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Elize Ryd of Swedish metallers AMARANTHE has uploaded an audio recording of her singing the NIGHTWISH song “Nemo”. Ryd laid down the vocals for the track in 2006 when the Finnish symphonic metal band was seeking a replacement for Tarja Turunen. Check it out below.

Says Ryd: “I’ve been saving this for a special moment. And now when I became a singer as I was dreaming of… and been travelling all over the world and met fantastic people and also NIGHTWISH on stage. And have such wonderful fans.

“It is a amazing memory from the day when NIGHTWISH sent me a demo with music and ask me to put my voice on it!! So here it is. ‘Nemo’ from the NIGHTWISH audition 2006!!”

Ryd, who has been touring the world as a backing singer vocalist for KAMELOT, filled in for then-NIGHTWISH singer Anette Olzon for a show in Denver, Colorado in September 2012 because Olzon was suffering from fever and vomiting and was forced to spend the night at a local hospital.

In a recent interview, Ryd stated about the Denver gig: “It was a very special thing.

“I love NIGHTWISH and I’ve sung their songs many times for myself. [laughs]

“They asked me if I would be willing to sing for them that night, and we decided that if the audience agreed it was okay for them that I sing, of course I was going to help NIGHTWISH out so they could do the show. At least with some singing so they wouldn’t have to do it all instrumental.”

She added: “It was a little bit like a dream come true for me because I always wanted to sing for NIGHTWISH. [laughs] I did audition for them years ago, so to actually be on stage with them was great. And the response from the crowd really helped. I was almost crying on stage because the people were so supportive.”

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Our Joey in Murderdolls mode

We got the chance to chat to Slipknot legend and Scar The Martyr mainman Joey Jordison recently, so we thought we’d ask him for his thoughts on some of metal’s big-hitters that have been grabbing headlines this year. Here’s what he had to say…

On Avenged Sevenfold…

“Honestly I don’t own any Avenged Sevenfold records and I’ve not heard the new record. I’ve read about comparisons to Metallica on the new record, and I guess there’s a certain controversy around that, but I’ve not paid that much attention to it. Nothing against them, I’m not knocking them, but I was just never a fan: not that they’re bad, they’re just one of those bands that kinda bypassed me.”

Scar The Martyr

Joey (far right) with new band Scar The Martyr, who release their debut on Monday

On Metallica…

“That’s the fucking band. Without Metallica I wouldn’t be doing what I am doing. I have every Metallica record of course, and I would spend hours on drums in my parents’ basement, with the stereo behind me, cranking those records and learning Lars’ drum beats, beat by beat. And nowadays, for me, Metallica can do whatever the fuck they want. I’m not sure that Lulu is something I’d be getting into, but Metallica have a free pass from me to do anything, I can’t really knock anything they do. I mean Zeppelin and The Who passed the torch to Metallica, they’re that band for our generation. Everything they do now is going to be met with a little bit of a backlash just because they’re so big, but without Metallica there would be no heavy bands, hardly. People have a hard time saying that, and obviously there’s a ton of other great bands, but there’s a reason that they’re huge and have been able to expand their audience to millions and millions and millions of people. I have nothing but praise for them.”

On Black Sabbath…

“Proper Sabbath is Sabbath with Bill Ward. I’m sorry, it just is. Bill Ward is one of the most underrated drummers ever, the dude is fucking unreal, such a great, great player. And I just can’t bring myself to see Sabbath without Bill Ward because he was such an integral part of that band. He’s like John Bonham or Keith Moon, one of those drummers who made the drum parts of those classic songs just as special as the guitar riffs or the vocals. I respect those guys doing what they’re doing, but sorry, count me out.”

Big words indeed. 

Scar The Martyr‘s debut album lands this Monday (September 30) via Roadrunner. Scar The Martyr play the following dates this winter with Alice In Chains and Ghost:


11/09 London, UK – London Alexandra Palace
11/10 Leeds, UK – Leeds O2 Academy
11/11 Manchester, UK – Manchester Academy
11/13 Birmingham, UK – Birmingham O2 Academy
11/14 Glasgow, UK – Glasgow O2 Academy
11/15 Newport, UK – Newport Centre

Tickets are on sale now from and 0844 871 8803.

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Rocker Eddie Van Halen and his wife, Janie Liszewski, were interviewed by ScreenSlam as they arrived for Esquire‘s 80th anniversary and Esquire Network launch celebration on September 17 at Highline Stages in New York. Check out the footage below.

VAN HALEN backed out of 31 North American dates last year, citing exhaustion, and then Eddie Van Halen was sidelined for four-to-six months after undergoing surgery for the inflammatory intestinal affliction diverticulitis.

VAN HALEN singer David Lee Roth gave an interview earlier in the year to Rolling Stone in which he expressed his desire to work on fresh material with Eddie Van Halen and tour outside the U.S., saying, “We have an audience and we have a potential future in many, many places . . . I don’t know where the VAN HALEN future lies aside from the States.”

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ROB ZOMBIE and ex-MARILYN MANSON guitarist John 5 (real name: John William Lowery) recently spoke to Artisan News (see video report below) about his forthcoming solo album, an all-star affair which is tentatively due in 2014.

Rob Zombie is obviously my priority, and everything I do is just when he’s doing a movie or something like that,” he said. “And you know, I never play live with anyone else, I never tour, ’cause I never wanna confuse anyone. I’m just a writer. So as soon as they see a credit — ‘Oh, John 5 wrote on this Ricky Martin song,’ or whatever like that — then that will… So it doesn’t really get in the way. But I love doing my instrumental records and people really enjoy ’em, so I’m always working on those. I’m working on one right now. I’ve got Elton John‘s bass player doing stuff. I mean, I have a bunch of guest stars on this one, so it’s gonna be really good.”

Regarding how his upcoming album will be different from his last effort, 2012’s “God Told Me To”, John 5 said: “The last one was half acoustic, half electric and I always like to change it up, so this one, I’m just gonna have a bunch of guest stars. So I’m gonna start asking my friends for favors and all this stuff. ‘Hey, come on in. I watched your house and I let your dog out that one time, so come play on my record.’ So I’m gonna start my long list of people to come and play. I think it’s fun.”

He continued: “These albums are a lot of fun. I just do ’em for the love of guitar and to inspire a couple of people on the way… I just really enjoy doing that. It’s great. It was one of the smartest things I’ve ever done. Right when I left MANSON, I was, like, ‘OK, so I guess I’ll finally make my instrumental record.’ And it did really well, and I’m on my sixth one. And I don’t do them for money or anything — I just do them for the love of the guitar — and I think the audience really can see that. I’ll do something like a Chet Atkins song and then some crazy death metal-type song. So it’s a very wide range of music; there’s no format and there’s no rules.”

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DARK ANGEL members Don Doty (vocals) and Eric Meyer (guitar) will guest on “The Metal Magdalene With Jet” on Metal Messiah Radio on Tuesday, September 3 at 9:00 p.m. EST. They will tell the audience about what’s going on with the band now and maybe laying some of the rumors to rest. They will also talk about the early days of DARK ANGEL, share some fan stories, and discuss the positive reaction to the news of the band’s return.

Less than a month after it was announced that classic late ’80s /early ’90s California thrashers DARK ANGEL would reunite for a number of shows next year — including an appearance at the Keep It True XVII festival, set to take place April 25-26, 2014 at Tauberfrankenhalle in Lauda-Königshofen, Germany — the bandmembers have come forward to express thoughts about future touring rumors spreading wildly across the web.

Gene Hoglan (drums): “I’m here to state that again, DFA [DARK Fucking ANGEL] is still talking about doing shows in 2014. As of now, none of the members have booked anything in regards to fests or individual dates. Of course, there are the rumors of certain fests being booked, but any talks that may have occurred were done so without the ENTIRE band’s knowledge and acquiescence, and therefore cannot be deemed as credible. One thing that holds true to us is that we feel that DARK ANGEL‘s legacy is in danger of being tarnished if these random acts were to continue.

“There are a host of valid reasons why DARK ANGEL has been slow to react to the myriad offers we have received in the past to reunite, but the most important reason is that we wish to do the greatest service possible to our fans, and if that means the time has yet to be right, then the time has not been right. And concerning the immediate future of 2014, if the time and conditions are not right, then again, they will not be right for all involved. Most importantly, our fans.

“We do realize that yes, reunions are quite the norm these days. DARK ANGEL, however, has never conformed to the norm, and we refuse to reunite unless we can come back and give our fans the most stellar situation possible. Which is precisely what we are working towards behind the scenes.

“We greatly appreciate everyone’s enthusiastic response to the possibility of a proper reunion, and as a unit, DARK ANGEL will do what will be best. For us and our amazing fan base.

“Again, we truly appreciate all of you.”

Jim Durkin (guitar): “To our kick-ass fans:

“It has come to my attention that shows are being booked and promises being made in the name of DARK ANGEL and some of its former members. No one, as far as I know, has been given authority to speak for or conduct business on behalf of DARK ANGEL, myself or any other ex member. Not to mention making any promises regarding the future of the band.

“There are other ex members who would love to be involved in this if it is done correctly! And protect our legacy!

“I, and others behind the scenes here, have asked other ex members many times to stop the postings on Facebook, other web sites, and doing interviews regarding the future of the band. But it continues…. This is all premature. There have been NO rehearsals yet, and little if any face-to-face meetings. But we are talking about 2014!

“I’m all for a guy doing an interview and talking about his glory days with the band. But if you start making unapproved statements about the future of the band? You’re off course!

“When I was last in the band, Ron Rinehart was my singer. And IF the band were to come back and continue. he would STILL be my singer. He was our rock when we needed him and there is NO WAY I would do this without him. He and I talk daily and are as close now as ever. If anything, all this talk has brought us all back into more frequent contact! Which is a wonderful thing.

“I wish the very best for any ex-DARK ANGEL member in their endeavors. In fact, I encourage them to write their own music come up with their own band name and get out there and play! But to lead the fans to believe anyone other than Ron would be fronting DARK ANGEL, and that this band will be allowed to do anything without its key members just is not true. The legend cannot truly ‘return’ unless the key members are on board!

“I look forward to 2014. And I believe we can make some special things happen!”

Ron Rinehart (vocals): “In regards to DARK ANGEL and the present situation: DARK ANGEL has at no time given any authorization to any of our former members to book shows, personal appearances etc. Any shows promises, personal appearances etc. fall under the responsibility of the individual who made those promises, not DARK ANGEL the music group.

DARK ANGEL believes in providing our incredible fans with the best show that we can possibly deliver, as well as protecting our valued legacy.

“Any future statements will come from DARK ANGEL or our management.”

Mike “Gonz: Gonzales (bass): “I just want to make a statement about the possibility of a DARK ANGEL reunion. It is true that we are talking about doing a run next year, but we are still in the early stages of this discussion. We all plan to sit down together in the near future and reconnect and jam a bit.

“I’m looking forward to seeing the guys again.

“We will keep you posted as things develop.

“I can’t emphasize enough that this is just discussing a reunion. I have not agreed to any appearances yet. Hopefully things will work out.

“I am currently playing in VIKING, as most of you know. Our new album titled ‘No Child Left Behind’, will be dropping very soon. I am very excited about this band and album. It is the first album Gene and I have played together on since ‘Time Does Not Heal’ and I can’t wait for everyone to hear it. It’s brutal!

“In closing, I just want to thank everyone for their support and friendship. Hopefully I’ll be seeing you on the road very soon!”

Speaking to Uwe Harms of Germany’s Radio Gehacktes on August 8, original DARK ANGEL vocalist Don Doty stated: “Mike is still playing with one or two other bands, just as Gene is, but they’re gonna go ahead and reschedule with the other bands so they can fit DARK ANGEL in. DARK ANGEL will come first.

Gene is quite busy, as we all know, and he does have a lot of things going on [including TESTAMENT and DETHKLOK], but seeing this opportunity, he definitely wants to be on board, and he’s very excited about this, as I am.”

Regarding DARK ANGEL‘s future plans, Doty said: “We started to book some shows. I’m still waiting for our manager, Rob, to go ahead and see what he has in store for us. We’re gonna take it one step at a time. [In addition to the Keep It True], there’s gonna be a few other [dates] that are gonna be happening; I can’t really release those yet.”

Asked what he has been doing since leaving DARK ANGEL in 1987, Doty said: “It’s a long story, and at the same time, it’s a short one. I basically started a family and showed up to my last show [with DARK ANGEL] and told the guys, ‘Hey, look, [I have a] baby [on the way] and I can’t be on the road and do the family thing; it was just too hard for me. There were too many beautiful women in the world and there were too many other opportunities to go off the deep end, and I just could not do that. So with that being said, I took a step back and I told the guys, ‘There will be a day and I will come back and we will finish what we started.”

DARK ANGEL released two albums with Don Doty on vocals — 1984’s “We Have Arrived” and 1986’s “Darkness Descends” — before he exited the group and was replaced by Ron Rinehart (after a brief stint with Jim Drabos in 1987). The band issued two more studio LPs — 1989’s “Leave Scars” and 1991’s “Time Does Not Heal” — before calling it quits in 1992. Rinehart, Hoglan and Meyer reassembled DARK ANGEL more than a decade ago but were forced to abandon their reunion plans after health issues reportedly put an end to Rinehart‘s singing career.

Doty told Radio Gehacktes that his reasons for wanting to put DARK ANGEL back together are pure. “I’m here for the fans, because they’ve been there for me and it’s their turn,” he said. “Let’s get back and let’s have some fun.”


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Mark Dean of MyGlobalMind webzine recently conducted an interview with DEEP PURPLE singer Ian Gillan. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

MyGlobalMind: Today you are in Belgium on yet another tour. What drives you? How do you still remain focused, enthusiastic and passionate about touring and playing music?

Ian: Well, I have been touring since I got my first band in 1962, so there is no problem there. We are basically performing musicians, so that’s what we do. It’s really, really exciting up there every night. I get to look forward to it from about lunchtime on show days five days a week. There is no problem maintaining enthusiasm. There is a big challenge up there; you never know quite what is going to happen during a show. It’s is fresh every day, and I am lucky. I am with a bunch of fine musicians and the band is hot, so it’s a natural state of enthusiasm.

MyGlobalMind: With the increasing reliance of people on the Internet, is there any misconception that you have read about yourself?

Ian: No, not really. I have heard that my Wikipedia entry is completely incorrect, but then again, so is everyone else s. I haven’t bothered about that. Internet is a good and convenient device for us for easy communication. It has lots of value. I don’t know, really, how relevant it is in terms of making music. Nowadays, it is very important as far as selling music is concerned. It has two different aspects, one of which is very important and one of which is not important at all. That is the side and part of the business that I never really took much interest in, as I mentioned before, about commercial values and that sort of thing. We just do what we feel is good. An album represents an artist, or a band, or a group of musicians at any given moment in time. You just produce the music that you feel good about and hope that the audience shows some interest in it.

MyGlobalMind: Looking back, what are you most proud of? A business venture, something musical or your charity work?

Ian: I don’t know. It’s all relative, isn’t it? It’s a question of your own perception or how other people see it. I don’t know if pride comes into my life very much. Mostly pride is personal to stuff, I guess. I haven’t really thought about that. “[The] feel-good factor?” I don’t know there’s a lot of stuff. I think that when you are a kid, you have stuff that is your favorite. You have your favorite, your favorite color… I remember filling in all the questionnaires when I was a young musician. They wanted to know an anecdote and I didn’t have any because I had no experience. They wanted to know your favorite car, your favorite football club, pet, color… actors, favorite musicians… It was quite easy to say who it was, but as time goes on, you have a more balanced perspective. I am not trying to be evasive but pride… I don’t know.

MyGlobalMind: I read that you agreed to join BLACK SABBATH after a heavy night out with Tony Iommi. Looking back, how do you view the period that you spent with BLACK SABBATH?

Ian: That was the longest party that I ever went to. That lasted about a year— the recording and the tour. I was at a loose end, I had no band and they had no singer. It worked out pretty conveniently for all of us, really. Yeah, we went out and got smashed one night — Tony, Geezer Butler and I. We ended up under the table and had to be swept out. My manager called me the next day and said if you are going to make career decisions, maybe you should give me a call first. I said that I don’t know what you are talking about, but apparently I had agreed to join BLACK SABBATH the night before. It was one of those things and I had a fantastic time. I have great memories of it and I am still in touch with Tony. We do a few bits and pieces together. I’m just following his progress on tour in America at the moment.

MyGlobalMind: Have you any ambitions as yet unfulfilled?

Ian: Well, I can tell you the truth, I never had any ambitions in the first place. All of this has been a joy, it’s been a life of absolute luck and fortune. I have enjoyed every minute of it. Things that have happened have been mostly opportunist. Something has come along and I have made a decision and I have always liked to take the scenic route in life. I am not so keen on the rock and roll highway. If I see something interesting, I generally would wander off and take a look, and life’s been good to me. So… ambitions, no — I never had any ambitions in the first place. I am just a lucky guy.

Read the entire interview at MyGlobalMind.

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Sharni Vinson looking a bit worse for wear in ‘You’re Next’, out now

We bloody love a good horror film, and as it happens, new slasher flick You’re Next is one of the best to be released this year. We heard lead star Sharni Vinson was a bit of a metalhead, so we grabbed her for a quick chat to see what was up.

Hi, Sharni! So, what’s You’re Next all about, then?

“It’s really interesting, because we were all really wondering how Lionsgate were going to produce the trailer for this movie, because they’ve kept it the most generic, in the sense that all you know from watching the trailer is that it’s a home invasion movie. But, the thing that’s cool about that is that the movie is nothing like the trailer in the sense of what to expect. The first little bit of it is more ‘home invasion’, and then about halfway through, the audience realise that it’s turned the tables in a way that they didn’t see coming.”

Are horror directors having to think outside the box a bit more?

“You’ve got to be able to think outside the box, and you can;t be too scared to go with a completely different style. People like to be scared; we’re after an experience when we go to watch a movie, and when you go to see a horror, you’re after being scared. So, if you’ve seen so many horror movies that the scares become predictable, that’s where it’s not good. So you need unpredictability. It’s got to be shocking. And that’s what’s really good about You’re Next.”

Are you a big horror fan?

“Really, really obsessively, from the age of six years old. My mum would let me watch them because I was never affected with nightmares or anything. When I was in a video store, I would go straight into the horror section, be it Stephen King’s ItA Nightmare On Elm StreetPet Cemetary… I just wanted that experience.”

High fiv-actually we’re good mate

Awesome! Anyhow, on to the important stuff: how metal are you?

“I know a little bit! You know why? I worked on [not-quite-as-good-as-Neighbours-Aussie-soap] Home And Away for three years opposite Mark Furze, and he is obsessed with death metal bands. He only wore death metal shirts, and that is all I’d see on him coming in, with his headphones on as loud as possible. ”

What a LAD.

“That was the music he would listen to to relax! And he’d play it in my car, and all of a sudden I’m listening to death metal and thinking, ‘This is awesome’. You’ve got to get into anything to experience. You can’t judge something from an outside perspective. Then I started becoming obsessed with Linkin Park.”

Ah, of cour-wait, what?!

“I was really obsessed with them and went to one of their private concerts in Hollywood, with just 200 people. It was really small, and I’d listen to their album every day for about two years after that. It changed my experience of music.”

Fair enough! Who are the five most metal horror heroines ever?

“It’s so hard! Well my character, Erin. And Jamie Lee Curtis had to go through about five Halloween movies. Then there’s Neve Campbell hanging through all the Scream movies. Milla Jovovich in Resident Evil kicks ass, too. And Jodie Foster in Silence Of The Lambs!”

You’re Next is out nationally this week. Go see it!

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Legendary rocker Alice Cooper recently spoke to Highway 81 Revisited about how he plans the setlist and the look for each tour.

“It’s so funny because it’s almost the hardest thing when you’re trying to please all the fans is trying to do something that everyone wants,” he said. “Of course we’re going to do all the hits, but then I get e-mails going, ‘How come you didn’t do this?’ and, ‘How come you didn’t do that?’ Everybody has their own favorite songs for their deeper cuts. So we’re going to do 28 songs. That’s one of the hardest parts of doing a show: What songs are we gonna put in? Once you get them in there, the easy part for me is staging it.”

He continued: “This show that you’re going to see this time is totally different from the show that you saw last time. That’s kind of the fun part for me, putting the new show together, and let’s see what we’re going to do this time to surprise the audience.

“I think one of the most important parts of this show is that the band is so good. The band is the best band I’ve ever had. The reviews every time are ‘this band is unbelievable.’ Orianthi on guitar, Ryan Roxie on guitar, Tommy Henriksen on guitar, Glen Sobel on drums, Chuck Garric on bass and me. And then, of course, extras. But this band gets great reviews every single night. It’s easy for me when I get a band that just takes my songs and really rips ’em.”

Asked what he wants people to say when they walk out of the venue, Alice said: “I think they come in with the pre-thinking of, ‘Well, this a legendary, mythical character,’ and ‘He must be 65, so this must be Alice walking through this and kinda doing his hits and talking to us.’ They get just the opposite. We do all the hits, but it’s the highest-energy show they’re gonna see all year. And Alice is more of a villain now than he’s ever been. He’s more pronounced than he’s ever been. Then they’re wondering, ‘How did I get confetti in my hair? Why do I have stage blood on me? Look, I caught a necklace, I caught a cane, I caught a riding crop.’ Everyone goes home with souvenirs that get thrown from the stage to the audience. So it’s a huge party. When they walk away, they go, ‘That was the most fun show I’ve seen all year.'”

Read the entire interview at Highway 81 Revisited.

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Metal Blast recently conducted an interview with former AFTER FOREVER frontwoman and current NIGHTWISH touring singer Floor Jansen about her REVAMP project as well as her time with NIGHTWISH. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Metal Blast: Is singing for NIGHTWISH any different than what you used to do with your other bands or it was more like a familiar ground?

Floor: It was more of the familiar. Even though I was asked and directed a little bit, I do have the freedom to give my own ideas. When you start doing it, you have to give a part of yourself, so I couldn’t done it differently. I can’t just imitate the previous singers. It was wonderful to see that the songs really grew on me. I don’t feel like I’m singing someone else’s music anymore. It really feels natural for me.

Metal Blast: By the way, how was the show and filming you did with NIGHTWISH at Germany’s Wacken Open Air festival at the beginning of the month?

Floor: Oh that was so amazing! That was the biggest show for all of us, and with the DVD filming, it was also very exciting. It was such a perfect night. The weather was crazy, but the band was great… We’ve been playing well before, and I don’t want to sound arrogant or something like that, but, I mean, there are times like this when you just know that the band has a good vibe, you know that your sound is locked and you all have this feeling of yes… So that was all there. Add to that the massive sound of a 70,000 audience and it makes you… Wooh, it took me days to come down to earth after that show. [laughs]

Metal Blast: I understand it’s too early to reflect on your time with NIGHTWISH, but how was the ride and experience so far?

Floor: It has been magical and really amazing. I mean, we know each other for ten years, but you never figure when you start working more intensively if it would work or not… Especially since I stepped in a very weird moment, no one knew how things would be, but to see that there’s such a personal and musical connection, that everything is smooth without us trying to force it, it’s just… No one had the time to make any expectations, it just started abruptly and roughly and boom there we are! We were all in the same situation, we had to make it work — and we did! I don’t know if it’s because we started like that or if god knows why, but it has been working really well ever since. I don’t know how the future looks like — none of us do — but I can tell you that whatever happens I’ll be super proud and happy and still very privileged that I’ve been able to work with such wonderful and intelligent people.

Read the entire interview at Metal Blast.

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Shitfucker has announced the track listing and revealed the cover for the “Suck Cocks in Hell” album, set for international release on October 31st through Hells Headbangers on both CD and LP formats. An alternate cover has been made for Germany, with the following explanation: “Warning: Due to German law, under criminal code Strafgesetzbuch 86a, the original artwork for this album depicting the Shiswastifa has been banned in Deutschland. This has resulted in a different cover for the European audience.

The post Shitfucker Reveals Album “Suck Cocks In Hell” Artwork appeared first on Daily Heavy Metal News.

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