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Progressive death metal act Barren Earth has checked in with the following recap of the band’s recent tour dates in Finland:

“With Barren Earth’s Finnish Tour almost complete it is now time to reflect upon some of the gigs and the circumstances surrounding them.

“The opening gig of the tour, which was also the album launch gig, took place at one of the more prestigious venues in Finland, namely the Tavastia club. The gig was originally booked to Dom where we’d played a couple of times before. Unfortunately, Dom decided to close shop and all its gigs were transferred to Virgin Oil Co. As it happened, this resulted in several double bookings, including our date. The reggae act The Capital Beat was deemed to have a bigger status than Barren Earth and therefore it was up to us to find a new venue. Luckily, Tavastia neatly happened to have a cancellation for Thursday March 15. We jumped at the possibility to play there and grabbed the date.

“The week prior to the gig was spent rehearsing, either individually or collectively. There was quite a lot of rehearsing to do, since we hadn’t played together in almost 6 months. Additionally, we would be playing a whole bunch of new songs which had never been played live before. There was some speculation on whether we’d even be able to play some of those songs live because of their intricate nature…

“But the gig was a success! Despite being a relatively large venue (for us, anyway) there was a decent and a supportive crowd which seemed to embrace both the old and new songs with gusto. In addition to some BE ‘classics’ the set included 6 songs from the new album: Passing Of The Crimson Shadows, As It Is Written, Vintage Warlords, The Rains Begin, Oriental Pyre and The Dead Exiles, of which the latter three received their live premiere. There were a few rugged edges and mistakes here and there, but all in all it was a very enjoyable gig and a perfect way to inaugurate the new album. It was also a great way to introduce the very fashionable new selection of Barren Earth T-shirts!

“The following day we were off to Tampere. Whilst carrying the gear to the van parked outside Tavastia a woman appeared. She was keen on buying a ticket for Magenta Skycode’s Tavastia gig taking place that night. However, she didn’t want to wait at the long box office queue. So she asked our opinion on whether there would still be tickets left at the door in the evening. We were unable to give any authoritative opinions on the matter, but did manage to make an alternative suggestion. If she had doubts on the gig being sold out, and if she didn’t want to wait in the queue at the box office, wouldn’t it be easiest if she just went inside Tavastia at that very moment? After all, the doors were wide open, and she’d be sure to secure the best seat in the house. She acknowledged the ingenuity of the plan, but eventually voted against it.

“Packing the van outside Tavastia, it soon became obvious that we had underestimated the size of the car. It was simply too small to accommodate all the gear, merchandise boxes, and the band + crew unless we were interested in sitting on each other’s laps – and we weren’t. Luckily, we managed to locate a gas station renting out trailers, and soon we were viewing the trailer selection at a nearby Shell. Standing at the yard of the gas station Mikko said he’d really need to take a leak. I suggested he’d do it behind the trailer we had already chosen and connected to our van. He agreed with the suggestion and proceeded to relieve himself just behind the trailer. Unfortunately, it was precisely at this moment that our chauffeur decided to start driving forward, thus exposing a bewildered and alarmed Mikko still very much in the middle of his business…

“As we had lost quite a bit of time due to the trailer business, it was obvious we’d be arriving late at Tampere. It was therefore agreed to drive with no delays. But as there were a few sixpacks on board, the need to have a break was imminent. It was then agreed to stop at a gas station. But to minimize the loss of time everybody was urged to use the bathroom as quickly as possible so the journey could continue. And soon the journey did continue. But not before cigarettes and coffee…”

Barren Earth has been touring in support of the band’s new album “The Devil’s Resolve” (reviewed here). You can also check out’s recent interview with the band about the album at this location.

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Finland’s progressive death metal act Barren Earth has entered Helsinki’s Sonic Pump Studios to record the follow-up to last year’s debut album, “Curse of the Red River” (reviewed here).

The band has written 12 new songs, and is currently laying them down with engineer/co-producer Jukka Varmo. Dan Swanö (Katatonia/Opeth) will once again be at the mixing helm. A video report from the studio is also available here. Barren Earth has now commented on the new album:

“The tracks mainly continue in the vein of the previous record, having perhaps even more 70’s prog influences, but maintaining the basic heaviness and brutality one has come to associate with Barren Earth. The album is due for release in autumn 2011 on Peaceville Records, and the artwork will be made by Paul Romano (Mastodon, etc.). Studio reports will be updated at Barren Earth’s Facebook page which you can follow here.”

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Scorched Earth has checked in with the following update about the band’s “Cause and Effect” EP:

“A few months have passed since Scorched Earth took it’s first steps in a rehearsal studio in Stockholm, Sweden. Last weekend we all met up to fix some last details for our upcoming EP ‘Cause and Effect.’ The recordings for the EP has been made by Joona Hassinen in Studio Underjord in Stockholm and mixed at Hoborec Studio in Jönköping by Ulf Blomberg.

“This EP will be released on both CD and 7? for our upcoming European tour that hopefully will take us from Stockholm down to Turkey and through the northen parts of Scandinavia before finally heading back home to Stockholm.

“The EP contains three powerful tracks driven with melodies, darkness and filled with historical references of world changing events. Scorched Earth contains members from bands such as Massmord, Future Ruins, Grace will fall, Shades of grey, Glöm dä!, Reign of boms, Damage and Misär.”

You can check out Scorched Earth’s music by heading over to the band’s Bandcamp profile here.

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Finnish progressive death metal act Barren Earth is currently embarked on a U.S. tour. The band has now checked in with the following new road report: “The support bands on this tour don?t have their own mixer guy/girl.

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Barren Earth Issues New U.S. Road Report

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Finnish progressive death metal act Barren Earth is currently embarked on a North American tour, and you can check out the band's first tour diary here. The group has now checked in with the following new road report: “The other day back in Louisville, Kentucky, the culinaristic choice of the day was a Chinese restaurant. We were served by a fri..

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Barren Earth Issues New North American Road Report

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