrested for felonious assault outside of 149 North at 2:50 a.m. along with the band’s drum technician, Lionel Robinson II, 27, of Escondid, Calif., according to police reports.

Police responded to a fight between two groups of people in the street and one person lying on the ground unconscious, leading to the arrest of Carlile and Robinson, said Sgt. Jason Stanley of the Bowling Green Police Division.

What constitutes as felonious assault instead of disorderly conduct is the amount of physical harm, Stanley said. The victim was transported to Wood County Hospital with fractured nasal bones, he said.

As of Sunday, there was no record of the victim being in the hospital, said Stephanie Rath, switchboard operator for Wood County Hospital.

Carlile and Robinson were lodged in the Wood County Justice Center with no bond and are scheduled for a video arraignment with the municipal court at 8:30 a.m. on Monday, according to Wood County Sheriff officials.

Of Mice & Men headlined at the Cla-Zel on Friday, after which it was going to play with A Day To Remember in Detroit on Saturday.

The band was unable to play the show as well as its Sunday show in Grand Rapids, Mich., according to the band’s Facebook.

The BG News was unable to reach the band’s agent for comment.”

We’ll have more on this story as it develops.

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According to The BG News, vocalist Austin Carlile of Southern California rockers OF MICE & MEN was arrested Saturday morning (March 30) in Bowling Green, Ohio on a felonious assault charge after police responded to a fight between two groups of people in the street and one person lying on the ground unconscious.

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Avenged Sevenfold: back in 2013!

Yo, Canada! Not fucking bad! Rob Zombie, Avenged Sevenfold, Megadeth, Halestorm and Godsmack are among the names confirmed for this year’s Heavy MTL Festival, which takes place August 10-11 at Parc Jean-Drapeau in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and has made us pretty damn jealous.

Check out the full list of confirmed acts below:

DANZIG (featuring Doyle)

Of course, the one real question this leaves for us is: When are Avenged Sevenfold going to head back to the UK? HMMMM?!

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Issues: Ignore them at your peril

“There’s no band that’s ever meant anything that hasn’t started out by upsetting people,” says Tyler Carter, frontman with Issues and former Woe, Is Me vocalist. You can hear the joy in his voice as he says this, and he’s right; there are a shitload lot of people that are about to be angered by Issues and their unique take on heavy music. Their Black Diamonds EP opens with a 90-second banging dubstep instrumental. Tyler’s melodic vocals have more in common with the slick r’n’b of Drake and Rhianna and even the smooth-as-butter licks of Michael Jackson than it does with anything in Metal Hammer’s traditional world. The guitars are a cross between modern day crushers like Of Mice & Men and Memphis May Fire and the irrepressible bounce of nu metal. Most importantly of all, they are true originals in a world where it feels like everything’s been done before and a serious contender to be the breakthrough band of 2013.

“I’m not afraid of saying that I’ve been inspired by Chris Brown and top 40 music,” Tyler shrugs. “Our keyboardist, who I wrote the songs with, has engineered with Skrillex and Cee Lo Green and written songs for Cody Simpson, so we’re not afraid of venturing into pop music, but we’re still a harder sounding band. It’s blending the two worlds that defines our sound.”

The best of urban and metal cultures have shone before when nu metal owned the globe, but Issues are a different beast altogether. Tyler’s smooth vocal hooks cover r’n’b flavours with a know-how previously unseen in heavy music and his fellow former Woe, Is Me vocalist Michael Bohn’s screams have a flow to them that’s as close to the Young Money alumini as it is any of the throat-shredding growlers in contemporary metal. Hell, even Atilla vocalist Fonz appears in the vein of a guest rapper on the awesomely titled Love Sex Riot.

“The EP came together really quickly and we managed to fit so many of our different ideas in 6 songs that we’re super proud of,” says Tyler. “We’ve already begun writing for our full-length and, I don’t want to give anything away, but we’re already looking to push the envelope of our sound. I can’t wait to see what we come up with when we start writing that!”

If you’re the kind of person that wants metal to adhere to a militant rulebook that was written over 30 years ago, Issues will not be for you. If you love the idea of a band taking the freshest aspects of modern popular music and using it to flip heavy music on its head, Issues are your new favourite band. The choice is yours.

Black Diamonds is out now via Rise

Article by Terry Bezer

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Crossfaith: Going overground in 2013

“Man, you HAVE to go and see this band. They’re the best band I’ve seen in years. Seriously man, you’ll LOVE them!” How often does one of your mates turn around to you and say something along the lines of this? How often do you look on your Twitter/newsfeed and see someone flipping their shit about a band they’ve just seen and how you ain’t seen NOTHIN’ until you’ve seen the band they’ve just seen? Pretty often, we reckon, but in the world of the music industry, it’s rarer than Louis Walsh saying something that doesn’t make him look like a complete numpty that you get someone expressing that level of enthusiasm over anything, let alone a band they’ve just seen. Around the time of Nottingham’s Hit The Deck festival this year, though, our inboxes lit up like Guy Fawkes after seeing Rammstein and we were inundated by people clambering over one another to tell us that this is the best band they’d seen in years. As you’ll know by the fact that their name is emblazoned on this feature, the band in question are Japan’s Crossfaith and they really are one of the best bands you’ll have seen in years.

“It’s just been great to be here and to be given the chance to play,” says the band’s incredibly modest frontman, Ken (real name Kenta Koie), today giving Hammer his first ever interview in English. “It’s been a lot of fun playing shows. We just like to give everything and people seem to like us.”

First hitting our shores on a UK-wide tour with beatdown metal types Of Mice & Men and recently on a run with the mighty While She Sleeps, both times the band have stolen the show and left a sea of people breathless and wondering what the fuck just happened. Because they combine rave-ready synths with a bouncy riffing style, it’s easy to crack out the Enter Shikari comparison but to leave
it at that would be laziness of the highest order. Whereas Shikari’s music is gritty, political and as grimy as the British streets that gave birth to them, Crossfaith’s music is a far more uplifting, energetic and euphoric explosion of neon colour and white-knuckle excitement. A listen to their Zion EP is like whizzing along a rollercoaster at 180mph, such is the adrenaline rush it gives you. Put in point blank terms, this is the most exciting combination of dance and metal since The Prodigy changed the landscape of what can be construed as heavy music forever with their 1997 classic, The Fat Of The Land.

“The electronics were always a part of Crossfaith,” says Ken. “From the beginning we wanted to make something that pleased us and was exciting for everyone else.” One of the most appealing things about Crossfaith is that they’re almost impossible to pigeonhole. There’s no scene for what they’re doing because so few bands are as creative as this when it comes to fusing elements like high-octane, industrial-tinged riffing and the energy that’s been missing in our game since the highest points of nu metal with a Neapolitan of dance elements that include the high-pitched, piercing flavour of the early 90s, bursts of arse-quaking dub wobble and the odd part that could have been half-inched from Liam Howlett’s files marked ‘Invaders Must Die’. It’s a phenomenal juxtaposition to be at odds with most bands musically but have the energy of punk rock and a crunching heaviness that is unmistakably metal.

“We don’t feel like we want to fit in,” Ken says with an almost childlike innocence. “We are happy to be here and playing for people and getting our music across.” When asking the band about what influences went into making a band as unique as Crossfaith, we have to admit, they threw us. While we scratched our heads and heard moments of The Defiled, Pendulum, Mindless Self Indulgence and Zomboy in their widespread melting pot, they had another influence that we didn’t bank on hearing.

“Bon Jovi!” says Ken as we burst into laughter that’s part due to not seeing that coming and part “Is this guy fucking serious?!” “Bon Jovi have a show that is so big and I saw them many years ago and we wanted people to feel like that.” Moving quickly away from the fact that this band sound as much like Bon Jovi as they do like Woody Guthrie, what’s encouraging is that the band didn’t want to remain an undiscovered Japanese phenomenon. While the likes of X Japan and, to a lesser extent, Dir En Grey are happy to make their money in the Far East and stay on home soil, Crossfaith have the want to take the globe by storm. By the time you read this, the chances are you’ll have heard about them blowing minds on a broader scale at the UK return of Warped Tour and they aren’t happy to rest on their laurels.

“We want to play with as many bands as possible,” says Ken when we put it to him that it might be difficult finding shows because they sound so different to so much of what’s going on in today’s metal scene. “We enjoyed playing with Of Mice & Men and While She Sleeps and think we can play with anyone. We don’t worry about that. If we get the chance, we just want to play!”

On the shows with both OM&M and WSS, the reactions of the audience have been really something to behold. For a band of relative obscurity to have full rooms going absolutely bonkers (past the mixing desk in the case of London’s Electric Ballroom with OM&M) within minutes and leaving people with their jaws on the floor has really been something to behold. Their cover of The Prodigy’s Omen is played with more fire, conviction and energy than the architects of the song itself and, as you’ve probably seen The Prodigy, you’ll know what a bold claim that is. But we’re making that claim because it’s the truth.

“We don’t worry about the future,” Ken shrugs. “We are just enjoying what is happening now.” It’s an admirable stance to take, as the chances are that the future will take care of itself. Hell, there’s an argument that Crossfaith ARE the future. If you were to visualise how futuristic metal would sound (we envision the T-1000 and ED-209 having malfunctions caused by the riffs of Al Jourgensen), the chances are Crossfaith will be that sound. To paraphrase what we were told, you simply have to see this band. Trust us when we say you’ll be glad you did.

Crossfaith’s Zion EP is out in the UK this year.

Article by Terry Bezer

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Phil Bozeman (WHITECHAPEL), Cameron “Big Chocolate” Argon, Austin Carlile (OF MICE & MEN) and Ricky Hoover (ex-SUFFOKATE) are the newly confirmed guest singers who will perform with the surviving members of SUICIDE SILENCE at a special show on December 21 at the Fox theater in Pomona, California as a tribute to their late frontman, Mitch Lucker, who died November 1, after sustaining injuries in a

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The Metal Hammer Podcast: Sexy

We’re all sunburnt to fuck and still hungover, but we made it. Hevy 2012 reviewed (including animal-by-animal breakdowns), as well as new albums from Of Mice & Men and Between the Buried And Me, plus dream tours, Sylosis new album news, Reading festival, rising heavyweights and more.

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Metalcore act Of Mice & Men has posted another new song online for streaming. The track, titled “Repeating Apologies,” appears on the band’s impending new album “The Flood” which is set for release on June 14th through Rise Records. You can check out the song in the player below.

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Of Mice & Men have made a new track online available for streaming. The new track, titled “Purified,” is available in the player below and will appear on the band’s forthcoming full length “The Flood.” “The Flood” is set to be released on June 14, 2011 through Rise Records.

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