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    ‘Casualties’ in China knife attack

    A knife attack on a street in Changsha, in southern China’s Hunan province, has led to a number of casualties, Chinese state media report.
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Canadian multi-instrumentalist, singer, songwriter and producer Devin Townsend was interviewed on the March 7-9 edition of Full Metal Jackie‘s nationally syndicated radio show. You can now listen to the chat using the Podbean widget below.

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The cover artwork for the forthcoming debut album from the CASUALTIES OF COOL project from Devin Townsend can be seen below.

Devin recently launched a three-month-long crowdfunding campaign on PledgeMusic for CASUALTIES OF COOL since the album will be released without record-label backing.

In a 2013 interview with, Devin stated about CASUALTIES OF COOL: “If there’s anybody who’s new to what I do, who maybe heard ‘Liberation’ or some of the songs off ‘Epicloud’ and thought, ‘This is really cool, I could get into this,’ you’re going to hate CASUALTIES. [laughs] I mean, really, it’s as opposite of ‘Epicloud’ as ‘Ghost’ was to ‘Deconstruction’. It’s this weird, dark, not evil but verging on it, bluesy, Johnny Cash-y, strange, quiet folk record. But I love it, it’s the one record that I’ve done over the past 10 or 15 years where I can truly say, ‘This is where I am right now.’

“You know, the other things that I’ve done have been as well in their own right, ‘Epicloud’, ‘Deconstruction’ and ‘Addicted!’, but there was an agenda with those, I was trying to say something with them or I was trying to prove a point, make a statement about the past or whatever. CASUALTIES is something that I’ve done without any pressure, without anybody telling me what to do, without showing it to anyone, it’s just what evolved when I wasn’t thinking about it. As a result of that, I’m incredibly proud of it, but it remains to be seen whether or not other people will resonate with it. I think they will, man. I think it’s fucking awesome, and I mean, I haven’t smoked weed in a long time but I can’t imagine that it wouldn’t be awesome while you’re smoking. [laughs]”

Asked where CASUALTIES OF COOL will fit into the Devin Townsend discography in terms of sound — among his more traditional-sounding albums, or a bit more removed like his ambient albums, Devin said: “Somewhere in the middle, you know, somewhere in the middle. It’s like, if you took the weird elements of ‘Ki’ and the weird elements of ‘Devlab’ and added a vintage sort of vibe.

“My management had a suggestion, which I think is pretty cool, which was, ‘You shouldn’t call it DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT, you shouldn’t even put your name on it, just call it CASUALTIES OF COOL and put it out as its own thing.’ It’s got a different singer, I sing on like half of it right, but it’s got this lady [Vancouver artist Ché Aimee Dorval, who also appears on ‘Ki’] who’s just this brilliant singer, she’s a young, despondent-sounding bluesy vocalist and it’s creepy. I think that that might be a way for me to get away with it, putting it out without it being part of the DTP [DEVIN TOWNSEND PROJECT] or whatever.

“I don’t know what to tell you, man. I just go where it feels the most honest to go, then I deal with people thinking it’s weird afterwards. [laughs]”

Regarding whether there is a particular atmosphere he wants to create or a story he wants to convey with CASUALTIES OF COOL, Devin said: “Yeah there’s a story, definitely. It’s going to take a little longer than what we’ve got for me to explain it, but you’ll hear it eventually. I want it to be something you listen to quietly, by yourself, in the middle of the night, with a big old full moon outside. It’ll work perfectly.”

Interview (audio):


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New Casualties of Cool, Ziltoid 2 and a relaxation music side project on the way.

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Devin Townsend has been into the idea of taking things at his own pace lately. After the release of Epicloud he toured relentlessly and has seemed pretty keen on the idea of not doing that so much. We know he's been working on Z2, the follow-up to Ziltoid The Omnicient, as well as Casualties, a Johnny Cash inspired affair, …

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While it is true that we interviewed Devin Townsend not too long ago, the man is always active and always has a lot of interesting things to say. So with the Retinal Circus boxset dropping fairly soon, we thought we'd catch up on any developments and look forward at a few things with Devin. Read the full …

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Frank interviewed Devin Townsend at Roskilde Fest, and Devin discusses his bathroom schedule, the next Ziltoid album, Ziltoid TV and his next album, Casualties of Cool and he picks his favorite band to see live!

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Devin Townsend has been talking about doing a second Ziltoid record for quite some time, but apparently it's all coming to fruition now! So we all know that Devin's been working on an album called Casualties of Cool that's been talking about for a while, but now the man himself has announced that he's not only done with that, but will …

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Infamous New York City street punks The Casualties have debuted a new video for the song “My Blood. My Life. Always Forward.” The clip, directed by Lewis Smithingham, can be viewed below

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Infamous New York City street punks The Casualties have announced their first U.S. headlining dates of 2013. The band will co-headline a string of southern and west coast dates with Goatwhore in March and April

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Jake and Rick of The Causalities give you some tips for how to properly party on the road without dying on the road

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Date: 2013-01-21

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