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We were joined by our friend Bob from Relapse Records as well as Jake on this edition of the Livecast. Rob discussed attending the SiriusXM Metallica concert the night prior, as well as attending a screening of their 3D movie. Bob talked about his love of Prince and ICP. This music business ended up being …

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Djentlemen, Basick Records have just announced the signing of a killer new band, ALAYA. The band will be releasing their debult in 2013, called Thrones and it will feature this first single, “Inside.” Here’s the band describing the video:

“For the ‘Inside’ video we decided to work again with accredited producer and our long time friend, Bob Packo. We started with the concept of a play through but chose to approach it in a different way. The camera angles, lighting and focus are not typical of a play through video and create a unique experience for the viewer that fits well with the energy conveyed by the music. We shot the video DIY style at our rehearsal space. Bob brought a crew in and we cleared the space, hung back drops, set up lighting and camera rigs and spent a full day shooting…..shooting, eating crappy pizza and drinking craft beers. We got some great footage and had a blast putting the whole thing together. Bob and his team edited and wrapped everything up for us in a few days and we’re excited about how it turned out!” – Michael Brandt Rinkenberger – Bass/Vocals

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Date: 2012-12-13

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