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Washington grindblasters The Drip have delivered another dosage of their rampaging tactics with the release of “Siren.” Check out the track below, courtesy of .

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According to The Pulse Of Radio, BLACK SABBATH guitarist Tony Iommi has posted an update at his official web site in which he recaps the band’s just-finished North American tour, while also revealing that he headed right back into the hospital for more cancer treatments as soon as the trek was completed. Iommi wrote, “Well, we’ve finished the U.S. leg of our world tour. It was a bit longer than I would have liked as I’ve already been in hospital having another infusion. The tour was amazing though, you always hope it’s going to go well but you never know, it’s great to look out and see so many people of all ages.”

SABBATH has been touring in support of “13”, the band’s first album in 35 years to feature Iommi, bassist Geezer Butler and singer Ozzy Osbourne playing together. Iommi wrote, “The new songs have been going down well, we’ve played them enough now so we’re comfortable and that helps the performance.”

Iommi revealed in January of 2012 that he had been diagnosed with lymphoma, which is described by the Mayo Clinic as “a cancer of the lymphatic system, the body’s disease-fighting network.”

He described his “infusion” treatments to the Birmingham Mail earlier this year, explaining, “I have to have an antibody administered by drip every six weeks or so to keep the lymphoma in check. It sort of coats the cancer cells, stops it from going anywhere else. I have to come back home no matter where I might be in the world.”

He added, “The tour dates are arranged so that I can always get back for treatment. It’s the only way I can manage my illness and keep on the road. I’d love to play more shows . . . but my health has to be sorted out first.”

The legendary guitarist said that his treatment is a relatively new process and doctors are not sure what all the side effects might be. He also said that it “takes around 10 days to fully recover from each round of treatment, but if that’s what it takes, I have to accept it.”

BLACK SABBATH will next head to South America, beginning on October 4, to be followed by European and U.K. treks.

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L.A. thrash veterans Anger As Art have now set a release date for their 4th full length album “Hubris, Inc.” via Old School Metal Records. Frontman Steve Gaines comments:

“We seem to be heading into the end of the calendar year once again, once all release details are finally ironed out. Our last 2 albums have been released in the 4th quarter, which is fine. Both have been sold (or downloaded???) honorably. But we head into the end of year shut down, when the entertainment industry is essentially closed. So, instead of hurrying to release before the year cuts off, we have decided to push back the release date until Tuesday, February 5, 2013. This gives us plenty of time to let new music drip out slowly… and get all of our ducks in a row for a solid push next year.”

In addition to a traditional CD and digital release, “Hubris, Inc.” will be released on picture disc vinyl with a cover featuring expanded artwork, liner notes and lyric sheets. Says Gaines: “Old School? Of course. There is such a great feeling holding that big piece of vinyl in your hand, studying the cover… and dropping needle for the first time. It is something we and OSM have wanted to do since… well, the advent of the CD. It is unique, and immediately collectable. I would advise that you pre-order your copy now, because once they are gone, they are gone!

“Also, Public Relations for ‘Hubris, Inc.’ will be handled by CLAWHAMMER PR. Many friends of our have worked with Scott and Ryan over the years. We love the work they do, and specifically their understanding of what we are. We cannot wait to get this campaign started.”

Additionally, Anger As Art will be shooting a promotional video for the song “Time Devours Life” within the next month. Finally, Anger As Art has been invited to headline the Rock Spot Plus End Of Year show on 15/12/2012 in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Gaines comments:

“We have had a strong Puerto Rican fanbase since about 20 years before Anger started. But we have not been able to coordinate a time to appear there. Being asked to do this show is an honor and a great opportunity. It will not suck to be in the Carribean at Christmastime.”

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After drip-feeding track-names to the media for weeks, we finally have the full tracklisting for the historic collaboration between Metallica and Lou Reed.

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For the amount of time I’ve been listening to metal music, I have enjoyed a lot of Heavy Metal bands with both old and new sounds from the industry. Icarus Witch’s Draw Down The Moon definitely has an older style sound to it, but it also has something else with their sound. Boring.

Icarus Witch, hailing from Pittsburgh, PA, has a few albums to show for themselves, like Capture the Magic and Songs for the Lost, so I thought that I would give them a shot. I did some research on them, and found that they had done opening shows for some top bands like Slough-Feg, Kamelot, Edguy, and even Heaven & Hell. Even the bio on their website pumps you up for a big production:

Raw, vintage Marshall guitar tones, tasty heart wrenching leads – growling, counter-melodic, serpentine bass lines – slamming, signature drums – and the most accomplished vocal performance yet by Bizilia making every note, every scream, snarl, and shout simply drip with venom.

Upon listening to Draw Down The Moon, I just had a hard enough time going through the album without wanting to shut it off. All I heard from this album was a poor drum line, a weak guitar backup, and some slow singing on their part. I felt no excitement from their music, nor did I hear most of what they described in their hype lines above. I guess I should have known better that to believe everything I read.


1.   Black Candles
2.   Aquarius Rising
3.   Reap What You Sow
4.   Dying Eyes
5.   Draw Down the Moon
6.   Serpent in the Garden
7.   Funeral Wine
8.   Haunting Visions
9.   The Ripper

Cleopatra Records

Icarus Witch

Review by Tony

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