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David Garlow of the Syracuse Music Examiner recently conducted an interview with singer Geoff Tate (QUEENSRŸCHE). A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Syracuse Music Examiner: That was a cool performance of “Lola” [on the March 4 edition of “New Day Northwest” on King 5 TV to promote Tate‘s show “Rock And Vaudeville”]; loved the wig and the dancers, very cool!

Tate: Oh, thank you! It’s going to be a fun show where we try and impersonate our favorite performers. That’s the best Ray Davies that I could do! [Laughs]

Syracuse Music Examiner: You will be here next week on the “25th Anniversary Of ‘Operation: Mindcrime'” tour, can you talk about this tour and what we can expect at the show?

Tate: It’s a real honor and a pleasure to play “Operation: Mindcrime” in its entirety. It’s a fan favorite! I have some really excellent musicians playing it with me. We get to play the whole thing! “Mindcrime” is almost exactly an hour long, so we play it and hopefully the fans appreciate it and asks us out for an encore and we’ll rip into some of their favorite QUEENSRŸCHE songs!

Syracuse Music Examiner: I finally got a chance to listen to “Frequency Unknown”. Great album. Can you talk about it and will you be playing some of this next week?

Tate: Yeah, we’ll probably play some songs off of that. It was a very fun record to make. Over the years, I’ve tried to make each record very different from the previous one. Tried to put the band or the people writing and playing with me in a situation where it is conducive to a creative environment. We had a lot of people joining and collaborating on this one. It was really great hearing all of these great musicians’ interpretation and input on a song. I’m a firm believer in collaboration; I like other people’s input and really to see where a song can go, you know? I really like the record.

Syracuse Music Examiner: You also remade four iconic QUEENSRŸCHE tunes which sound awesome. Can you tell me about the decision to do those and how did you choose from so many?

Tate: Well, that was a record company deal, really. They wanted four specific QUEENSRŸCHE tracks on the record and they wanted them made as close to the original as possible. So, there wasn’t much thought process to it; it was looking back at those songs and trying to recreate them, which was difficult to do on a number of levels. Technically utilizing old recording equipment is getting harder to accomplish as it’s harder to find. [Laughs] And then performance mode as well. I didn’t realize how much I had changed the delivery of certain songs over the years, which you just kind of naturally do — at least I do, and I think probably most singers do. You change your phrasing around, you change your note choice here and there, and you augment the melody over time because typically when you write a song, you spend about a month total between writing and recording and you’re done with it. For me, I don’t typically look back too much I’m just going off memory every time I perform a song, so it just naturally starts changing and evolving. Like “Silent Lucidity”, for example, I changed the phrasing on that all around live. Listening back to the original, I had to put both tracks up and work at creating the same phrasing I did for the record. Over years of performing a song live, you just do different things to it — you know, add notes here, subtract notes there. It’s an interesting evolution that I had never really been cognizant of it before we did that record, and we had to go back and listen to the original tracks again.

Read the entire interview at Syracuse Music Examiner.



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Swedish thrashers DARKANE has joined forces with Helsingborgs Brewery to create Darkale. The band says: “You guessed it, we’re talking beer. Ale to be specific. This delightful ale will unfortunately only be available in Sweden.”

This fall, Helsingborgs Brewery will step over to the dark side to give you a delicious hybrid of thrash metal and Skåne ölkunnande. The result is a tough and complex ale, equally inspired by fair means commodities of ferocious double pedals and heavy riffs. Meet Darkale, a proud partnership with Helsingborg, Sweden-based band DARKANE. You get a dark and tasty brew with unexpected nuances and many levels.

Helsingborgs Brewery describes Darkale as a “dark mahogany red-brown ale with a light foam. The taste is a bit malty with some burnt notes and caramel fudge. Easy hopped with fruity and some ortiga tones. Easy to drink for its variety and is perfect for your favorite metal music and some snacks. ”

Says DARKANE: “We are extremely proud of this collaboration.

“We started actually recording our latest album, ‘The Sinister Supremacy’, which came out last summer, with a beer tasting at Helsingborgs Brewery and already there were sown enough seeds of this amazing collaboration. We hope all the avid beer drinking headbangers around the country will like this ale as much as we do.”

Darkale will be on sale at Systembolaget in the Helsingborg vicinity and in the rest of the Sweden through Systembolaget‘s ordering catalog from the middle of October and for a limited period.


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We've had some interesting supergroups this year like Palms and Scar the Martyr, but Teenage Time Killer is an entirely new breed… mainly because there are guest appearances from a slew of legendary musicians and only two core members. All I'm saying is that picture of Randall Blythe with Corrosion of Conformity comes into play …

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The official lyric video for the song “The Best Is Yet To Come” from former THE GATHERING singer Anneke Van Giersbergen can be seen below. The track comes off her new solo album, “Drive”, which will be released on September 23 in Europe and on October 15 in North America via InsideOut Music.

Anneke had this to say about the album: “In a time when entire albums are being created by transferring files online, I really wanted to do things the old-fashioned way and record an album together with a group of musicians in a studio.

“The album is infused with enthusiasm and freshness. I’m really happy with it.”

Anneke Van Giersbergen will take part in the first annual Progressive Nation At Sea, which is due to take place between February 18 and February 22, 2014. The cruise also includes frequent collaborator Devin Townsend, as well as TRANSATLANTIC, SPOCK’S BEARD, KING’S X and many more,

Anneke had this to say about joining the InsideOut roster, where she joins Devin Townsend: “I look forward to a long and prosperous collaboration with InsideOut Music. We share a genuine passion for music and it’s great to become labelmates with my friend Devin Townsend and many more talented musicians. I am incredibly happy with my new album and I am stoked it will be available all over the world!”

“Drive” track listing:

01. We Live On
02. Treat Me Like A Lady
03. She
04. Drive
05. My Mother Said
06. Forgive Me
07. You Will Never Change
08. Mental Jungle
09. Shooting For The Stars
10. The Best Is Yet To Come

Anneke played two exclusive U.S. shows in Chicago at the end of March. Also appearing on the bill both nights were Anneke‘s “dear friends” NOVEMBERS DOOM.

Anneke van Giersbergen announced her departure from THE GATHERING in 2007. She has since released four albums on her own and with her AGUA DE ANNIQUE solo project: “Air” (2007), “Pure Air” (2009), “In Your Room” (2009) and “Everything Is Changing” (2012).

“Everything Is Changing” was released on January 20, 2012 via PIAS Holland. The CD was recorded at Ultrasound Studios in Braga, Portugal with producer Daniel Cardoso.


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Theft threat led to collaboration.

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Tarja and Sharon: New BBFs

Symphonic metal fans around the world are set to lose their shit as it’s been revealed that the new Within Temptation single will feature none other than former Nightwish singer, Tarja Turunen!

Paradise (What About Us?) will land later this month and will be the first new Within Temptation track to be released from their upcoming, as-yet-untitled new album, due out early next year.

“When we had written the first version of Paradise and listened back to the demo we’d recorded and the epic power of the song, we thought of Tarja instantly,” says WT’s Sharon Den Adel. “How well this track would fit her classical voice and how extra special it would be if we sang it together. The more we thought about this wild idea, the more excited we got about it!

“Of course I didn’t know what to expect from Tarja, as we’d never actually met in person ’till June this year. Our first encounter was via a Skype call we’d set-up to discuss the collaboration and we immediately clicked, not only creatively but personally. After we’d spoken, it felt completely natural that we would do this together!”

Within Temptation: Back in the studio, soon back on the road

“It was very nice to finally meet Sharon and the Within Temptation guys,” adds Tarja. “I truly appreciate the invitation and the opportunity to work with them on their song ‘Paradise’. So wonderful that they thought of me! I hope our fans will like this ‘girl power’ duet!”

Within Temptation will return to the UK in early 2014 for a string of dates that includes a stop at Wembley Arena! You can catch Sharon and the boys at the following venues:

FRIDAY            24                    O2 ACADEMY BIRMINGHAM
SATURDAY     25                    WEMBLEY ARENA
MONDAY         27                    O2 APOLLO MANCHESTER
TUESDAY        28                    O2 ACADEMY GLASGOW
WEDNESDAY  29                   O2 ACADEMY NEWCASTLE

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This seems to be the year of the all-star groups; some better than others, but definitely a lot this year.  Today, we have a new collaboration to bring to you, from the mind of The Faceless guitarist Wes Hauch… What you're seeing these is The Faceless guitarist Wes Hauch and Pyrithion and ex-Allegaeon guitarist Ryan Gilsan …

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This seems to be the year of the all-star groups; some better than others, but definitely a lot this year.  Today, we have a new collaboration to bring to you, from the mind of The Faceless guitarist Wes Hauch… What you're seeing these is The Faceless guitarist Wes Hauch and Pyrithion and ex-Allegaeon guitarist Ryan Gilsan …

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Behemoth Bike, a custom motorcycle created by Polish company Game Over Cycles (GOC) won 2 awards at the European Bike Week (EBW), one of the biggest motorcycle rallies in the world held annually in Austria. In a Custom Bike Show contest organized at EBW 2013 by Harley-Davidson brand, the diabolical machine from Poland took second place in the “Radical” category and won the prestigious audience award — “People’s Choice Award”.

Behemoth Bike is custom motorcycle inspired by and created in collaboration with by the global Polish icon of metal music BEHEMOTH and particularly the band’s leader, Adam “Nergal” Darski.

European Bike Week is one the biggest motorcycle rallies in the world (110,000 participants in 2012).

Game Over Cycles is a Polish custom bikes manufacturer, which started its activity in 2012.

At last year’s edition of the European Bike Week, Game Over Cycles‘ chopper was also awarded with “People’s Choice Award”.

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Southern German gothic metallers CREMATORY have inked a deal with Steamhammer/SPV. The band’s new album, “Antiserum”, will be released on February 25, 2014 (one day earlier internationally).

“We’re really looking forward to our collaboration with Steamhammer/SPV, a globally renowned label and expert partner in what we’re planning for the future,” says CREMATORY drummer Markus Jüllich.

“Our fans can look forward to ‘Antiserum’, on which we have gone one step further than we did on our comeback album, ‘Revolution’, in terms of our electronic influences. In collaboration with Elmar Schmidt of Hamburg EBM act CENTHRON, we have come up with a haunting mix of metal riffs and EBM keyboards. That’s why I’d refer to ‘Antiserum’‘s musical direction as ‘EBM metal.'”

The first single from “Antiserum”, a song called “Shadowmaker”, will be released on November 22. Jüllich says: “Even before the whole record was finalized, we knew that ‘Shadowmaker’ had absolute hit potential. You’d be hard put to announce our new album better than with this song.”

On the day of the single launch, a special box set featuring CREMATORY‘s first ten studio albums in a cardboard sleeve will be made available. It is described in a press release as “an absolute must-have for all fans and collectors.”

Says Steamhammer A&R manager Olly Hahn: “I am delighted that CREMATORY have opted for SPV. They’re one of the leading bands in the gothic metal genre, and their latest album, ‘Antiserum’, impresses with its homogeneity and hit potential!”

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