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Ho Ho NO

Having a grey goatee means you’re either in Slayer or Father Christmas – FACT. Hapless Hammer Freelancer Big John filed the following pictures from last Saturday’s SantaCon flash mob.Basically, we got loads of wallies in Santa costumes to throw the horns.

It pretty much explains itself.

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We sent hapless freelancer Big John (no relation to Little John) down to the International London Tattoo Convention, where his pasty white un-inked arms stood out a mile. Despite rumours he spent most of the show lurking around the Fuel Girls stage he did manage to send us a handful of fun photos. By all accounts, this looks like it was mad fun. Cheers, Big John!

[all photos courtesy of John Woolford]

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Buzz Osborne, Melvins (c) 2010 Ray Van Horn, Jr. / The Metal Minute

Alright, so call me a schizo if you like, I’m a big boy and I can take it.

It’s been more than a month since I announced an indefinite hiatus here and I’m sure my loyals probably feel a little jerked around. The fact of the matter is I’m very touched so many people have reached out in my absence with encouragement, praise and of course, requests to come back and do coverage. In a month’s time, my followers roster has spiked and the hit counts are still on-par as ever despite the inactivity. It’s all heartwarming, honestly.

As I’ve finished my current novel and continue to shop it around, I am of course starting another novel which will have an even broader focus. The location shooting I’ve done for the next project alone has me giddy beyond words, no pun intended. Writing the first few paragraphs of the tenatively-titled “Reunion” feels like comeuppance.

I’ve joined up with AOL’s as a freelancer and continue my affiliations at House of Hair Online and Hails & Horns magazine as well as coverage for a local newspaper. I still work in a full-time capacity in a different industry and my little one continues to grow and I mean grow.

That being said, there’s a place in my heart and mindspace to continue on with The Metal Minute, albeit in a limited capacity. I’ve always tried to keep a level of professionalism here at the Minute which includes a steady flux of posting. I cannot promise the same pace will resume. Likewise, I can only attend to so many bands, though I’m simply flattered to constantly receive correspondence looking for coverage. I’ll serve the industry here as much as my crazy schedule will allow, but in response to so much kindness, let The Metal Minute tick once again.

Keep your dreams flying, boys and girls, they’ll happen eventually if you need it more than you want it. I need it more than I need air.

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