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Australia’s Alkira has checked in with the following update about recording new material:

“The skeleton has now been formed. Drums recorded and sounding heavier than the guilt of spilling your friends beer all over their 3/4 army camouflage shorts/ pants. Huge thank you to Andy Kite for recording and editing the drums and letting us read his dirty mags.

“Thanks to Harrison and Liam for their gear and Harrison’s god like tuning ears. Also props goes to Ryan for drumming in the 60 degree weather just gone and letting us drink the sweat from his body to keep us hydrated.”

The band also recently posted the following 2012 year-end update:

“Wow, so another year has gone by and Greg still wears boots. 2012 has flown by so quickly but it’s been an absolute fucking rip snorter of a year. We’ve played a lot of gigs this year but we’ll highlight the awesomeness we experienced:

1. Launched our debut EP in March. Got drunk. Sean took his socks off.

2. Played a gig to no one at Enigma with King Parrot and Frankenbok in early June and partied on stage.

3. The following weekend we did a mini tour of Melbourne in June. Ripped Melbourne a new anus, got completely fuck eyed and got a free porno and VHS player from Azza Bok.

4. In September we were privileged in opening for the almighty Fear Factory. We still can’t believe we got to meet those motherfuckers and we still can’t believe we got a beer rider! The rider lasted about 4 minutes.

5. 2 weeks later we were opening for US thrash giants Warbringer….by this stage we thought we were dreaming.

6. And of course our last gig of 2012 was a Dimebag tribute show in Mannum. Was a perfect way to end a perfect year.

“Now we start recording our 2nd EP in the next few days so shit’s gonna hit the fan once again!! Brace yourself coz this EP is gonna be the most badass, evil sounding thing we’ve ever worked on! Cheers to all the people, bands and beers who have made 2012 a blurry but fucking awesome one! See you all in 2013.”

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Greek heavy/progressive metal band NEED has made its “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott (PANTERA, DAMAGEPLAN) tribute song “Nickles n’ Dimes” available for free download on the group’s MySpace page.

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dimebag_90Florida metallers Nonpoint have recorded a bonus track for Metal Hammer’s Dimebag Tribute Album, free with the next issue out 16 December. (more…)

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Long Island-based hardcore/metal band THIS IS HELL has recorded a cover version of an as-yet-undisclosed PANTERA song for the forthcoming “Dimebag” Darrell Abbott (PANTERA, DAMAGEPLAN) tribute album.

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Zakk Wylde is recording a version of PANTERA’s “Suicide Note Pt.

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Zakk Wylde is contributing a version of PANTERA’s “Suicide Note Pt.

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