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Nick Krewen of recently conducted an interview with legendary guitarist Slash (GUNS N’ ROSES, VELVET REVOLVER). A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below. Congratulations on venturing into film with your own company, Slasher Films. Has this been a lifelong ambition?

Slash: No. It came out of nowhere, and the only way I can put it is that I had absolutely no aspirations to be a movie producer, but [I’ve loved] horror movies ever since I can remember and I had a very rare conversation [with another producer] where I got to express and vent my passion for horror movies — what I think is wrong with the new ones and what I think is great with the old ones. It was, from the ground up, developing this particular script and getting it to where we wanted it, and then going and casting and getting the director and meeting all these distributors … and announcing Slasher [Films] as an entity. It was really an interesting and tough struggle to get the money [for] an indie kind of thing, and it was fun. After this first experience, are you hungry to do it again?

Slash: Yeah, I’m looking for scripts now, trying to find that story or script that has the right elements that I can sink my teeth into and say, “This will make a great Slasher film.” A lot of people are sending me stuff now and it’s all roughly predictable. So I’m definitely looking for something different and I want a memorable sort of villain — something you could make a Halloween costume out of — something with a personality. And we have to have good actors. I want to concentrate on spending money on actors as opposed to CGI or any other of the expensive elements of making a movie. You’ve collaborated with an amazingly diverse group of artists — from Michael Jackson and Carole King to Iggy Pop and Fergie. Has there been anyone who has eluded you?

Slash: Well, Stevie Wonder and I have mentioned playing together a handful of times, and we still have never done it. That’s the only one that comes to mind. The rest of them — there’s not any forethought. It’s something where you meet in the lobby of a hotel or you’re at a function, or something, and maybe you’re introduced. And you naturally get to talking music, and you think you might wanna jam sometime, and that’s how those things really are born. The only time I’ve had to put some forethought into working with other musicians was when I was putting together my [2010] solo record [“Slash”] with all the different singers. That was really the first time where I had to reach out to set musicians to be able to work with them. Other than that, it’s really a spontaneous thing.

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We asked members of The Contortionist, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Holy Grail, Suidakra, Periphery, iwrestledabearonce, Hung, Dragonforce, Unearth, God Forbid and Overkill what their first experience at a concert was. What was yours?

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Date: 2012-06-05

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Scottish death metallers Cerebral Bore will be heading to South America this summer to headline the Extreme Gorefest in Venezuela.

The open air festival takes place on June 16th, before the band heads to North America for the Summer Slaughter tour with Cannibal Corpse, Goatwhore and more. Cerebral Bore guitarist Paul McGuire comments:

“The Extreme Gorefest show in Venezuela will be our first experience of the South American underground scene, which is notoriously reputed as being one of the most dedicated and frankly mental in the world. Being asked to headline is also a great honour for us, and we fully intend to make a serious impact with this opportunity before returning at some point in the not-too-distant future for a full South American tour.”

View the Extreme Gorefest flyer at this location. Cerebral Bore will also be performing at SWR Barroselas Metalfest in Portugal this coming Monday, April 30th. Don’t miss the band live on tour at the following shows:

Apr. 30 – Barroselas, Portugal – SWR Barroselas Metalfest
Jun. 16 – Maracay, Venezuela – Extreme Gorefest

Jul. 20 – Los Angeles, CA – House of Blues
Jul. 21 – San Diego, CA – SOMA
Jul. 22 – Las Vegas, NV – House of Blues
Jul. 23 – Scottsdale, AZ – Venue of Scottsdale
Jul. 25 – Dallas, TX – House of Blues
Jul. 26 – San Antonio, TX – White Rabbit
Jul. 27 – Mission, TX – Pharr Events Center
Jul. 28 – Houston, TX – House of Blues
Jul. 30 – Tampa, FL – The Ritz
Jul. 31 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Revolution
Aug. 01 – Atlanta, GA – The Masquerade
Aug. 02 – Knoxville, TN – The Valarium
Aug. 03 – Charlotte, NC – Amos Southend
Aug. 04 – Baltimore, MD – Sonar
Aug. 05 – Philadelphia, PA – The Trocadero
Aug. 07 – Sayreville, NJ – Starland Ballroom
Aug. 08 – New York, NY – Irving Plaza
Aug. 09 – Albany, NY – Northern Lights
Aug. 10 – Worcester, MA – The Palladium
Aug. 11 – Montreal, QC – Heavy Montreal
Aug. 12 – Toronto, ON – Heavy Toronto
Aug. 14 – Cleveland, OH – House of Blues
Aug. 15 – Detroit, MI – St. Andrew’s
Aug. 16 – Chicago, IL – House of Blues
Aug. 17 – Milwaukee, WI – The Rave
Aug. 18 – St. Paul, MN – Station 4
Aug. 20 – Denver, CO – Summit Music Hall
Aug. 22 – Seattle, WA – The Showbox Sodo
Aug. 23 – Portland, OR – Roseland Theater
Aug. 24 – San Francisco, CA – The Fillmore
Aug. 25 – Anaheim, CA – The Grove

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Haunting, mesmerizing and overshadowing is the latest album from French black metallers, Celestia, entitled Archaenae Perfectii. On one hand Celestia has created a record that is reminiscent of the recent blackened shoegazers in Alcest, A Forest of Stars and Les Discreets, while on the other, Celestia a militaristic form of black metal that is powerful and regimented; far from being chaotic. Archaenae Perfectii brings to the table something very interesting, and I am very glad I have discovered it.

France as of late, seems to be a breeding ground for some fantastic, original metal, and while Celestia have been around for over a decade, I will include them in the bunch because of their relationship, stylistically, to the brand coming out of their homeland. I seriously can’t get enough of this stuff, whether it’s uber low key, or a bit less subtle like Celestia, this artistic evolution of the black metal sound is really the future of the genre, and the most strident and inventive form of metal music in it’s entirety at the moment, and that’s something that bands like Celestia should be proud of.

Archaenae Perfectii, is a melancholic journey through a regimented, depressing, yet deeply beautiful form of black metal that brings forth acoustics, fantastic melodies and perhaps the best black metal vocals I have ever heard courtesy of Noktu (who makes up exactly half of the members of the band, with the other member being Ghaast). Yes, I said the best vocals I have heard.

This is my first experience with Celestia , and I can’t wait to dive into their substantial back catalog. Do yourself a favor, experience what could very well turn into the best black metal album of the year for AMR after further listenings.


Similar Artists: A Forest of Stars, Alcest, Les Discreets, Wolves in the Throne Room

1.    Grandiohsia Obverturae / Vue du Ciel
2.    Demhiurghic Deity (Devilution)
3.    Phoenemenae of Creation
4.    Dogmatii Duality / Au Crépuscule Sous les Larmes
5.    Dominus Crux Spiritus
6.    ArcheArcanae des Parfaits
7.    Perfectii Ketter Katharos
8.    Nuit Qui Brille Comme Soleil

Noktu – Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Ghaast – Guitar

Apparitia Recordings

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