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British death metal favourites Cancer has announced that they will be reforming their original lineup to perform at a number of festivals, where they will play material from their first three albums, which are all being re-released later this year through Cyclone Empire.

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“Blood In The Water” and “Ordinary”, two more new songs from vocalist/guitarist Kenn Nardi of reunited St. Louis, Missouri-based progressive/melodic thrash metallers ANACRUSIS, can be streamed below.

Nardi revealed in an online post this past April that he is “planning to finish the new music and release it in some form, but I’m not sure of the details just yet. This will not be an acoustic project like CRUEL APRIL. It will be exactly the same album that I had intended to record with [fellow ANACRUSIS original members] John [Emery, bass] and Mike [Owen, drums].

“Basically. I have been recording new songs myself over the last couple of years (during the reunion rehearsals/shows/festivals) with the intention of going back and replacing the programmed drums and the bass parts that I recorded using the other guys. Unfortunately, this was going nowhere and we could just never find the time to get things moving. So I have left John‘s bass on a few songs that he had completed and have played everything else myself. There were rough drum tracks which Mike played and had planned to go back and re-do which I have just replaced like the rest of the demos (If you’ve heard the version of ‘Made’ I posted, you’ll have an idea as I was the only one on that recording).

“I have more than 20 songs completed and will be working on recording the last batch over the next few weeks. In the end, there will be maybe 30 songs making up two complete CDs packed full of new material. Most will be very much in the style of ANACRUSIS (or at least where we would be 20 years after ‘Screams And Whispers’) and some a bit more experimental and/or melodic. There will be thrash stuff, proggish stuff, melodic stuff and some things like you’ve never heard. I have even recorded a heavier version of ‘A Little Light’ from the CRUEL APRIL project. With 2 1/2 hours worth of songs, there should something for any fan of ANACRUSIS and more.

“I still plan to call it ‘Parallax Error’, though I am debating whether to put the name ANACRUSIS on it or not. Regardless, by any name, the album would be the same. I plan on posting a medley of samples soon to give everyone an idea what to expect.

“I personally have so much time and creative effort invested in these songs that I did not want to abandon the entire project just because we cannot find the time to be a band right now. Hopefully some of you will enjoy what I have created this time and the new recordings will be something fresh for those of you who’ve waited for new ANACRUSIS music.”

ANACRUSIS in 2010 spent time in the studio recording a “new” album entitled “Hindsight: Suffering Hour & Reason Revisited”. The two-CD set featured both ANACRUSIS‘ debut album, “Suffering Hour”, and its second release, “Reason”, along with the classic ANACRUSIS demo track “Apocalypse”, all fully re-recorded by the original lineup of Nardi, Kevin Heidbreder, John Emery and Mike Owen. The package also featured a 24-page, full-color booklet with lyrics and lots of photos both old and new. The cover art was created by Eliran Kantor (TESTAMENT, SIGH, MEKONG DELTA, GWAR).

In 2009, Stormspell Records released the CD/DVD compilation, “Annihilation Complete: The Early Years Anthology”, which featured ANACRUSIS‘ demo and video footage of Nardi‘s pre-ANACRUSIS band, HEAVEN’S FLAME.

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Frontman says he can’t “be naughty” if she is on site.

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Asking Alexandria: The UK’s bright young hopes?

Asking Alexandria wax lyrical on their not-so-humble ambitions in our current issue, out right now!

“I’ll say it right now: we want to be the biggest band in the world,” says frontman Danny Worsnop when asked about the band’s plans. “I want us to one day be big enough to headline festivals. I can’t understand why any band wouldn’t want that.”

“I don’t think it’s big-headed to say we’re ready to take the next step,” adds guitarist Ben Bruce.”From Death To Destiny is the best album we’ve done and we’ve achieved all that we have on albums I’m proud of, but we always knew we were capable of more. This time it feels like we can aim for higher things. I love this album, all of it, but I still think we’ve got better things in front of us.”

From Death To Destiny is out now via Sumerian. Check out our current issue here.

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Photo by Rob Sheridan

Biffy Clyro have posted a response to Nine Inch Nails mainman Trent Reznor’s recent mini-rant aimed at both Biffy and Reading Festival‘s organisers for the way NIN’s mainstage slot was set up.

Trent had previously vented his frustrations at Nine Inch Nails being forced to perform a relatively stripped-down set, tweeting before the band’s Reading set: ”Should be an unusual show tonight at Reading…the lying promoter and the band following us (whoever the fuck they are) fucked us on our production.”

Biffy have now reacted to Trent’s somewhat unseemly comments, with frontman Simon Neil responding, ”He basically spat his dummy out. Nine Inch Nails are a huge band and they’ve been headlining loads of festivals everywhere and I think their manager or someone told him they weren’t headlining Reading and Leeds, God forbid, and he decided to take it out on us.”

“He played with us on the Friday night and there was no problem,” he adds, speaking to Faster Louder. “He didn’t care about the Leeds bands obviously and he knew damn fine who we were, so I think he was just being obnoxious.”

Biffy vs Nine Inch Nails, eh? There’s only one way to settle this one….


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Jay Nanda of the San Antonio Metal Music Examiner recently conducted an interview with FOZZY singer and WWE wrestling superstar Chris Jericho. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

San Antonio Metal Music Examiner: You don’t hear of many tour pairings having a classic/current feel like this one does. What are you looking forward to the most about touring with SAXON?

Chris: I think that’s one of the reasons why we like it. It’s one of the reasons why SAXON liked it. It isn’t just your typical, “OK, it’s SAXON, let’s stick ’em with ANVIL or something like that.” I think one of the reasons why you do a big tour like this is to gain new fans. We toured last summer with SHINEDOWN and GODSMACK throughout the States. And now this summer we’re doing it with SAXON. So I think one of the most important things for our band that’s been able to see us grow so much over the last few years is the diversity of what we do and the diversity of who we play with. We always knew we could play with anybody from SHINEDOWN to SLAYER, and we believe that because our music appeals to a lot of different people. So getting back to what you’re saying and how the idea for SAXON came up, obviously we’re huge SAXON fans. Very legendary band, very influential. But the thing that really appealed to me is the fact their last couple of records, more specifically their last record, “Sacrifice”, is one of the best records they’ve ever done. They’re still putting out great material even at this stage of the game. And they’re really a breathing, vibrant rock ‘n’ roll band, which I thought was really, really important. They’re not just phoning it in. They’re still out there to kick ass. And also too, they’ve got something good in the States. They’re still headlining major festivals in Europe and in the U.K., but they haven’t toured the States for awhile. And this is kind of a big return. There’s going to be a lot of SAXON fans that don’t know FOZZY or FOZZY fans that don’t know SAXON. But at the end of the night, those people are going to leave being fans of both bands, and that’s why you do something like this.

San Antonio Metal Music Examiner: “Chasing The Grail” is a great, heavy record virtually throughout the whole album. “Sin And Bones” obviously has its heavy moments as well, but it’s also a more diverse record. Would you agree with that?

Chris: Yeah, we got a lot of momentum from “Chasing The Grail”. A lot of new ears were listening, a lot of new eyes were upon us. And we knew we had the chance to go to the next level with “Sin And Bones”, especially since we had just signed to Century Media, which is the biggest record label we’ve ever been on. So I knew that we could hit a home run with the record and take it to the next level. So Rich [Ward, guitar] and I worked really hard to kind of figure out what it is that we do best, which is very heavy riffs and very melodic choruses. I always say if METALLICA and JOURNEY had a bastard child, it would sound like FOZZY. That was one of the things we do that a lot of other bands don’t do. We use a lot of singing in our songs. We love METALLICA, we love AVENGED SEVENFOLD, but we also love JOURNEY and STYX and FOREIGNER — those bands from the ’70s where everyone in the band sang. And we kind of wanted to utilize that trick in FOZZY. We started doing that when we were working on “Sin And Bones”. It really kind of showed us this is what we need to be, this is who we are. And it is a little bit more diverse, but it still fits that heavy/melodic vibe. It’s our biggest-selling record of all-time, it’s our highest-charting record, most critically acclaimed. It’s far and above and beyond what we were hoping for. It looks like our plan paid off. And I think in the future, it’s going to be kind of what we’ll stick with.

San Antonio Metal Music Examiner: You’ve hosted the [Revolver] Golden Gods Awards several times, and obviously you’re tailor-made for that. This past May, how difficult was it to keep the humor and things going given that Jeff Hanneman [SLAYER] died that day?

Chris: Well actually, it’s obviously a terrible day, but it was probably in retrospect the best day that could’ve happened. Because you had all of his friends gathered together, and instead of a real despondent, horrible time, it was almost like a real big celebration for Jeff. It was a real coincidental thing but in a positive way. If there’s anything positive about that, from him passing away is that, you know, you’d (otherwise) have some guys over here, some guys over there, some guys over here — (but) everybody was there. You had people from the “Big Four” [METALLICA, SLAYER, MEGADETH and ANTHRAX] gathered together that day. And it was a really cool experience because everyone was there to celebrate Jeff‘s life. Some of his closest friends, guys that he influenced the most and then of course 2,000 of his biggest fans that were in the crowd. It actually ended up being kind of a big, giant wake, and it was actually a positive experience in the middle of a horrible situation.

Read the entire interview at San Antonio Metal Music Examiner.

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Following a summer of storming through Europe, South America, and Mexico while topping the bills at solo shows and major festivals, Slayer will headline its first North American tour in two years. The five-week-plus trek will kick off on October 22nd in Anchorage, Alaska, oddly enough marking the first time the band has played there since October 23rd, 1996. The tour will include the band’s previously announced return to New York’s Theatre at Madison Square Garden and the Hollywood Palladium, venues the band hasn’t performed at in 25 years

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Drummer Chris Adler of Richmond, Virginia metallers LAMB OF GOD has posted the following update on his Facebook page:

“Things have been going really well on this [European] trip for us. The band is playing well and much of the hard work we have put in is being rewarded with great slots on the festivals we are doing and huge side shows in between.

“I feel very lucky to be a part of where we are right now and am enjoying it quite a bit.

“I’ve now heard the PROTEST THE HERO record and it’s fantastic! [Editor’s note: Adler recorded the drum tracks for the new PROTEST THE HERO CD.] I love listening to it and hope you all do as well.

“I’ve been asked many times on this tour that since I played drums on the record if I will be touring with them or would consider playing on other projects. I’m fairly sure my schedule won’t allow for me to properly join their band and tour. As much as I love the music, I love being with my family too! LOL. We shall see, as it’s not even something we have discussed.

“As for other projects, it’s hard to answer that. I was a fan of PROTEST THE HERO and jumped at the chance to step out of my box a little bit, push myself and explore my capabilities. It turned into quite a daunting task, but I’m much better off for it. I think I’d have to evaluate every opportunity in the same way. Obviously my main focus is LAMB OF GOD, it’s still my heart and soul and I’m loving being able to get out and share it with you.

“We’ve got a few big announcements coming soon regarding tours that will end the ‘Resolution’ cycle and a little surprise before the end of the year.

“Stay tuned — and stay metal!”

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Reading and Leeds soon bring the Biggest Festival Season Ever to a close, and seeing as it’s packing its best lineup for years, we thought we’d pick out ten choice acts that you really shouldn’t be missing. See you down the front, yeah? Yeah.


While She Sleeps: Future heavyweights

Playing: Main stage Friday (Reading)/Saturday (Leeds)

Opening up the main stage at one of the world’s most renown festivals isn’t exactly a small order, but if any UK band has deserved it, it’s While She Sleeps. Sheffield’s rising superstars-in-the-making dropped one of the best albums of 2012 in This Is The Six and have only gotten bigger and better since. Miss this and you are a total wallyface.

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The undisputed Kings of Grind PIG DESTROYER will be hitting the road this summer for a handful of festivals this including GWAR-B-Q, Hopscotch Fest (with label-mates Inter Arma and ASG), Basillica Soundscape in Hudson, NY and the Housecore Horror Film Fest in Austin, TX.  A complete list of dates can be viewed below. PIG DESTROYER

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