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Nick Krewen of recently conducted an interview with legendary guitarist Slash (GUNS N’ ROSES, VELVET REVOLVER). A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. Congratulations on venturing into film with your own company, Slasher Films. Has this been a lifelong ambition?

Slash: No. It came out of nowhere, and the only way I can put it is that I had absolutely no aspirations to be a movie producer, but [I’ve loved] horror movies ever since I can remember and I had a very rare conversation [with another producer] where I got to express and vent my passion for horror movies — what I think is wrong with the new ones and what I think is great with the old ones. It was, from the ground up, developing this particular script and getting it to where we wanted it, and then going and casting and getting the director and meeting all these distributors … and announcing Slasher [Films] as an entity. It was really an interesting and tough struggle to get the money [for] an indie kind of thing, and it was fun. After this first experience, are you hungry to do it again?

Slash: Yeah, I’m looking for scripts now, trying to find that story or script that has the right elements that I can sink my teeth into and say, “This will make a great Slasher film.” A lot of people are sending me stuff now and it’s all roughly predictable. So I’m definitely looking for something different and I want a memorable sort of villain — something you could make a Halloween costume out of — something with a personality. And we have to have good actors. I want to concentrate on spending money on actors as opposed to CGI or any other of the expensive elements of making a movie. You’ve collaborated with an amazingly diverse group of artists — from Michael Jackson and Carole King to Iggy Pop and Fergie. Has there been anyone who has eluded you?

Slash: Well, Stevie Wonder and I have mentioned playing together a handful of times, and we still have never done it. That’s the only one that comes to mind. The rest of them — there’s not any forethought. It’s something where you meet in the lobby of a hotel or you’re at a function, or something, and maybe you’re introduced. And you naturally get to talking music, and you think you might wanna jam sometime, and that’s how those things really are born. The only time I’ve had to put some forethought into working with other musicians was when I was putting together my [2010] solo record [“Slash”] with all the different singers. That was really the first time where I had to reach out to set musicians to be able to work with them. Other than that, it’s really a spontaneous thing.

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I have a feeling Chip DiMonick don’t take themselves too serious, and if their aspirations are to have fun while playing goofy rock they have succeeded.

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In Alcatraz 1962 has announced the new record “The Drive” is coming this October 9th, 2012. Pre-order bundles for the release are available at this location. You can also listen to the new song “Aspirations” in the YouTube player available below.

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Portugal’s Adamantine will release the new album “Chaos Genesis” on April 3rd, 2012. Adamantine has been a hot topic in the band’s home country being named by the biggest Portuguese Metal Magazine Loud! as the best “Unsigned Band” of 2010.

Recorded at Poison Apple Studios (Hills have Eyes, Before The Torn) between September and December and mastered by the renowned metal producer Tue Madsen (Moonspell, The Haunted, Dark Tranquillity) ”Chaos Genesis” delivers ten tracks of electrifying riffs, groundbreaking songs that will leave any metal fan pleased.

Adamantine’s frontman has high aspirations for this record: “I hope a lot of people will enjoy this album, I really think we got it right, after five years of hard work and a lot of road, we managed to write a record that can symbolize what we are as a band and musicians. Its fresh and different, not just some thrash or extreme metal, it’s a combination of raw power and melodic that makes ADAMANTINE.

“We´re still proud of everything we did since 2006 establishing ourselves as one of the frist acts in the New Wave of Thrash Metal scene in Portugal. Now, we´re more mature and we surely need to evolve into something bigger of our own. I truly believe set the bar one step higher with this record. It´s a classic album, just like Metallica and Iron Maiden used to do.”

The album’s track listing is as follows:

01. Chaos Genesis
02. Mechanical Empire
03. Death Comes To Us All
04. …Of Hatred And Immortality
05. Poisoning The Well
06. Generation Of Saviours
07. Dying God
08. Nocturne
09. The Age Of Golden Trees
10. As The World Dies

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Rite of Passage Records has checked in with the following announcement about inking a deal with melodic hardcore act Truth and it’s Burden:

“Rite of Passage Records is proud to announce the signing of Johannesburg, South Africa based TRUTH AND ITS BURDEN. The band’s new album ‘Choices’ is set to be released on May 22nd through Rite of Passage; a song from the album titled ‘Threadbare’ can be listened to on the band’s Facebook page located here.

“Formed in 2008, TRUTH AND ITS BURDEN started out as an idea to bring a sincere message of hope, and to do so with a real sense of urgency. Those same ideals that gave life to this band still chorus through in every song 4 years later. To be aware, to challenge, to follow through, to ignite ideas into dreams, to re-invigorate life itself and to find meaning and purpose. Over the past four years, the band has toured throughout Europe and Africa with bands like The Ghost Inside, Haste The Day, Have Heart, and many others.”

“The main idea behind ‘Choices’ is pretty simple;” stated vocalist Ashley DeBeer. “Making choices that reflect clear consideration for dreams and aspirations, it’s not something that merely applies to me/us alone, but rather something many can relate to. I wrote a lot of the songs during a period in my life when change was necessary and I guess with choices in my life I found there was a constant balancing act that took place.”

“There are many contributing factors to making serious life decisions that balance a good choice and help make things a little clearer,” added DeBeer. “Many of the songs reflect the idea of finding myself, building myself, deciding things and just trying to make a conscious effort at being a better person in general.”

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The Human Abstract has parted ways with guitarist Andrew Tapley.

Tapley joined the band in 2007 as a replacement guitarist for original member A.J. Minette. Minette rejoined the band in December 2010.

Though a detailed statement on Tapley’s departure has not been released, the band commented on its Facebook page:

“As some of you may have heard already, Tapley will no longer be playing in The Human Abstract. We love Tapley very much and we will support him in all his future aspirations.”

See the rest here:
The Human Abstract Kick Out Guitarist – posted on 2011-02-10 17:11:01

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Call To Preserve has announced that it will disband. The group released the following statement:

“After eight years, three full-lengths and countless tours all over, Call to Preserve is calling it quits. For the past year or so we’ve done our best to keep functioning as a band despite losing members and having remaining members cut back their involvement. Now all of us are being pulled in different directions and our aspirations for our future have expanded much further than being on tour all the time. With some of us moving away, going back to school or starting careers, we just can’t sacrifice our time to this band like we used to. It would be a disservice to ourselves to do CTP half heartedly, so instead we want to go out on a high note and enjoy our last few months as a band.

See the original post here:
Call To Preserve to Break Up – posted on 2011-01-25 20:59:28

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