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Upcoming Releases: The group have also shared a teaser clip for the record.

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The drummer will co-produce the new Black Lips album alongside other special guests.

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Kadavar: top beards, top riffs

There’s a new whiff on the scene. The smell of authenticity. And it’s coming from German heavy psyche lords, Kadavar. “Our music is inspired by late 60s and early 70s music,” says drummer Tiger (yes, Tiger). “We love that handmade, groovy aspect, and build upon those ideas. Still related to its original blues roots, the hard rock and psychedelic genres were defined back in those days.”

The trio – also featuring vocalist/guitarist Lupus Lindemann and bassist Mammut – openly worship the giants of that era, those who created the blueprint for so much music that’s still inspirational. “We all like the style of Grand Funk Railroad, Jimi Hendrix Experience and Cream,” continues Tiger. “For me, the biggest influence are the Beatles. Lindemann’s favourites are Hawkwind and Gong; he’s Mr. Psychedelia. Mammut is very into bluesy stuff like The Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Black Keys.”

Not very metal? Perhaps, but the band convincingly showed how to combine all these influences on last year’s self-titled debut album, winning the hearts of fans of all walks of life. Now, recently signed to Nuclear Blast, they’ve developed it all to spectacular effect on second album, Abra Kadavar.

“We tried to sound more live on this album,” says Tiger. “It’s generally a bit straighter, and has more rock energy. Also, the songs are more diverse. There are tracks that are closely related to our first record, but also ones that sound different. And the end of the record shows our passion for krautrock and psychedelia.”

Right now, there’s a growing number of young bands who have a similar attitude and outlook to Kadavar. As in the late 60s, these musicians are connected as much by their diversity as much as by similarities. As Tiger admits, it’s making for a healthy scene. “It’s good having people around that burn for the same thing as us. Bands like the Blues Pills, Graveyard and Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats…” Welcome back to 1969!

Abra Kadavar is out now via Nuclear Blast. Grab it here if you fancy:

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Hey there, readers.  Yeah, I’ve fallen off the pace here at The Metal Minute, but the traffic’s spiked once again nevertheless.  Personal matters and the need to recharge in solitude for a couple of evenings compelled me to get off-track.  I love each and every one of you for keeping the momentum growing. 

This week I was asked to write a guest editorial for Ghost Cult magazine regarding the butt ugly Queensryche division, so be on the lookout for that in future days.  Meanwhile, I expect to pound on this site with previously-promised reviews and more including the latest Hendrix vaults package, People, Hell and Angels.

Be there or be nowhere.


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Justin Bieber was snubbed by the Grammy awards, but drummer Patrick Carney says he doesn’t need to win when he makes so much money already.

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After settling with Pizza Hut and other advertisers for using their songs last year, the band are now targeting “soundalike” songs which intentionally sound like them on other adverts.

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Listen to a full album stream of the supergroup’s forth studio album which was recorded at the Black Keys’ home studio.

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Muse, the Black Keys, Mumford And Sons and the Rolling Stones are among the nominees for Britain’s premier music award ceremony in February. See the full list of nominees here.

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Both acts will battle for victory in the Album Of The Year and Best Rock Performance categories. Who do you think deserves to win?

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The Black Keys and The Flaming Lips will hit the road together for a short joint tour this Spring.

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