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Denver’s 106.7 KBPI radio station conducted an interview with Pennsylvanian rockers HALESTORM on September 2 at the Locura Festival at Fiddler’s Green Amphitheatre in Englewood, Colorado. You can now watch the chat below.

HALESTORM has issued an official music video for the song “Here’s To Us”, the latest single off the band’s 2012 sophomore album, “The Strange Case Of…” Singer Lzzy Hale told Rolling Stone, “We wrote this song literally as our personal anthem. We’ve been through a lot together as a band, and we’ve learned to celebrate the low times as well as the highs. It’s about toughin’ out and respecting the journey for us, and that’s how we have kept it together as a foursome for 10 years! Here’s to us!”

The band recently recorded an alternate version of the track featuring guest appearances from Slash, SHINEDOWN‘s Brent Smith, ALTER BRIDGE‘s Myles Kennedy, DEVICE‘s David Draiman and others. Hale told The Pulse Of Radio that that version of the song was all about unity in the rock scene. “Everyone always thinks everybody’s in competition,” she said. “‘Oh, you know, we’re in competition for the charts!’ We’re in competition like, ‘Did you have a better set than me? Are you a better player?’ And it was important for all of us to show that none of that matters. We’re all in this together.”

“Here’s To Us” was previously covered on a February 2012 episode of the hit television show “Glee”.

The song is the fourth single from “The Strange Case Of…” , following “Love Bites (So Do I)” , “I Miss The Misery” and “Freak Like Me”. HALESTORM won the Grammy for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance in February for the chart-topping “Love Bites (So Do I)” .


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Yeah, yeah, yeah, “Metallica died when Cliff Burton died, The Black Album is overrated, Lars can’t play anymo-” shut the fuck up. James Hetfield is bellowing out I Disappear like a man possessed and I’m trying to lose my shit here.

Few bands in existence show up hypocritical wallies like Metallica do when they decide to turn up and blow the roof off of whichever festival they fancy playing, and today it’s Danish mega-fest Roskilde‘s turn to welcome the Biggest Metal Band In The World to the party. Given that this is the only Metallica European summer show of 2013, there’s a solid excuse for tonight to feel like a huge occasion, even by their lofty standards, and perhaps not least due to the fact that we really have no idea what they’re going to play. Last year’s epic Black Album trek and the band’s recent smash through Kill ‘Em All shows that they still like to throw out something special, so fingers crossed…

As it happens, when The Ecstasy Of Gold fades out and Blackened kicks in, it’s very much a case of business as usual, even if James Hetfield looks like he’s been hitting the weights a bit since we last saw him (although he’s still got that badass denim jacket). And speaking of Papa Het, while at first he looks a bit too out of breath and sounds slightly too ropey on the vocal side for comfort, he quickly finds his stride as the awesome foursome rip into For Whom The Bell Tolls, sounding suitably collosal and looking like they’re enjoying themselves every bit as much as the Danish faithful.

Metallica rock Roskilde [Photo credit: Tom Spray]

“You’ve met my friend Lars, right?” chuckles James to the biggest cheer of the night, adding that the band weren’t even sure if they were going to be playing tonight until relatively recently but are “so happy” to be back for the first time in a decade all the same. Disposable Heroes and Harvester Of Sorrow soon follow and produce the kind of bedlam you’d expect, before the pace is brought back down to Earth with a play through Death Magnetic number The Day That Never Comes, which sounds similarly massive if slightly less emphatic.

It’s a timely reminder that no era is off-bounds (except Lulu, hopefully), and paves the way for a rare and particularly badass double-header of Carpe Diem Baby and an epic I Disappear, complete with Hetfield sounding more Hetfield than it was previously thought possibly. “We wanted to play some rare stuff too, hope you don’t mind!” grins Het, and to be honest, his voice is in such fine tune by this point that you’d be happy for him to sing the Happy Days theme as long as he added a few “Heyah yeahyaaaahs!” on the end.

From then on in it’s a pure, unadulterated Metallica greatest hits runthrough, with the likes of Sad But True nestling in effortlessly with Battery and a lighter-producing Nothing Else Matters, and a welcome return to Orion allows a somber pause and well-met Cliff Burton dedication before dose fireworks signal the arrival of a mighty One (even if our Lars does struggle a teeny bit on that double bass, bless him).

Needless to say, Enter Sandman signals the end of the main set and the standard set of “ARE YOU ALAAAVE OUT THEY-YAH?!” Hetfield-isms (no “DENMARK FAMILEEEEEH”s, though, which a bit of a guilty miss) and remains the consummate stadium-sized heavy metal anthem. “I have an announcement to make,” grins Het as they return for an encore. “GIMME FUEL GIMME FIRE GIMME TH-”, well, you know the rest, and if One didn’t quite fulfill everyone’s pyro quota for the evening, Fuel does it for the next year and a half.

There really aren’t many better ways to finish off a set than Creeping Death and a mammoth Seek And Destroy, so it only seems fair that that’s exactly what happens next, and they both produce the two biggests singalongs of the night by some margin. All in all, it’s a relatively standard Metallica set even with the couple of early surprises, and but hey; they’ve not been here for ten years and this is a fucking festival – standard Metallica sets are still bona fide weekend-stealers anyway. Job done, then, lads: we have a sneaking suspicion that the people here tonight won’t want to be left waiting this long for the next one.

Review by Merl

Metallica Roskilde 2013 Setlist

The Ecstasy of Gold (intro)
For Whom the Bell Tolls
Disposable Heroes
Harvester of Sorrow
The Day that Never Comes
Carpe Diem Baby
I Disappear
Sad but True
Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
Master of Puppets
Nothing Else Matters
Enter Sandman
Creeping Death
Seek & Destroy

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As you probably gathered from our New Music Monday post a couple of weeks back, we’re a bit high on Baby Godzilla at the moment.

Not only is Oche one of the most promising EPs to land over the past couple of years, but the band’s ferocious “hillbilly hardcore” brand of chaotic noise is even more amazing in the flesh, with the Nottingham foursome throwing out some of the most fearsome, venue-dismantling performances we’ve seen recently.

They continue their four-date residency at Camden’s Black Heart tonight (they return on June 20 and July 4, FYI), and judging by what we saw at the first gig, it’s hard to imagine them not a) dragging in a much bigger crowd and b) obliterating said crowd along with building and quite possibly street.

Get down there early and don’t blame us if you have to spend the next few weeks picking your jaw up off the floor.

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Hardbanger has announced the “Foursome Tape” will receive a limited physical release on April 1st, 2013. The EP will be hand-numbered and features previous singles “Neck and “She Says,” new song “Shapes of Envy” and a cover of “Civilization” by French electro-band Justice.

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DeathMetal.Org has posted an exclusive premier of the title track off of “Extrinsic Pathway” from Austin, TX-based traditional death metal foursome Morgengrau.

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The original 1996 release of “Skin The Living” marked the beginning of Jungle Rot’s reign over Midwest metal and put the Wisconsin foursome on the map. Almost 20 years later, this classic debut album is coming out of the vault. On February 19th, the band will re-release the newly mixed and remastered “Skin The Living.” The band reflects on the album, loyal fans, and sticking to their roots in the player below

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The new Bison B.C. release “Lovelessness” will be available October 22nd on Metal Blade Records, and today Brooklyn Vegan is hosting an exclusive premiere of another new track from the album. Check out the song “Last and First Things” right here or in the player below. Metal Blade Records also commented:

“In the great Canadian spirit of loss and heart ache, the downer foursome known as Bison B.C. have managed to scourge their rotting brains desperately puking out new psalms of suffering. Akin to a lunatic writing their opus on the bedroom wall with their own shit comes this strange noise from the west coast melting pot of shit and failure; in a country based on terrifying distance and lonesome, stoic suffering. Lovelessness does not portray the death of love or the lack of the same. Rather it attempts to map out the pathetic and desperate pursuit of love, which in itself becomes violent like a cancer, an assault on anything that is good in the world. A heartfelt repulsion towards anything that could bring pleasure, because with happiness we suffer truly – the wanting of more. Gluttons! Pigs to the trough! Lead us to treachery! Lead us to solitude!

“Bison B.C. worked with acclaimed producer Sanford Parker at Soma and Electrical Audio Studios in Chicago to record Lovelessness. Parker is best known for his work with bands such as Yob, Pelican, Rwake, Yakuza, Nachtmystium, Zoroaster, Unearthly Trance, and more. Needless to say, Parker is more than qualified to put-to-tape the raw, furious energy that is Bison B.C.”

The track listing is:

1. An Old Friend
2. Anxiety Puke / Lovelessness
3. Last and First Things
4. Blood Music
5. Clozapine Dream
6. Finally Asleep

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Ozzy Osbourne is getting in on the act, hinting that the seminal English metal foursome might be fixing to rise from the tombs.

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Hard rock foursome FIREBALL MINISTRY will release the 180-gram white vinyl pressing of its March 2010 self-titled album, “Fireball Ministry” on December 22, 2010 via Restricted Release.

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Cardiff-based heavy metal band HUNTED’s debut full-length album was a labor of love for the foursome. Last year’s Alone EP was well-received, and three songs from it appear on their full-length…

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