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U.K.’s Metal Hammer magazine recently asked guitarist/vocalist Matt Heafy of Florida metallers TRIVIUM to give us his thoughts on the state of metal in 2013. As ever, his answer was an interesting one. Check out the clip below.

“The state of metal in 2013… It’s in a great place and it’s also in a bad place,” Heafy began. “I think the fact that there is so much… I guess to each his own, and I always talk about being acceptant of all styles of life and all genres of music — I mean, you can learn something from everything — there is a lot of manufactured nonsense out there.

“For me, when I think of hardcore and I think of metal and I think of bands that I love from those genres… I don’t know. In my head, I know what they should sound like. And I can see what these bands are all copycatting off each other’s copycatting and not quite making anything original and not making anything of their own; they just keep copying a form of a copy.

“I know I’ve been looking for that young, new metal band. Where are the kids that are picking up a guitar, saying, ‘Hey, I wanna be like IRON MAIDEN,’ ‘Hey, I wanna be like METALLICA.’ Instead it’s bands that are putting weird dance music in with heavy music. Which is fine — I guess they’re doing something that kids love — but for me, as a metal fan, I’m missing out on where are the young kids picking up a guitar and starting metal bands. I guess there are a few last hopes out there — there are some really incredible bands that are doing some really incredible things. The fact that METALLICA and IRON MAIDEN are bigger than ever is a really, really great thing.

“We, as fans of metal, need to not just look at it as a thing to get turned on to casually — it’s a lifestyle; it’s far beyond just something that we casually listen to.

“I think that metal fans and metal bands need to support each other and band together and help bring each other further and bring each other upwards versus trying to drag each other down. I’m not saying that’s a common feature and that’s what’s happening now, but I definitely don’t see enough of a brotherhood, of people helping each other — bands helping each other go up, fans supporting all bands because they’re in the genre they love. I think we need more of that. And we need more kids to start playing metal again.”

TRIVIUM‘s new album, “Vengeance Falls”, will be released on October 15 via Roadrunner Records. Produced by David Draiman (DISTURBED, DEVICE), the follow-up to 2011’s “In Waves” is available for pre-order at The first single, “Strife”, is available as an instant download with all pre-orders.

TRIVIUM‘s “Strife” video can be seen below. The clip was filmed in July at Studio One in Orlando and was directed by Ramon Boutviseth, who has previously worked with NONPOINT, DARKEST HOUR, INCUBUS and ALL THAT REMAINS, among others. Check out photos from the video shoot at this location.


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AvD (far left) with The Defiled

Anyone who’s ever seen The Prodigy knows that dance music can actually be pretty fucking A) heavy and B) awesome when done right, and given that we’d heard The Defiled‘s keyboard-tickler The AvD likes a bit of the synthy stuff himself, we thought we’d get him to recommend us some bangin’ choons. Or something.

Here’s his recommendations:


“This guy basically invented so many genres. He was an innovator, and one of these people that is just a bit crazy – some of the sounds he has come up with have blown my mind. He did all this without [modern] gear – we have computers these days, which makes things much easier. Also, metal is basically produced the way that dance music is these days!”

Recommended Track: Window Licker


“It’s a drum ‘n’ bass outfit, and they’ve kinda invented their own scene now – techno drum ‘n’ bass! A lot of people have started copying them, but they’re so brutal when it comes to d’n’b. You can always count on them to never ‘cheese it up’. They turned themselves into their own genre, and they’re insane. It’s just disgusting dance music with no melody, which I love!”

Recommended Track: Viva City – Have You Ever Felt So Messed Up (Technical Itch Remix)


“It’s actually the former keyboardist from Nine Inch Nails, Alessandro Cortini. He’s basically written an album called Red, which I can’t stop listening to from beginning to end. What kind of music is it? I’d say it’s simple pop songs, but produced very weirdly, with analogue synths and 808s and drum machines. It’s very original and simple.”

Recommended Track: Enough


“Electronic producers are just flawless – I always look to them as a benchmark. Noisia are just drum ‘n’ bass DJs, but their tracks could be on a movie soundtrack. The techniques they use are just mind-blowing – if you’re into production, give them a listen.”

Recommended Track: Crush Him


“They’ve got all these labels and have been doing it since the 90s, and they haven’t changed one bit. When I was younger and used to take a lot of acid, I used to go to their raves, and it’s really dark. It’s the closest to metal that you can get with techno – never any melodies, disgusting samples and excessive use of 808.”

Recommended Track: One Night In Hackney

New Defiled album Daggers lands on August 5 via Nuclear Blast.

Daggers Tracklisting

1. Sleeper (4:00)
2. Unspoken (4:05)
3. Saints And Sinners (3:49)
4. As I Drown (4:41)
5. Porcelain (3:23)
6. New Approach (3:09)
7. Fragments Of Hope (4:30)
8. The Infected (4:01)
9. The Morning After (4:14)
10. Five Minutes (4:38)
11. No Place Like Home (4:13)
12.I Destroy What Destroy Me (4:15)*
13.Self Under Siege (3:25)*
* = bonus track

Pre-order Daggers

You can see The Defiled lads tear it up alongside Motionless In White and Glamour of The Kill on the following dates this Autumn:

12 Sept // Dublin Academy 1
13 Sept // Belfast Mandela Hall
14 Sept // Glasgow Garage
15 Sept // Newcastle O2 Academy 2
16 Sept // Manchester Academy
18 Sept // Leeds Cockpit
19 Sept // Nottingham Rescue Rooms
20 Sept // Birmingham O2 Academy 2
21 Sept // London The Forum
22 Sept // Bristol The Fleece
23 Sept // Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms

Buy tickets:

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Russian beer-folk metal act Troll Bends Fir released a new video at the stroke of midnight to celebrate the start of the new year. Check out the band’s “Ass Shaking Dance” video in the player below, or you can also watch the previously posted “Ave Celia!” clip over at this location.

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Birds have an ‘intense dislike’ of dance music, rather bobbing their heads to UB40 and Joan Baez.

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According to News Shopper, legendary LED ZEPPELIN bassist John Paul Jones, who is also a member of THEM CROOKED VULTURES, will receive an honorary fellowship from Deptford’s (a district of South London, Engand) Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance.

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Noel Gallagher has posted a video online in which he rubbishes modern dance music by claiming that “any f–ker” can make it.

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Noel Gallagher has posted a video online in which he rubbishes modern dance music by claiming that “any f–ker” can make it.

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The U2 frontman blames the reaction to their attempts at dance music on the audience, while their bassist Adam Clayton says they’re just getting it wrong in the studio.

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Paris, France hard punk act Street Poison has posted its new music video online.

The rest is here:
Street Poison Uploads "Rat Dance" Music Video

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KT Tunstall turned her hand to making a dance music influenced album after having a crisis of confidence in Greenland.

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