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Original GREAT WHITE bassist Lorne Black has died. He appeared on the band’s 1984 self-titled debut, 1986’s “Shot In The Dark” and 1987’s “Once Bitten…”.

Original GREAT WHITE singer Jack Russell, who is currently touring with a version of the band calling itself JACK RUSSELL’S GREAT WHITE, has posted the following statement: “It is with great sadness that we have been informed of the passing of Lorne Black yesterday [Friday, September 27]! Our hearts go out to his family, friends and fans.

Lorne was a huge part of the first incarnation of GREAT WHITE! May he rest in peace.”

Added GREAT WHITE guitarist Mark Kendall: “I saw [Lorne‘s] cousin Robert a few months ago and we were in touch. Robert told me Lorne wasn’t too good then.

“I lost Robert‘s number when I changed phones, which bums me out. He used to work for us.

“I loved Lorne and I am truly sad to get this news. I know he has battle demons for along time and I am so sad to hear of his passing.

“RIP, my friend…”

Lorne Black can be seen standing on the left in the photo below.


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Power Trip: ‘head cases

“Oh, fucking Motörhead!” exclaims Powertrip singer Riley Gale “No doubt. If I was going to follow a career they’d be the band. I’ll play the same songs as long as people wanna hear them, that’s what Motörhead do and that’s what I’m gonna do. Drink whiskey and party, then die.”

There’s a very good chance that you’d like Riley; his uncomplicated, committed attitude to the world of heavy metal is a breath of fresh air. His band deal in equally bullshit-free- old school crossover, as can be heard on excellent new album Manifest Decimation, its scratchy production and brutally gnarly, punk-inspired thrash feeling like it comes from a different era.

“When we started we were listening to a lot of New York hardcore and we wanted to start a band that sounded like Death Wishes or Cro-Mags,” he adds matter-of-factly. It’s a common theme amongst bands that have been part of the so-called ‘thrash revival’ over the last few years, although Riley is looking beyond the confines of that particular tag.

“It’s never really been on my radar. I was into the first two Municipal Waste albums and I checked out Vektor and Havok and all those bands, the only thing that bums me out is that sometimes I feel like they aren’t reviving it in the right ways. My least favourite parts of thrash metal are when it’s too light hearted and cheesy. I think you can say some really dark shit if you make it mean and fast and that’s something we really try and do in Powertrip. I want people to listen to my lyrics, I don’t wanna just be barking bullshit over the top about how I chugged a beer with a shark or whatever. But I don’t pay much attention to what’s being ‘revived’ or what’s popular.”

Despite this, there is always the chance that they could benefit from the re-emergence of thrash’s commercial clout.

“If someone says, ‘Do you guys wanna get up there and open for Exodus?’, could we cut it? Dude, I’m not scared of what sort of opportunities I take with this band. If the metal community want to accept us and we get to play with big crowds then, fuck yeah, let’s get up there and have a good time. I’ve always said that we’re the sort of band that you put in a room with people watching us, and it’ll be loud, a little violent, but fun as shit.” Truly spoken like Lemmy himself.

Manifest Decimation is out now via Southern Lord

Interview by Stephen Hill

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VIDEO KILLED THE RADI-ah fuck it. It’s the video from last week’s Metal Hammer Podcast, featuring the return of Amit, and the three amibros review recent London shows from Down, Trivium, August Burns Red and Gallows (alright, and Kerbdog), plus we talk up our immense upcoming Hobgoblin Halloween show, The Prodigy and Deftones announcing UK dates, HMV being wallies, Parkway Drive and Pig Destroyer!

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