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Tim Lambesis in court this week

As I Lay Dying frontman will officially stand trial under charges of trying to solicit the murder of his wife after a new Supreme Court Ruling, it was revealed today.

At the conclusion of Lambesis’s latest hearing in San Diego’ Superior Court Judge Robert Kearney ruled that there was enough evidence to see the singer stand trial, with prosecutors alleging that Lambesis had given an undercover agent $1,000 in cash along with her wife’s address, security codes and photographs.

The frontman will be arraigned on the charges on October 22, with a trial due to be set after.

Watch a video of Lambesis on trial here

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Portugal’s Thee Orakle has issued the following announcement about deciding to call it a day: “We want to inform our friends, fans, and followers that the band Thee Orakle officially came to an end. “The decision happened this week, but it was only the conclusion of an ending that had already been planned in last September. For so long on a standby mode, there were many different feelings from artistic incompatibilities and even personals between its members, negativity involved or even bad luck and obstacles that seemed to follow any of our steps.

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SYSTEM OF A DOWN drummer John Dolmayan announced at the conclusion of the band’s concert last night (Monday, July 29) at the Hollywood Bowl in Los Angeles, California that the group’s next appearance at the venue will be to promote a new studio CD.

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Norwegian act Arvas recently signed with Aeternus Tenebrarum Music Foundation for the release of the “Into The Realm Of The Occult” album later this year. Now the band has also checked in with the following announcement about parting ways with drummer Fordervelse: “Fordervelse is no longer a part of the band… Now, I guess one wonders why I came to this conclusion, to ‘fire’ a long time friend and partner

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STONE SOUR has released a lyric video for “The Uncanny Valley”, a track from the band’s latest album, “House of Gold & Bones Part 2”, the second installment and conclusion to the group’s “House of Gold & Bones” two-part concept album.

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Will Randy go to jail?

Randy Blythe’s manslaughter trial is due to come to a conclusion today, with a verdict expected to be delivered by the end of the day.

Randy posted the following statement via his Instagram earlier:

“It’s a beautiful morning in Prague, & time for me to go to what is (hopefully) my final day in court here- supposedly judgement will be passed today & I will move on with my life in one direction or the other. Which direction that is, I do not know. I could walk free, or conversely go to prison for up to ten years. Such is my life right now, & I must stay in this moment until its resolution. Whatever happens to me, do not feel sorry for me, for I am at peace & refuse to feel sorry for myself. Life happens. Deal with it.

“Some people cannot understand why I have returned, saying I should not come back here. KNOW THIS, & mark my words well- it would be absolutely intolerable for me to hide from this situation. I am an innocent man, but a family suffers the loss of a son, a fan of my band. That is what this whole thing is truly about, not prison, not money, not politics, not ME- it is about a young man who lost his life at just 19 years of age. He will never come back, & it breaks my heart. I would not be able to sleep at night knowing that I did not behave honorably & try to give his family some answers. That would be disgraceful, and I do not wish to dishonor myself or my family by acting in such a cowardly manner. I was raised to face my problems head on. For me, this is BEING A MAN. I categorically refuse to live in a constant state of guilt & fear. I would rather die.

“My morality & convictions are not dependent upon unforeseeable circumstance, nor malleable when difficulty arises. So I walk this morning to court with my head held high, no matter what others opinions of me may be. I have to face myself in the mirror, & tomorrow morning, where ever I may wake up, I will be able to do that without regret. This is THE ONLY path to true freedom for me- peace within myself. This is the manner in which I choose to try my best to live my life, & I hope you all do the same- do your best to do what is right, no matter how difficult it may be. I promise you, this will bring you peace. I thank you all for your support, I wish you all a good day, & to quote one of my favorite movies: STRENGTH AND HONOR.”

The singer stands accused of causing the death of a Czech fan, Daniel Nosek, who is believed to have died after sustaining injuries at a Lamb Of God concert in 2010. According to Blabbermouth, witnesses have provided testimonies that describe Randy’s conduct at the gig in question as “extremely aggressive,” with witness Jan Jebavý adding that Daniel “climbed onto the stage, turned to the audience and was thrown into the crowd. Blythe pushed him from behind with both hands, I’m one hundred percent sure.”

Another witness added that Randy asked the crowd if Daniel was okay and when told that he was, continued the concert.

Meanwhile, WTVR reported that Randy gave a statement at the start of the trial back in February in front of three presiding judges that claimed he “never saw Daniel and never came in contact with him”, also stating that “The death of a fan is heartbreaking. I’m not a man who runs from his problems, but I do not wish to be punished and suffer the consequences of an act I did not commit.”

Lamb Of God drummer Chris Adler and the band’s manager, Larry Mazer, both provided testimonies on behalf of Randy, describing him as calm and well-read and suggesting that his “aggressive” stage persona was merely a part of the show.

Lamb Of God are currently scheduled to headline Bloodstock in August. We’ll have Randy’s verdict right here on Metal Hammer as soon as it comes in.

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Metalship websize conducted an interview with Finnish melodic death metallers OMNIUM GATHERUM last month in Tokyo at the conclusion of the band’s 11-date Japanese tour.

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Finnish melodic black metal act Gloria Morti is streaming track “Sleep, Kill, Regress, Follow” from the band’s fourth LP “Lateral Constraint.” The album was issued in Europe through Cyclone Empire in November, but will see a North American release of February 5, 2013 through Metal Blade Records. Gloria Morti features Before the Dawn guitarist Juho Räihä.

The track listing for “Lateral Constraint” is as follows:

1. Lex Parsimoniae
2. The First Act
3. Our God Is War
4. Aesthetics of Self-Hyperbole
5. Sleep, Kill, Regress, Follow
6. HalluciNations
7. Slaves
8. Non-Believer
9. The Divine Is a Fraud
10. Conclusion

Check out “Sleep, Kill, Regress, Follow” here:

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Extreme metal act Against the Plagues, which features former members of Vader, Malevolent Creation, and Behemoth, has checked in with the following announcement about releasing a new EP:

“After much thought, we have decided that this EP will be released independently and available directly to you, the fans and supporters. We came to the conclusion (because many of you are widely spread-out around the world) that we wanted to give everyone the opportunity to get this material at a fair price without having to make a special order or go through any other difficulties. Therefore, we are proud to announce that our EP, ‘The Quaternion,’ will be available exclusively online on December 21st, 2012. We will also have download cards available as well.

“Physical copies (CDs) will be available to everyone in limited-edition special edition packaging in early 2013. Here is the other good news. We also decided to put “The Quaternion” out into the open and is now available for free streaming at this location.

“We are very excited to finally get this album out to you! This is the follow-up that our fans have asked for since ‘Decoding the Mainframe’ was released in 2010. We are confident that this new material will not let you down. Keep in mind that every person that purchases this EP supports us directly! We wanted to thank everyone for their patience and support. Till next time, stay true to yourselves!”

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Anathema has issued the following announcement about recruiting Daniel Cardoso as a permanent member:

“Anathema is delighted and proud to announce that Daniel Cardoso is joining the band on a full time permanent basis as a key element of our musical team.

“Anyone who has seen us live this last year will have seen Daniel behind the keyboard rack with us. Some of you will know his production skills with our friend Anneke van Giersbergen, Head control System and many other works. Others of you may know him as one of the most bad ass drummers working in Europe today.

“Our man Cardoso is such a complete musician who adds so much to our line up that the thought of working closer with him has been growing on my mind for some time. I simply love the way he plays and we share a common sensibility and understanding of the music and how it should sound. So I came to the conclusion that the strongest incarnation of Anathema, in the studio as well as on the road, is with Daniel in the line up, full time.

“I now feel that alongside the brilliant and rarely gifted songwriter John Douglas, who remains integral to what we do, with this addition we can now accomplish anything musically that we might imagine. Everywhere I look in the band I see great talent.

“It’s important for the fans to know and understand that that the long standing Anathema songwriting team of Daniel Cavanagh, John Douglas and Vincent Cavanagh stays intact and remains strongly bonded and unchanged.

“Our philosophy is – if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. This songwriting team is important to our continued growth.

“What Daniel Cardoso will bring is another string to our bow, a different musical talent and an opportunity for the band to push the music to its limit and accomplish anything musically that it wants to achieve.

“So that’s it folks, Anathema now has TWO drummers! One of them is a uniquely gifted musician who created awesome Anathema classics such as ‘Storm before the calm’, ‘A fine day to exit’ and ‘Universal’, – and the other is a bad ass incredible player for any songs that might require that different style that he can bring.

“Synth and keyboard duties in the live arena will still be largely handled by Daniel Cardoso with additional synth work from Vincent and Daniel Cavanagh and John Douglas – the musical roles changing according to the needs of the song. We look forward to continued growth and musical exploration together. The band would like to thank Andy Leff for encouraging the belief that the musicians must serve the music, and for his clarity in helping us to realise this musical ambition.”

The move is welcomed by John Douglas, who said: “Daniel is one of the lads and we already have a great working relationship. I think he can add to our music even further and I welcome it. It’s a bit like a football team and he’s a very good addition to the squad.”

Daniel Cardoso adds: “I remember being a teenager and being very disappointed to know that the drummer of one of my favorite bands left the band and didn’t play on one of their albums. That band was Anathema and the album was Alternative 4. I was delighted when he rejoined and helped write the classic album ‘Judgement’. So it’s pretty exciting for me to get to this point where I’m bandmates with the great JD but at the same time I’m able to drop some tough beats here and there, when the music asks for it. Because that’s why we’re here.. for the music. And we do have a kickass team.”

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