Posts Tagged “Classic Tunes” conducted an interview with California rockers Y&T when the band performed at Le Forum in in Vauréal, France on September 28. You can now watch the chat below.

Y&T‘s live album, “Live At The Mystic”, was released in November 2012 via Frontiers Records.

Following original bassist Phil Kennemore‘s untimely passing from lung cancer in early 2011, the band carried on the legacy that is Y&T. With Brad Lang on bass and vocals, Y&T prove their continued strength with “Live At The Mystic”, a double live CD recorded at the legendary Mystic Theatre in Petaluma, California, one of the most popular venues that Y&T play every year. The two-CD set includes 22 songs recorded over two nights in November 2011, including many tracks never before released on any other live Y&T CD. The amazing heat to the tracks showcases the power of the band as it currently sounds, playing songs from “Facemelter” as well as all the hits and fan favorites.

“Songs like ‘Dirty Girl’, with its extended solo section of John Nymann and myself tearing into a nearly three-minute back-and-forth solo was especially a great performance,” said guitarist/vocalist Dave Meniketti. “Also, many of the classic tunes like ‘Black Tiger’, ‘Don’t Wanna Lose’ and ‘Mean Streak’ were very well played and show some of the best live performances of these songs we’ve ever recorded. But I also feel strongly about our more mastered performances from our latest ‘Facemelter’ CD. The energy and much more refined versions of these songs, now that we’ve really had some time to hone in the vibe of these tunes, make it that much more special of a live recording.”

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Craving has posted a music video for the band’s cover of “Only Teardrops,” which can be found below, and Apostasy Records also comments on the track: “Covering has a long tradition within the metal-scene but bands mostly pay tribute to their idols or just cover some classic tunes. The Northern German melodic death / black metal-outfit Craving made it a little different. The guys took the song ‘Only Teardrops’ by Emmelie De Forest who won this year’s European Songcontest and put their own unique stamp on it.

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German modern power metal act Heavatar, the new project from Van Canto mastermind Stefan Schmidt, is set to release the debut LP “Opus I – All My Kingdoms” on February 22, 2013 through Napalm Records.

With Heavatar, Schmidt exchanges the “A Cappella” style, manning the rhythm guitar as well as lead vocals. Supporting him is Ex-Stratovarius drummer Jörg Michael,  and Ex-Fading Starlight guitarist Sebastian Scharf.

According to the press release: “[e]ach song borrows – some more, some less – a motif from classical composers – ranging from Bach to Paganini and Beethoven. The epic songs are filled with mighty choirs, which are performed by members of the “Blind Guarding” choir-team and of course, Stefan’s friends in Van Canto. The artwork was created by the renowned fantasy artist Kerem Beyit. ‘All My Kingdoms’ is a celebration for Power Metal fans, who love catchy refrains, epic choirs, classic tunes, heavy riffs and thundering double-bass. The debut will also take supports of different genres by storm – to the Metal!”

The track listing for “Opus I – All My Kingdoms” is:

1. Replica
2. Abracadabra
3. All My Kingdoms
4. Elysium At Dawn
5. Long Way Home
6. Born to Fly
7. Luna! Luna!
8. The Look Above
9. To the Metal

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Adam Lambert: Wobbly Drill Cat

We all know Queen are certified Boss Level legends (and if you think they’re not heavy enough for this site, seriously, check out some of their older stuff. Seriously), and we had a genuinely open mind directed towards the idea of the band (well, Roger Taylor and Brian May) going out on tour with American Idol star Adam Lambert…until we saw this full set from their recent show in Kiev.

We’re not sure why Adam has tried to echo the great Freddie Mercury by making his voice wobble like a cat holding onto a pneumatic drill for dear life, but this is a big NOPENOPENOPENOPENOPE from us.

Obviously, if you are going to Queen’s Hammersmith shows next week, you’ll be singing your arse off to some classic tunes anyway, so chances are you’ll still have a blast.

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Dutch heavy metallers Martyr will be celebrating their 30th anniversary with a special night in their hometown of Utrecht. An exclusive show will be held on the 8th of September at Club Tivoli De Helling with fans, friends, and special guests.

Performances from the cult classic repertoire from the very first Martyr demotapes until the current “Circle Of 8″ album (reviewed here) will be presented on stage by various artists including Martyr.

And what is more special: these cult classic tunes will be brought in the own style of the bands playing. Bands performing with Martyr will be: Nicolaj Ruhnow (Tokyo Blade), Izegrim (one of Holland’s premiere death-/thrashmetal bands), Gloria Victis (upcoming new Dutch metal act containing Martyr’s roadcrew members) and one more band yet to be announced.

The evening will be presented by Angel, former DJ of Vara’s Vuurwerk (one of Hollands most famous metal radioshows on Dutch public radio in the 80′s). DJ Liselotte ‘Lilo’ Hegt (Arrow High Voltage Radio), a Metal Market and an afterparty will complete this special event. The event starts at 19:00 CET on the 8th of September in the Club Tivoli in De Helling, Utrecht, Netherlands. Martyr’s upcoming live shows are as follows:

28-04-2012: MARTYR + RUA – Azotod – De Meern –NL
05-05-2012: MARTYR – Bevrijdingsfestival “Kabaal Am Gemaal” – Wageningen – NL
11-05-2012: MARTYR + Lord Volture + support – De Bazart – Den Haag
15-06-2012: MARTYR + neckbreak nation + anger needs direction – Estrado – Harderwijk – NL
29-06-2012: MARTYR + JAGUAR (UK) + Burn- Little Devil – Tilburg – NL
30-06-2012: MARTYR + JAGUAR (UK) – Rebelstar – De Meester – Almere- NL (MM13)
01-07-2012: MARTYR + JAGUAR (UK) : Club Negasonic – Aalst – Belgium
07-07-2012: MARTYR – Asterisk – Leeuwarden – NL (Into The Grave Fest Warm Up Show)
08-09-2012: MARTYR 30th anniversary – Tivoli De Helling – Utrecht-NL
13-10-2012: MARTYR + Edge Of Insanity – JV Blanko – Emmen- NL
26-10-2012: MARTYR – Club Slowianin – Szczecin – Poland (Helloween Metal Night)
27-10-2012: MARTYR – Musikzentrum – Hannover – Germany (Metalshock)

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