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On March 15, Project Alpha TV conducted an interview with Swedish metallers AVATAR at this year’s Hammerfest, which was held at Hafan y Mor Holiday Park, Caernarfonshire and Merionethshire, Wales. You can now watch the chat below.

AVATAR‘s new album, “Hail The Apocalypse”, will be released on May 16 via Gain Music in Europe and May 13 through eOne in USA. The CD was recorded in Karma Sound Studios, Bang Saray, Thailand, mixed by Jay Ruston (STONE SOUR, ANTHRAX, STEEL PANTHER) and mastered by Paul Logus (VOLBEAT, CLUTCH, KILLSWITCH ENGAGE).

AVATAR is described by many as a perfect mix between RAMMSTEIN, ALICE COOPER and SYSTEM OF A DOWN — something the band has now developed further with the video for “Hail The Apocalypse”.

“Hail The Apocalypse” track listing:

01. Hail The Apocalypse
02. What I Don’t Know
03. Death Of Sound
04. Vultures Fly
05. Bloody Angel
06. Murderer
07. Tsar Bomba
08. Puppet Show
09. Get In Line
10. Something In the Way
11. Tower

Vocalist Johannes Eckerström comments on the “Hail The Apocalypse” video, which can be seen below: “This is our best video to date. I play your friendly neighborhood doomsday prophet. You get to follow me facing the unbelievers and their reactions when chaos ensues. Good times all around and we are using some really amazing special effects to blow up the planet. Oh, and it’s done like a silent movie.”

The visually stimulating “Hail The Apocalypse” album cover has also been reveled. It vividly depicts the band steering their ship through a storm on the open sea with the apocalypse happening all around them. They’re facing it, riding the waves and taking on whatever comes their way. To the band, it symbolizes the time in the darkness that made these songs.

AVATAR gained much attention when it comes to its creativity in videos, which are always produced by the bandmembers themselves.

Since the release of the band’s last CD, “Black Waltz”, AVATAR has had massive success all over the world. The singles “Smells Like A Freakshow” and “Let It Burn” peaked on No. 26 on U.S. commercial rock radio charts, where they also stayed for several weeks well ahead of more established bands in the scene. This was followed by extensive and successful U.S. tours.

The biggest break through came when AVENGED SEVENFOLD personally picked AVATAR as support band on their sold-out arena tour in Europe late 2013. AVATAR got a reception far beyond expected by the crowds, which resulted in bookings on high profiled festivals such as Download festival and Rock On The Range in 2014, among own headline dates of which most are soon sold out.


Johannes Michael Gustaf Eckerström – Vocals
John Alfredsson – Drums
Kungen – Guitar
Tim Öhrstrom – Guitar
Henrik Sandelin – Bass


“Hail The Apocalypse” (song) video:


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Midwestern black/death rock nihilists WOLVHAMMER are currently deep in the process of laying down the tracks that are to become the band’s third LP, due this summer via Profound Lore.

Occupying Hideaway Studio in Minneapolis, Minnesota, WOLVHAMMER is tracking its full-length follow-up to 2011’s “The Obsidian Plains” with Dan Jensen at the soundboard, with eight new tracks penned for the as-yet-untitled CD. Guitarist Jeff Wilson stated about the recording process, “Just waking up on what is day five of recording for LP #3… fortunately for myself, not hung over today. We finished up all of the drums/auxiliary percussion last night, which means we’ll be knocking out guitars and bass for the next three days or so. Wrapping it up on Wednesday and shipping it off to be mastered. This one is definitely going to come out of left field for some of those familiar with our other material. Be forewarned.”

In addition to Wilson, also of ABIGAIL WILLIAMS, CHROME WAVES, DOOMSDAY, ex-NACHTMYSTIUM and more, WOLVHAMMER is comprised of drummer Heath Rave (ex-ACROSS TUNDRAS), bassist Joe Noel (ex-SAMOTHRACE, ex-ALTAR OF PLAGUES) vocalist Adam Clemans (SHAIDAR LOGOTH) and guitarist Brendan Seven. Following several independent releases, their “Black Marketeers Of World War III” debut LP was released by Init Records in 2011, catching the attention of Profound Lore, who brought the band onto the label’s roster for the release of their critically acclaimed follow-up LP, “The Obsidian Plains”, that same year. The band also released a split covers EP with THE ATLAS MOTH in 2013.

Upon its completion, details on the new album’s official summer release date and more will be unveiled in the coming weeks. WOLVHAMMER will, of course, take to the highways in support of the release over the coming months with a U.S. tour already being devised in conjunction with its street date.

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Jump Metal recently conducted an interview with guitarist Michael Gilbert of Arizona metal veterans FLOTSAM AND JETSAM. You can now listen to the chat in the YouTube clip below.

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM will play a special concert at the Keep It True XVII festival, set to take place April 25-26, 2014 at Tauberfrankenhalle in Lauda-Königshofen, Germany. The band’s set will consists of songs only from their first two classics — “Doomsday For The Deceiver” (1986) and “No Place For Disgrace” (1988).

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM‘s lineup for Keep It True XVII will consist of four of five original members — Eric “A.K.” Knutson (vocals), Kelly Smith (drums), Ed Carlson (guitar) and Michael Gilbert (guitar). Playing bass at the show will be Michael Spencer, who replaced Jason Newsted in 1987 and did the first European tours with the band.

FLOTSAM AND JETSAM recently returned to Metal Blade Records to release their new album, “Ugly Noise”.

“Ugly Noise” is FLOTSAM AND JETSAM‘s eleventh full-length album, their first release on Metal Blade since 2001, and the follow-up to their 2010 album “The Cold”. The record also heralds the return of original members Michael Gilbert on guitar and Kelly David Smith, who hadn’t recorded with FLOTSAM AND JETSAM since “High” in 1997.

Funding for the new FLOTSAM AND JETSAM album was aided by the project, which encourages fans to contribute funds to the recording of albums and the artists themselves to donate to charity as a part of their fundraising.

Interview (audio):

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Norwegian black metallers SARKOM have inked a two-album deal with Dark Essence Records. The band’s third full-length CD, titled “Doomsday Elite”, will be released later this year.

“Doomsday Elite” track listing:

01. Doomsday Elite
02. I Utakt Med Gud
03. No Loose Ends
04. Inside a Haunted Chapel
05. Predators in Disguise
06. Solemn Disorder ’til Human Extinction
07. Cosmic Intellect
08. Stigma

Formed in 2003 in Oslo, Norway, by frontman Erik Unsgaard (SO MUCH FOR NOTHING) and then-drummer Eirik Renton (ex-URGEHAL), SARKOM, whose core members comprise Unsgaard on vocals and Sgt. V. (SVARTTJERN) on bass, will shortly present a new live lineup, ready for the release of “Doomsday Elite”, something Unsgaard is feeling very positive about.

“Regarding our collaboration with Dark Essence Records,” the frontman said, “we are very much looking forward to working with everyone at the label. I’ve heard a lot of positive things, and hopefully they are in the right position to take SARKOM one step further on this journey of ours!”

Commenting on the new album and SARKOM‘s place in the black metal scene, Unsgaard went on to say: “It is said that black metal is about individuality and not following trends. I am not saying that SARKOM is a black metal band, but it sure is extreme enough and most likely that is how we will be categorized. Personally, I don’t mind what label people tag us with, but with this album I can say that we have gone beyond the borders of what is accepted within the ‘scene,’ at least the scene as defined by those who see themselves as ‘true.’ According to the trend nowadays, which has absolutely nothing to do with what black metal is actually about, we should probably have played either old school heavy/prog or occult trash/black metal to gain maximum publicity. But fuck that. We do what we want and that’s exactly how it should be. We also have no intention of repeating ourselves and it is my hope, and intention, that SARKOM will keep developing in the future, in one way or the other. I am sure that some SARKOM fans are expecting another ‘Bestial Supremacy’ and they will be surprised by ‘Doomsday Elite’. With four songwriters from different backgrounds this is, and is meant to be, an album without boundaries. Hopefully you will like it, but if not, you can always listen to ‘Skyforger’ or something,”

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Jason (far left) back int’ Metallica days

While we’ve all been busy high-fiving each other and spaffing our thrashy pants over the fact that Jason Newsted is back, the man himself has inevitably spent the last few months fighting off questions mainly directed at his time with Metallica.

One such burning issue has been the missing bass parts that many feel blighted his first album with The Biggest Metal Band In The World – namely 88′s …And Justice For All.

“There are so many years of water under the bridge with that and I can now see it for what it is,” he tells Metal Exiles. “There is no real confusion or mystery to me now that I can look back after time and look on the situation. When I went in to record Justice, I had only recorded one time and that was with Flotsam for Doomsday. I was used to recording with the band, you go in together, do it and you’re done.

jason newsted

Newsted 2013

“With Justice, I went into the studio with an assistant engineer and nobody else, no other band members, just go in, plug in and do your best. I plugged into the same shit I did the Flotsam record, recorded my parts and loaded my gear and went home. There was nobody there to work parts out with or discuss how this or that was going to sound; it was just “record your bass” and that’s that. Being a bass player in Flotsam, I did not know about playing the to the bass part yet, I just knew about playing bass really fast like guitar, basically everybody playing the same thing like a sonic wall. So it ended up with everything being in the same frequency, my bass and James’ [Hetfield] guitar battling for the same frequency.

“If I had known then what I know now, it would have been different, but it became a classic album for what it was; we captured a moment in time and that is all there is about it. I used to be pissed about it back then, but that was a long time ago, but the records I have made since then have had some ugly bass parts all over the place on them!”

Debut Newsted EP Metal is out now, while the man himself will be playing both Download and the Boat Party before our Golden Gods Awards in June! Shit’s gonna get messy.

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Connecticut deathcore act Bonded Through Hate is streaming the new track “Killing is My Name.” The song appears on the forthcoming debut EP “Doomsday: The Rise of Valhalla,” which is due out soon from Ear One Productions. Bonded Through Hate features Ron Kuczuk and Rick Brayall, formerly of Connecticut underground giants Tyrant Trooper.

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The fifth annual “Holy Fucking AntiChristmas” compilation has now been posted online for free streaming and download via Misantrof ANTIRecords right here. Misantrof also comments:

“If you’re reading this, doomsday is cancelled, or who knows? Maybe the armageddon will come later today. So either you want to celebrate the fact you are still alive, or you want to die happily later today, this is the only soundtrack you need.

“Our sole concern is that it seems we’re about to get another money based Christmas. Once again. Christmas has now lost whatever religious significance it had to all but a small handful of people, and it has become a sick orgy of exploitation where everyone is encouraged to spend money to buy stuff they don’t need and probably cannot afford.

“We just want to give everyone something for free, and hopefully at the same time make people sit back and realize that there are ways to have fun that do not require vast sums of money.”

The lineup on the two disc features a variety of punk, rock, and metal acts including:


Aeon Winds
Legion of Crows
Strange Noctumal
Jesus Hitler One Man Gangbang Band
Air Raid Patrol
Paal Potet
The Small Penis Syndromes
A Waste of Talent
Runar Funeralheart


Episode 13
Ion Vader
Mourning Soul
Throne of Malediction
Acherontic Archon

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Toronto’s Mastery has issued the following announcement about releasing a new album later this month:

“The time has come! The official online release date of our new album featuring Billy Milano on vocals, ‘In The Key Of Kill,’ Doomsday December 21st, 2012! The whole album will go online as a FREE DOWNLOAD!”

The track listing for “In The Key Of Kill” is as follows:

01. Ashes of Epiphanies
02. Step Up
03. Ascension
04. Blood and Bones
05. Renumeration
06. This Our Dying Breath
07. Faithful Trust
08. The High and The Mighty
09. We Slaughter The Shepherds
10. The Great Manic Depression
11. Divided Nations
12. In the Key of Kill


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My Dying Bride: Cheer up, goths!


Subterranea sent John Muskett to London to bow down to the Gods of Gloom. All Hail My Dying Bride!

An appropriately cold December evening sees the return to the Vapital of Yorkshire’s finest doom-merchants, My Dying Bride. Following a storming set at last month’s Damnation festival, it’s fair to say that anticipation among the assembled masses is strong and judging simply from the ever-reliable t-shirt barometer, there’s clearly a huge number who are here for their second dose of British darkness in as many months.

Opening the ceremony is London’s own TALANAS [7] with a fairly unique progressive death metal horde that displays a strong combination of proficiency and heart. A relatively long set time means they have more than enough time to demonstrate the full range of their songwriting abilities. There’s a reasonable comparison to be made with the late, great Akercocke and when Jason Mendonca appears on stage for a guest vocal spot, it’s a set highlight that demonstrates a band with the ideas and abilities to go very far indeed.

My Dying Bride [9] have always been an incredibly weighty live experience. By the time they appear onstage to rapturous applause, there is a palpable atmosphere of anticipation and as the opening strains of Kneel Till Doomsday blast out into the room, it’s apparent that the band are more than capable of living up to expectations.

Turning in a set that spans the entire back catalogue, songs like To Remain Tombless and The Dreadful Hours resonate with devastating emotion. While on record, My Dying Bride have always been spectacular, it’s in a live setting that they really come to life, the sheer visceral force of each song being amplified by an order of magnitudes.

The juxtaposition between perfect melancholy and crushing brutality is marked and as the set progresses, it becomes easy to forget the outside world entirely. As the classic, timeless opening riff of The Cry Of Mankind open a triumvirate of closing songs, the emotional impact is complete and as the house lights come up it’s clear to all in attendance that My Dying Bride are one of the most powerful live forces in the entire heavy metal corpus.

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The self-titled debut from Chicago’s Doomsday is available for public consumption now via the band’s newly founded Disorder Recordings. Cvlt Nation is also now hosting a stream of the entire short but pungent anti-human release at this location.

Doomsday recently undertook a week-and-a-half-long live trek through the Midwest and Northeast sectors of the country forecasting the end with malicious riffs alongside Krieg and Wolvhammer. Check out live footage below. The following press release was also issued about the band:

“Chicago-based Doomsday unites guitarist Jeff Wilson (Chrome Waves, Wolvhammer, ex-Nachtmystium), guitarist/vocalist Jon Necromancer (Bones, ex-Usurper, ex-Nachtmystium), drummer Zack Simmons (Goatwhore, ex-Nachtmystium), vocalist Zion Meagher (Anti-Human Thesis, ex-Forest Of Impaled, ex-Nachtmystium) and bassist Bob Fouts (The Gates of Slumber, Chrome Waves, Apostle Of Solitude). A twenty-one minute assault, their self-titled debut was engineered by Sanford Parker (Nachtmystium, Twilight, Circle of Animals) and Carl Byers (Coffinworm), and melds the members’ cruel musical insight resulting in a depressingly grim crust-influenced blackened musical holocaust as invigorating as it is intimidating.”

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