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Austrian power metal band DIGNITY will release its new album, “Balance Of Power”, on October 4 via Fastball Music/Soulfood. The CD introduces the group’s new lead singer, Søren Adamsen (CRYSTAL TEARS, ARTILLERY, INMORIA, TWINSPIRITS, STARRATS) from Denmark.

DIGNITY says: “For us, this album marks a new era, and our fans can expect an album that is filled to the brim with powerful music, melodic hook lines, virtuosic solo spots and atmospheric parts.”

A video for the album’s opening track, “Rebel Empire”, was filmed earlier this year in Germany and can be seen below.


* Phil Porter – Guitar
* Frank Pitters – Keyboards
* John Boy Bastard – Bass
* Roland Navratil (LEAVES’ EYES, ATROCITY) – Drums


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The boys are back

We’re so stoked about our huge Avenged Sevenfold cover story in our new issue, out now, that we’re gonna give you another preview of some of the things that the guys had to say about new album Hail To The King, moving on from the loss of The Rev and being the heirs to the big guns’ throne. Have a look…

“Without wishing to knock anyone, when you listen to a lot of the albums coming out, a lot of them just don’t have that classic quality,” says guitarist Synyster Gates. “They just can’t hold a candle to songs like The Trooper or albums like The Black Album or Led Zeppelin IV or Back In Black, albums that are filled to the brim with classic songs. To really write great songs you have to toil over your craft: you have to constantly evolve and remain a student of the craft and work very tenaciously.

“The amazing thing about the Metallicas and the Iron Maidens is that they’re so timeless, they still resonate with the youth, and that’s fucking incredible. Those bands are still holding on to the torch, they’ve not passed it on. But I definitely feel that we’re heading their way.”

Read more from that interview and amazing features with the likes of Phil Anselmo, Crossfaith, The Defiled, Newsted, letlive and much more in our new issue. GO GET IT!

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The Cypher 16 guys recently jetted out to India to play some huge shows and to check out one of the world’s most inspiring and fast-rising metal scenes. We got them to blog it for us. READ PART 1 HERE.

Here’s Part 2…


Once we had charmed the airline staff to let us take all our over-weight baggage through for free (a constant problem for us when we travel and something we’ve become rather good at!), we chatted to a few fans at the airport and then crashed out on the plane. Upon waking up on the runway and walking out and down the steps the heat hit us like a brick. This is the Indian weather we remember and to be honest seeing rain in Bangalore was not something we were used to.

As soon as you come out of the airport people wanting to help you with your luggage in exchange for money greet you and once it has happened a few times it starts to become tiresome. However the promoter was there to meet us and we got taken to our apartment without too much trouble. We only had about thirty minutes to get ourselves sorted, because we had just been reminded that that we were scheduled in to do a guitar workshop and bass and drum clinic in a music shop in the city. Music shops are quite rare in India, and by the time we had set up our equipment, the shop was filled to the brim and with about a hundred people outside staring in through the windows. The clinic went well, and it was amazing to have so many eager musicians and non-musicians alike present.

The next day we had an interesting breakfast (Kolkata is famous for it’s sweets!) after which we went on down to the venue to sound-check. Before the show we were required to hold a press conference for the sponsors with the ever obligatory (and seemingly never-ending photo-shoot, and then we played for the first time in Kolkata.

The show was a great success – just hot and raw. The crowd were very enthusiastic and the energy was high on stage. Hopefully we’ll be able to return there soon!

With an early start the next day to get a flight to the next destination Guwahati we couldn’t think about relaxing. Just before we left to go back to the hotel, we noticed we had two drivers in the driving seat…yes, two!

Carl and I made up a saying on the last trip when trying to find a simple way of summing up some of the mad stuff that we’ve seen and experienced whilst on our in this country. We decided simply upon something that a fan has shouted at me once in 2010 whilst a small riot was starting – TII -This Is India.

Come back on Monday for Part 3!

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Greek extreme death metal band Birth Through Gore will be unleashing its debut “Reign of Depravity” via Sevared Records. Over on YouTube you can hear one of the songs they will include on this debut release, plus you can watch “In the Brim of Decimation” below. Birth Through Gore has been streaming these tracks while they prepare for the release of the record.

The members of the band came together from the Greek bands Evade and Erectus between 2007 and 2009. John ‘Rem3dy’ Nakos from the brutal death metal band Mortal Torment, who has created art for bands such as Devourment and Prostitute Disfigurement, made the album cover for “Reign of Depravity.” Stream two more tracks from Birth Through Gore over on MySpace.

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It's been more than a year since our last chat with vocalist Helmuth of Belphegor, and in that time the band has since finished another album filled to the brim with blood, sex, and magic.

Go here to read the rest:
Belphegor's Helmuth Talks Blood, Magick, And Necromantic Love

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