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Download FTW!

We’re stoked to announce that we have released a 100% FREE Download 2013 digital supplement, out now via iTunes and also featuring all our coverage from this year’s insane Metal Hammer Golden Gods and the epic Download Heavy Metal Truants Charity Bike Ride!

This special, one-off digital edition of Metal Hammer features our mammoth Download 2013 review, with over 130 bands covered as well as tons of awesome photo galleries from all the best acts across the weekend. Plus, we have video interviews with everyone from Slipknot, Stone Sour, Korn and Five Finger Death Punch to Newsted, Limp Bizkit and Parkway Drive, all sharing their favourite festival memories with us, exclusively for this very supplement.

Also, we’re packing all the carnage from this year’s groundbreaking Metal Hammer Golden Gods awards and pre-show boat party, with exclusive, backstage clips from the night, interviews with the winners and sinners and a blow-by-blow account of all the mayhem and debauchery that went down. It’s huge, and you can only find it right here.

Finally, we offer a special look behind the 2013 Heavy Metal Truants Download Charity Bike Ride, featuring many metal heavyweights and the industry’s finest saddling up and riding 161 from London to Donington in the name of cha-reet-ee. Who fell of their bike first? How many pre-cycle pints were sneaked in before each leg? Who has the worst “saddle rash”? All these questions and more answered and more!

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NEWSTED — the new band led by former METALLICA, VOIVOD and FLOTSAM AND JETSAM bassist Jason Newsted — played last night (Monday, June 17) at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods pre-awards boat party onboard the HMS Hammer, where 200 lucky fans got to cruise down the Thames with some of the best acts around.

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In honour of Kvelertak playing our pre-Golden Gods Awards Show Boat Party on Monday, we got the lads to give us a crash-course in essential Norwegian catchphrases. Cheers, lads!

Latest Kvelertak album Meir is out now via Roadrunner.

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jason newsted

Newsted 2013

Newsted will release their first full album this summer!

Titled Heavy Metal Music (we approve), the album – headed by ex-Metallica bassist and general legend, Jason Newsted – drops August 5, with the album art and tracklist below:

Heavy Metal Music track list:
1. Heroic Dose
2. Soldierhead
3. …As The Crow Flies
4. Ampossible
5. Long Time Dead
6. Above All
7. King Of The Underdogs
8. Nocturnus
9. Twisted Tail Of The Comet
10. Kindevillusion
11. Futureality

Newsted play our pre-awards show boat party ahead of this year’s Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards. Should be fun…

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The Defiled: throwing down aboard HMS Hammer at our Golden Gods in June

London industrial metallers The Defiled have revealed the cover art for new album Daggers!

“Daggers were made for only one thing – killing or betraying your fellow man,” explains Defiled keyboardist The AvD of the album art’s concept. “And one stab is almost always never enough…

“The flowers symbolise goodwill with the prospect of a co-operative future. The dagger behind the back symbolizes the ulterior motives, the insincerity and the impending disappointment that surrounds us all. This theme runs through all the tracks on the album.

“The concept was born out of a scene we wanted in our new video for Unspoken. We wanted the two main characters shaking hands with daggers behind their backs. We were originally going to call the track Daggers but then opted to go for Unspoken. The song is about the politics of life and it seemed more fitting. We also didn’t want to limit the word “Daggers” to only one song on the album, as it is the overall feeling we wanted for the full project.”

Daggers is released August 5 via Nuclear Blast. The Defiled play The HMS Hammer boat party at the 2013 Golden Gods in June.

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Devin Townsend: bonkers, brilliant, all the b’s

As revealed by the man himself on stage in Brixton yesterday, Devin Townsend will be the official host of Orange Amplification Presents…The Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards 2013!!!

Hevy Devy joins show headliners Motorhead, plus Airbourne, Five Finger Death Punch, Paradise Lost and Coal Chamber, as well as our badass Boat Party and, of course, the awards themselves.

Fancy coming to party with us? Go vote for your favourite bands right now to grab your chance to win tickets. GO ON.

Orange Amplification Presents…The Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards 2013 take place Monday June 17 at the London Indigo2. Head to to vote.

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Airbourne: climbing all over the Golden Gods 2013

Aussie rock ‘n’ roll hellraisers Airbourne complete the lineup for Orange Amplification Presents…The Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards 2013! STAND UP FOR ROCK ‘N’ ROLLLLLL!

The guys – whose brand new video, Live It Up, we debuted yesterday – join Motörhead, Five Finger Death Punch, Coal Chamber and Paradise Lost at the biggest and most badass awards show of the year.

To stand a chance of winning tickets, head to to cast your votes!

Plus, we can finally and exclusively reveal the full lineup for this year’s pre-awards boat party onboard the HMS Hammer, where 200 lucky fans will get to lose all manner of shit while cruising down the Thames with some of the best bands around.

Norwegian hellraisers Kvelertak, ex-Metallica bassist Jason Newsted, hardcore legends Vision Of Disorder, London’s own industrial metal ragers The Defiled and rising rock ‘n’ rollers Heaven’s Basement will all be setting sail on the HMS Hammer! How do you like us noooooow?!

The Defiled: throwing down aboard HMS Hammer

To stand a chance of joining in the pre-awards show madness, look out for online competitions to win tickets from all the bands involved using the hashtag #goldengodslondon. And did we mention you can still win tickets to the main event and watch Motörhead et al lay waste to the Indigo2 by voting over at Good. Go do it.

Orange Amplification Presents…The Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards 2013 takes place Monday June 17 at the Indigo2 in Greenwich. Get excited.


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Fan-filmed video footage of FOZZY — the band featuring WWE wrestling superstar Chris Jericho and STUCK MOJO mastermind Rich “The Duke” Ward — performing a brand new song, “Sandpaper”, at the pre-awards show boat party that cruised up the Thames to the Metal Hammer Golden Gods awards on Monday, June 11 at Indigo2 in London, England can be seen below.

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Yes, While She Sleeps! Yes!

Swedish power metal titans Sabaton and brilliant rising UK metal starlets While She Sleeps are the two latest bands confirmed for this year’s explosive Metal Hammer Golden Gods bill! BOOM!

Sabaton will join Watain, Ghost, Biohazard and Anthrax on the main stage of the awards while While She Sleeps will be ripping the roof off of our pre-show Boat Party, also featuring Shadows Fall, Fozzy, Attica Rage and Evil Scarecrow, who won our special Hobgoblin Band Search competition.

The show will be hosted by Fozzy frontman and WWE icon Chris Jericho, and takes place on June 11 at the IndigO2 in the O2 complex in London. Voting has now closed, but you will definitely want to stay tuned for more chances to win tickets, and the winners on June 11! Bring it. Hard.

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Watain will bring the fire to the Golden Gods!

Holy fuck! Black metal icons Watain will be invading this year’s Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards – and trust us, there will be blood, there will be fire, and there will be fucking carnage! Yes!

They join main stagers Anthrax, Biohazard and the mighty Ghost, who we exclusively revealed as playing in our new issue, as well as Shadows Fall, Attica Rage and Fozzy on our pre-awards show boat party – and none other than the brilliant Evil Scarecrow, who we’re stoked to announce won our huge Hobgoblin Band Search competition to play the Gods! Yes boys!

This year’s Metal hammer Golden Gods will be presented by Fozzy frontman and WWE icon Chris Jericho, and will take place on June 11 at the Indigo2 in the O2 complex – and don’t forget that you can still vote in this year’s Golden Gods and win tickets to the event get involved!

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