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On September 24, Honduras rock journalist Alvaro Villatoro (a.k.a. Lemmy Simmons) of Hard Heavy conducted an interview with conducted an interview with QUEENSRŸCHE drummer Scott Rockenfield. You can now listen to the chat using the SoundCloud widget below. A few excerpts from the chat follow.

On the next QUEENSRŸCHE video:

Scott: “A couple of weeks ago, we finished two brand new music videos for the new record. We went down to Los Angeles and shot the next two videos.

“The next single, I believe, is going to be ‘Spore’. And then the follow-up single after that is going to be ‘A World Without’.

“So what we did is we shot a 10-minute movie of the two songs put together, and it’s really great. It’s a full scripted storyline, there were actors in the videos, and it’s very conceptual. And we do appear in the video as well. But it was really fun and really different, because it’s like a movie.”

On parting ways with original singer Geoff Tate and replacing him with Todd La Torre:

Scott: “I’ve gotta be honest. We just didn’t know what to expect when we made the decision to move on last year. And Todd has been perfect; I mean, it’s absolutely just perfect. He sings so great our old, great songs. Listen, we hadn’t done ‘Queen Of The Reich’ in years, and Todd stepped in and he just sings it — he just does it — and it’s just perfect. I can’t even tell you how excited we are about what’s going on for us right now having him in the band.”

On whether the band felt any pressure to release a new studio album as quickly as possible to compete with the Geoff Tate-fronted version of QUEENSRŸCHE:

Scott: “To be honest, we actually didn’t — we never felt any pressure to get a record out as fast as possible or to do anything to sacrifice the quality that we always had wanted to keep ourselves at. This record was a great example of that. Our focus was on just writing great songs and getting them to where we felt it was at the top of our game, so to speak, and we wanted to keep our level very high and challenge ourselves. And so we were gonna get the record done when the record was gonna be done.

“We were lucky, because the chemistry amongst the five of us now is so great that we just felt that we didn’t have any pressures — we knew we were gonna have a great record and feel really good about it. And I think the response is kind of the proof. The fans and the media have embraced the new record in such a high way; I mean, we’re getting almost 10-star reviews on this record all around the world. So for what that’s worth, I think that’s just the proof that we’ve done what our fans really had wanted us to be doing for a long time. I think they’re very happy that we’re back doing what we feel good about.

“We’ve been around for 30 years as a band, and we’ve made a lot of records, and some really great ones that I’m very proud of. I think this new record is a record that I’m proud of… It’s probably a record that I’m most proud for probably the last 20 years. So, for me, it’s really special and I feel really great about it. And we’re having a great time. We haven’t had a great time for a long time, to be honest; it hasn’t been very fun. I think this is now a turning point for us and we just feel really good. We’re energized and the fans are energized.”

On whether “Queensrÿche” signals a return to the band’s classic sound:

Scott: “I think so. I really do.

“In the last year that we started playing all these shows with Todd, our setlist is a lot of just our first five records — it’s all that great QUEENSRŸCHE classic stuff that we hadn’t played for a long time. And in doing that, I think that started to put us in kind of that mindset, that energy that we had back then, and the chemistry we had together. And so I think when we started making this new record, it was almost natural that we were kind of revisiting that feel for us. And I think this record does.

“I think, to me, if somebody asked me where I would place this record in our catalog in terms of time frame, I think this record fits right back in the days of, like, ‘Operation: Mindcrime’ and ‘Empire’ and ‘Promised Land’ — kind of like in the early Nineties when we were making those records. And I think this record feels like it’s very much a part of that era. And I’m proud of that. And a lot of our fans are telling us that as well.

“So I think that we did — we grabbed a lot of the great, old chemistry, and we made a record with that energy.”

Photos below from video shoot for “Spore” and “A World Without”.



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If you thought there was any beef between Volbeat and Anthrax, think again! Of course, guitarist Rob Caggiano quit Anthrax earlier this year "to focus on producing" and then ended up joining Volbeat a few months later, confusing his former bandmates. I guess now that Anthrax officially found a new guitarist, the drama has settled …

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If you dug 2011's Worship Music, then you should be excited to know Anthrax are back in the studio working on a new album. Now that the band has gotten that 5th member dilemma squared away with Shadows Fall guitarist Jon Donais officially in the band, the band can focus on writing new material. According …

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Brazil’s A Ilha Do Metal web site recently conducted an interview with British vocalist Tony Mills (TNT, SHY). A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

A Ilha Do Metal: You’ve been with TNT since 2006 as its vocalist, but some weeks ago you announced that you are leaving the band. What are the main reasons that led you to make this decision?

Tony Mills: There are a few reasons I left the band last month, but they all sort of stack up to the same thing. I’m very keen to write and enjoy recording new material that I get a kick out of and with other people that enjoy themselves too, during that process. TNT has shown little interest in writing new material in the last three years and the live show has remained the same during that time, to the point of stagnation. I really feel that I have a lot to get out of my system and every time I sit down to write, I find myself on a flight to some island in the middle of nowhere to play a show and then I have to get back into focus again three days later. So I thought it was time for no more interruptions and time to do what I wanted to do for a change. The focus in the press on TNT is very much about the guitarist and there is never any communication from him within the band, unless it’s a notification of his unavailability, so, there being little in the way of team spirit, coerced me to move on.

A Ilha Do Metal: Your latest album is a compilation with mostly non-TNT songs from the members. Any fan response on that one?

Tony Mills: There being no great desire to co-write together anymore drove the business end of the company to want to release a product that maintained the profile of the band in between live shows, so each member was asked to submit material that was either previously unreleased or remastered as its own, “Hidden Treasure”, which we did.

A Ilha Do Metal: “The Hidden Treasure” album was given away free with a magazine, you also had a bundling of your last studio album, “Engine/A Farewell To Arms”, with your own book/magazine on the newsstand. Other artists like Prince have also done similar things. What do you think of these alternative methods of distribution? Do they work as intended, reaching a possibly larger audience?

Tony Mills: They only really get pressed within the circulation of the magazine, whether it is one or five or ten thousand; in this case the amount is under debate. I think maybe three thousand were pressed, probably no more. The distribution works well, because it sits alongside regular magazine distribution in every news stand in the street and gas stations, but it goes along the way the rest of the record market has gone, with its loss of credibility as a proper record release, since the demise of commercial releases through record companies and their traditional promotion after the download renaissance.

A Ilha Do Metal: This year TNT played at the Monsters Of Cruise 2013 in the U.S. with many other classic hard rock bands. Can you tell us about how this experience was for you?

Tony Mills: It was an arduous journey to Florida through seventeen hours of flights and connections, but the first show was a great experience and a very consistent performance with our normal concerts in Norway. After a night in the air-conditioned cabin on the boat, I woke up to no voice for the second show, which hasn’t happened to me for many years and consequently, the second show was less than memorable. All in all, it was a great learning curve and something I should be aware of in the future having never done it before; but the fans were great and I cherished meeting a lot of great people during that time.

A Ilha Do Metal: Besides TNT, you always kept some side projects. How did you reconcile them with the band? How is the composition process for them?

Tony Mills: Everyone in TNT has always ran side projects and worked around the band’s schedule; that has never really been an issue. I have only ever really written work for each specific project apart from SERPENTINE in the U.K., where I had unreleased material that suited their catalogue and they were very receptive toward the songs.

Read the entire interview at A Ilha Do Metal.

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Drummer Mike Portnoy (THE WINERY DOGS, DREAM THEATER, AVENGED SEVENFOLD, ADRENALINE MOB) was interviewed on the latest edition of “The Classic Metal Show”, which is heard live on Saturdays from 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. EST at You can now listen to the chat using the audio player below.

Asked why he bothers still answering DREAM THEATER-related questions in interviews when he seems to get criticized no matter what he says, Portnoy replied: “Because when I get asked it, and then I say, ‘I don’t wanna talk about it,’ then that’s what goes in print and that becomes the headline and then I’m still a bad guy; there’s no winning.”

he continued: “My problem is that I care too much and I’m too honest; to be honest, that’s the problem. I wish I could say I have thick skin and I don’t give a shit what people say, but the reality is I do care what people say, and I’ve always been that way. I read the Internet, and I care what the fans have to say, and when they tear me apart, I wish I could say it doesn’t bother me, but the reality is I’m human. I guess that’s the bad that comes with the good. The good is that I do care and I read the Internet and I try to be a very fan-oriented artist. But the bad that comes with that is that I’m also subject to all the ridicule and the criticism and things like that.

“So, what can I say?! It is what it is, and I try my best ti ignore it and try to… The reality is that for every one person that tears me apart and hates me, I see 99 other people that are supportive and get it and are behind me. And I guess that’s what I really need to focus on and appreciate.”

Portnoy, who co-founded DREAM THEATER more than 27 years ago, abruptly quit the band in September 2010 while on tour with AVENGED SEVENFOLD. He has since been replaced by Mike Mangini (ANNIHILATOR, EXTREME, JAMES LABRIE, STEVE VAI).

Portnoy played on AVENGED SEVENFOLD‘s 2010 album, “Nightmare”, following the death of that band’s drummer, Jimmy “The Rev” Sullivan, and toured with them for the entire second half of that year.

Portnoy announced his departure from ADRENALINE MOB in June due to “scheduling conflicts.” A replacement drummer has not yet been announced.

THE WINERY DOGS‘ self-titled debut album sold around 10,200 copies in the United States in its first week of release to land at position No. 27 on The Billboard 200 chart. Released in North America on July 23 via Loud & Proud Records and in Japan on May 15 via Victor Entertainment, the CD was mixed by Jay Ruston, who has previously worked with ANTHRAX, ADRENALINE MOB, STONE SOUR and STEEL PANTHER.

Interview (audio):

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Drummer Chris Adler of Richmond, Virginia metallers LAMB OF GOD has posted the following update on his Facebook page:

“Things have been going really well on this [European] trip for us. The band is playing well and much of the hard work we have put in is being rewarded with great slots on the festivals we are doing and huge side shows in between.

“I feel very lucky to be a part of where we are right now and am enjoying it quite a bit.

“I’ve now heard the PROTEST THE HERO record and it’s fantastic! [Editor’s note: Adler recorded the drum tracks for the new PROTEST THE HERO CD.] I love listening to it and hope you all do as well.

“I’ve been asked many times on this tour that since I played drums on the record if I will be touring with them or would consider playing on other projects. I’m fairly sure my schedule won’t allow for me to properly join their band and tour. As much as I love the music, I love being with my family too! LOL. We shall see, as it’s not even something we have discussed.

“As for other projects, it’s hard to answer that. I was a fan of PROTEST THE HERO and jumped at the chance to step out of my box a little bit, push myself and explore my capabilities. It turned into quite a daunting task, but I’m much better off for it. I think I’d have to evaluate every opportunity in the same way. Obviously my main focus is LAMB OF GOD, it’s still my heart and soul and I’m loving being able to get out and share it with you.

“We’ve got a few big announcements coming soon regarding tours that will end the ‘Resolution’ cycle and a little surprise before the end of the year.

“Stay tuned — and stay metal!”

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Geeks Of Doom recently conducted an interview with GUNS N’ ROSES guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Geeks Of Doom: The three guitar players in GUNS N’ ROSES [including DJ Ashba and Richard Fortus] all have different styles and come from different backgrounds, musically. Do you all learn styles and techniques from each other?

Bumblefoot: We haven’t done a lot of that, sitting around with guitars showing riffs. We spend more time without our guitars, socially. We see enough of each other with our guitars!

Geeks Of Doom: The band sometimes gets bad press, mostly because of the time-keeping issues and basically because some people can’t handle the fact it’s not the same guys as in 1986. And yet GUNS N’ ROSES is arguably as popular as it has ever been and playing in parts of the world GN’R has never been before. Do you feel like it’s a no-win situation or do you think you’re helping to take the band forward?

Bumblefoot: My focus is on making music and doing positive things with my life.

Geeks of Doom: Fair enough. You recently played a couple of dates in Canada to round off some pretty hectic touring. Is GN’R having a rest now?

Bumblefoot: GN’R seems to be having a rest, but anything could change at any time. Meanwhile, I’m starting to ease back into doing my own solo shows again. During the break, I’ve got Bumblefoot shows scheduled in August for Italy, Greece, Albania, and Tunisia. Hoping to do more in the next few months.

Geeks of Doom: You said recently you would prefer GN’R to release songs one at a time rather than do a whole album. Has there been any movement on this?

Bumblefoot: I don’t think that’s gonna be the plan for GN’R.

Read the entire interview at Geeks Of Doom.

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This September, Xanden Concerts and Terrorizer Magazine will present Martin Walkyier’s Viking Funeral; a string of shows that marks the final time Walkyier will perform classic Skyclad material live in the UK. Intended as a swansong that will allow the legendary pagan metal vocalist to close the book on Skyclad and focus his attention on The Clan Destined, Martin Walkyier’s Viking Funeral will consist of three shows in London, Birmingham and Dublin.

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Tired of German techno? Try some Swedish metal.

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“It could be more than 10 years before Porcupine Tree reform,” says leader Steven Wilson who wants to focus on his solo project.

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