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Rivers of Nihil has unveiled a second track from upcoming album, “The Conscious Seed of Light.” The brand new song, “Soil & Seed,” is streaming at here . Bassist Adam Biggs elaborates on the track: “Soil & Seed was one of the first songs we wrote for the record and it’s been a staple of our live set ever since. We wrote this one for two reasons; to outline the interconnectedness of the earth and all living creatures, and to get people to headbang and stomp around like fucking maniacs.

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Maryland/DC based doom pioneers Iron Man have debuted a new song from their forthcoming effort, “South of the Earth.” Listen to “The Worst and Longest Day” now via The Obelisk at this location . “South of the Earth” will be released on October 1st via Metal Blade.

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Atlanta progressive metallers MASTODON have issued the following update:

MASTODON has been busy jamming every day writing and arranging the next studio album. We have quite a few songs and ideas that are taking some time to nail down what we think will make it to the next full-length.

“There will be no more touring this year. We will hit the studio in November to hopefully finish by the end of year.”

Asked about the progress of the songwriting sessions for MASTODON‘s follow-up to 2011’s “The Hunter”, guitarist Bill Kelliher told Artisan News: “We haven’t really come to the lyrical concepts yet. That’s usually the last thing that comes. We’re usually focused on the music and getting all the parts and everything sounding ‘balls to the wall,’ you know what I mean?! That’s the most important thing. And then once we’ve got all that settled and recorded, we’re always scrambling for lyrics and ideas and stuff. We’re getting a little bit better at it, and I think Brann‘s [Dailor, drums] got a lot of ideas for vocal melodies and stuff like that. I’ll play the riff and he’ll kind of sing along, and I’m, like, ‘OK, that sounds really proggy, but really awesome.’ I’m really, really excited about it. But as far as what it’s gonna be dealing with, it’s a little too early to tell; it’s pretty fresh stuff right now. I mean, we’ve got some demos, but they’re really, really rough.”

Kelliher also spoke about possible lyrical themes that might be covered on MASTODON‘s next album. He said: “Death always makes for really good story telling. It’s kind of the theme that we have a lot in our music. We’ve had a lot of friends pass away since the last record. I’m not really sure yet. I think we’re kind of focusing more about living on this earth and what would happen if this was your last year to live. I think that’s sort of maybe a little bit of what we might be kind of touching on.”

He added: “Art reflects life — how you’re feeling and your mood. I played a riff for Brann and he was, like, ‘That sounds kind of happy. Are we happy now?’ I don’t know… I am; I’m a pretty happy guy. So that’s kind of how we work; it’s pretty simple. But we’ll have to see. I really like the way ‘The Hunter’ went; that was not a total change in direction, but we just kind of proved to ourselves that we can just write stuff that we think sounds cool, and it doesn’t have to all flow together, it doesn’t have to all sound the same. It can be totally different without a concept. So I think that really opened up my mind at least to, like, ‘What if I write something like this? Is that gonna be cool?’ And we’re all on the same page right now with all the songs — the 30 or so songs we’ve gathered so far. So we’ll just have to see how it goes.”

MASTODON‘s latest album, “The Hunter”, came out in September 2011 through Reprise Records.

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Svart Records has announced November 14th, 2013 as the release date of Tombstoned’s self-titled debut album. The following press release was issued about the band: “Committing their their first undead body to the earth, Tombstoned are veritable funeral directors of doom, kicking up new dirt in the old graveyard with a warm vintage sound that’s as fresh as it is genuine. Dragging along truckloads of smoking riffs and coffins of classic, doom-laden heavy rock ‘n’ roll, these young stalwarts of psych-rock have the real magic of a future classic.

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Maryland rockers CLUTCH have been forced to postpone the September tour dates of the “Earth Rocker” North American Tour.  This is due to a health issue with singer Neil Fallon.  Most of the shows will be rescheduled and dates are listed below.  Support on the rescheduled shows will remain the same and come from The Sword […]

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We're very excited for our upcoming CMJ showcase presented alongside MetalSucks, featuring Fuck The Facts, Fit For An Autopsy, Meek Is Murder, Hivesmasher, and the first live appearance of Mike "Gunface" McKenzie's Stomach Earth. Two nights before our big show, our friends at will be presenting their own showcase featuring another killer lineup which includes Nachtmystium, Byzantine, Black Anvil, Ramming …

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It seems like only yesterday the staff of Metal Injection and MetalSucks celebrated our third annual CMJ Showcase with Pig Destroyer slaying the sold out venue. As autumn grows closer, we're looking forward to bringing you this year's grind fiesta! Headlining our fourth annual event will be Canada's loudest band, Fuck The Facts, tearing you …

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Eat Lead and Die Music has recently released “Earth,” the newest achievement from UK-based super metal entity Monsterworks. The album, which features the band’s blend of modern thrash and progressive metal, has been available via the Monsterworks’ webstore since last month, with digital distribution now offered through the usual digital retailers.

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Italian technical death metallers GORY BLISTER have commenced work on their fifth album for a 2014 release. According to a press release, “the new songs have the classic style GORY BLISTER, but with a darker sound and refined, which pays attention to new arrangements and harmonic solutions. These unpublished directions taken by the band that will lead them to a new chapter of their careers, which will include eight new songs and a couple of live bonuses.”

GORY BLISTER‘s latest album, “Earth-Sick”, was released in April 2012 via Bakerteam Records. The follow-up to 2009’s “Graveyard Of Angels” featured a guest appearance by NILE‘s Karl Sanders on two tracks, including “Soul-Borne Maladies”.

Commented GORY BLISTER guitarist Raff: “Death metal is not about money, nor about fashion; it’s a way of life that requires no compromises. We do this because we believe in it and we want to keep the flame high.”

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At first glance the name Monsterworks seems like it would be the title for Rob Zombie's greatest hits album or something along those lines. Couple that with the album cover that just screams early-90's computer game and you get an album I would normally pass on. I don't remember when or how I wound up hearing this …

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