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Richard Bienstock of Guitar World recently conducted an interview with MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine and guitarist Chris Broderick. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Guitar World: You’ve stated publicly that you feel Chris is the best guitarist you’ve ever played with.

Mustaine: He’s such an enigma. What Chris is capable of doing and what he does are two totally different things. He could do a mind-blowing, over-the-fretboard seven-string solo for six minutes. But he can also play something incredibly melodic. You need to be able to play what fits the song. And that’s the cool thing about the journey we’ve been on together: we’ve learned a lot about each other as people and learned a lot from each other as players. And when it comes to solos, especially for a band like this, you gotta think about it. You gotta really think about where you’re going. You can’t just do scales and sweeps. That said, the guy can do 800 notes in four bars if he wants to.

Guitar World: Chris, how does it feel to hear Dave say things like that?

Broderick: It’s always very humbling, because he’s worked with a lot of incredible guitarists. Every past player in MEGADETH has brought something great to the table, and I think I’m lucky to be counted among them. But as far as how I work with Dave, in a way he makes it easy. The type of personality I am, I like to have a direction and a path and to know what I’m doing. And Dave has such a clear idea of what he wants that I don’t have to deal with a lot of decisions. I just pick up my guitar, put it on and play the songs.

Guitar World: As much as the band explores new territory on “Super Collider”, there are also some vintage MEGADETH moments. [MEGADETH bassist] Dave Ellefson has said that parts of the new record reminded him of “Killing Is My Business… and Business Is Good!”, and you can certainly hear that on something like the second half of “Dance In The Rain”.

Broderick: Definitely. When I hear a rhythm like the one at the end of “Dance In The Rain”, I start thinking about songs like “Rattlehead” [from “Killing Is My Business…”] and all of that older stuff that has so much angst to it. I definitely draw from that. I think there’s a direct line to those parts. They have that same mood. That same aggression.

Mustaine: But you know, when I’m writing stuff, I don’t think, This sounds like it’s from this era. I don’t have the ability to think like that. I wish I could. God, I’d go back to “Rust In Peace” and write another one! Because I was listening to it the other day and I thought, Man, what the fuck was I thinking when I wrote that? Because I know my limitations and shit, and I listen to the title track and I think, That was a lucky day!

Guitar World: Along those lines, you’ve been doing some of the old albums onstage for a few years now, first with the “Rust In Peace” 20th anniversary tour and more recently for a similar celebration for “Countdown To Extinction”.

Mustaine: It’s like a big giant circle. We were actually mixing the “Countdown” live DVD at the same time we were doing “Super Collider”. And the interesting thing is, I was listening to those songs and thinking they’re just as relevant today. Take “Psychotron”, and think about all the stuff that’s going on now with drones [unmanned combat vehicles]. So I don’t feel that there’s such a big stretch between then and now with this band. The only time I experience the passage of time is when I try to sing some of those songs. My voice doesn’t go that high anymore!

Read the entire interview at Guitar World.

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A PALE HORSE NAMED DEATH, the band featuring Brooklyn, New York native Sal Abruscato — who played drums on three TYPE O NEGATIVE albums (“Slow, Deep & Hard”, “Origin Of The Feces”, “Bloody Kisses”), as well as four LIFE OF AGONY releases (“River Runs Red”, “Ugly”, “River Runs Again”, “Broken Valley”) — on guitar and vocals, has announced the addition of bassist Dave Bizzigotti (SPEED/KILL\HATE) t

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Shanda’s Golden Ticket recently conducted an interview with MEGADETH bassist Dave Ellefson and guitarist Chris Broderick.

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“Immortal”, a brand new song from WILDESTARR, the band featuring guitarist/bassist Dave Starr (VICIOUS RUMORS, CHASTAIN) alongside vocalist London Wilde, can be streamed using the SoundCloud player below.

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New York based death metal band Winter Nights has issued the following announcement about parting ways with bassist Dave Casale:

“It is with great sadness & disappointment that we announce the departure of our bassist ‘Dave Casale.’ Certain things just did not match up between Dave and the band.

“We only wish him the best on his future endeavors whatever they may be. We fucking appreciate every second he was in the band, all the work, blood, sweat & booze he gave in.

“With that being said, Winter Nights still rolls on, Our Oct 7th Show with Blackguard is still on schedule and there’s no stopping us, Ever.”

You can check out Winter Nights’ music online by heading over to the band’s Facebook profile.

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Megadeth play Download in June

Megadeth bassist Dave Ellefson has commented on recent rumours that a potential Metallica/Megadeth supergroup was in the works – despite Metallica frontman James Hetfield denying it was in the works a few weeks back.

“Look, it would be fun to do it,” says Dave. “I think Dave [Mustaine] just threw that out there as kind of a wishlist, [as] something [that would be] fun to do. I don’t know if it’s ever going to be a reality. But a lot of people got excited about the thought of it. If it would ever happen, absolutely, I’d participate. I think it would be a blast.”

Megadeth play Download this June. So do Metallica. And Anthrax. And Machine Head. And Lam-ah you get the picture.

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DREAM THEATER’s John Petrucci will be backed by DREAM THEATER drummer Mike Mangini and DIXIE DREGS bassist Dave LaRue on the upcoming South American edition of the G3 tour in October.

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Canadian groove metal band Exes for Eyes posted a new music video for the song “Stop Thinking, Start Feeling.” The song appears on the band’s debut LP “The Amsler Grid,” which was issued in April 2011 through Year of the Sun Records. The band features former Annihilator bassist Dave Sheldon, who plays guitar with Exes for Eyes and Endast vocalist James Arsenian.

Check out “Stop Thinking, Start Feeling” here:

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MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson last fall became one of 100 students in the distance education program at the Concordia Seminary in Clayton, Missouri.

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