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“Going To Hell”, the second album from THE PRETTY RECKLESS, the band led by actress-turned-singer Taylor Momsen, is likely to sell between 30,000 and 35,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release, according to industry web site Hits Daily Double. The estimate was based on one-day sales reports compiled after the record arrived in stores on March 18 via Razor & Tie. The chart will be unveiled on Wednesday, March 26.

According to The Pulse Of Radio, THE PRETTY RECKLESS has become the second female-fronted act in the last three years to hit No. 1 on the rock radio chart. The band’s new single, “Heaven Knows”, hit the top of the survey last week, allowing THE PRETTY RECKLESS to join the Lzzy Hale-fronted HALESTORM as part of a small and very select list of chart-topping rock acts fronted by women.

“Going To Hell” follows up THE PRETTY RECKLESS‘ 2010 debut full-length, “Light Me Up”, as well as a 2012 EP called “Hit Me Like A Man”.

Momsen began her career as an actress when she was a child before becoming a full-time musician years later. She told The Pulse Of Radio that her family always knew this was what she really wanted to do. “They knew that music was always where I was headed, and what my — that was my passion and my goal,” she said. “I mean, acting was a day job, essentially, while I worked on writing a record’s worth of material that I wanted people to hear, and finding the right people to work with and the right band and all that. So they weren’t surprised when I jumped ship.”

The video for “Heaven Knows”, in which Momsen appears semi-nude, has gotten more than 2.7 million views on VEVO.

THE PRETTY RECKLESS is currently supporting FALL OUT BOY on tour in Europe and will return to the U.S. next month for an appearance at the Revolver Golden Gods Awards on April 23 in Los Angeles.

The band is also confirmed to perform at all of the major U.S. rock festivals, including Rock On the Range, Rocklahoma, Fort Rock, Welcome To Rockville, Rock Fest Kansas City and others.


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FaceCulture recently conducted an interview with Dutch singer Floor Jansen (NIGHTWISH, REVAMP, ex-AFTER FOREVER). You can now watch the chat in three parts below. A couple of excerpts from the interview follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).

On what her role in NIGHTWISH is going to be now that she has been upgraded from a touring singer to a full-time/permanent member:

Floor: “I guess that’s something that needs to be seen, how I can grow into my role within the band, because I have been a guest musician for the whole ‘Imaginaerum’ tour. So, of course, I knew I was gonna stay, but the whole concept of all that was already there. So for the upcoming album, I don’t know how that will grow. I, of course, have my experience, and so do the guys, and I can’t imagine myself, with my personality, sitting back and saying, ‘Yeah, do whatever and I’ll follow.’ But on the other hand, they know exactly what they’re doing — they’ve proven to be able to write great songs and to put out something that totally… where all the pictures match and where the whole concept is one. And I guess it’s a process to see how I can add with my creativity and how my input is gonna be there. I can imagine, I have my feelings and ideas about stage outfits, but also with the songwriting, Tuomas [Holopainen, NIGHTWISH keyboardist] is definitely the master of the writing process, he’s the guy in charge, but Marco [Hietala, NIGHTWISH bassist/vocalist] also writes and the whole band comes together and makes the puzzle work. So somewhere in that puzzle I’ll get my share.”

On whether she will be moving to Finland from The Netherlands in order to be closer to NIGHTWISH‘s home base:

Floor: “Out of practical reasons, I don’t have to move to Finland. I mean, it’s quite nearby, and you’re there always for certain periods of time, for either a show or now for the recording period and there are facilities there where I can stay. But I’m studying Finnish, and it’s one of the five most difficult languages in the world. And the more I learn, the more I realize that’s definitely true. [Laughs] So I might move to Finland, at least for a while, to learn the language a bit better, ’cause you don’t learn any language better than in the country itself.”

On why she is studying Finnish:

Floor: “Well, imagine being in a group of 25 people. There are 20 Finnish people, there’s one German, there’s one Dutchie, and there’s one… Or 20 people, let’s say… And there are only two or three people who do not speak Finnish… whether it’s a group of German people, Dutch people — wherever you’re from. You always speak the language you hear most. So if there are 20 people, and 18 of them are Finnish, most people will speak Finnish amongst each other. Regardless of how well the NIGHTWISH guys and everyone involved speaks English, and they’re very willing to translate, they still need to translate. And I feel if I wanna be part of the whole circus even more, be more involved, understand everyone better, even now that I’m studying, understanding the culture a bit better, in the long run, it’s gonna make me feel like I fit in a little bit better. Even though they have welcomed me with open arms and I already feel at home — I call them my brothers and my family — I think being able to speak the language makes the unity even bigger.”

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Parasite Inc. has posted the full “Time Tears Down” album online for streaming.

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David E. Gehlke of recently conducted an interview with former ICED EARTH and current ASHES OF ARES frontman Matthew Barlow. A few excerpts from the chat follow below. You will not be a full-fledged touring band, and at the end of your time in ICED EARTH, you weren’t able to go out for extended periods of times. So, when you got together with Van [Williams, drums] and Freddie [Vidales, guitar], was that one of the things that was initially agreed upon?

Matthew Barlow: Right. That was our main thing. Freddie is a civil engineer by trade. There’s a lot of things he can do with his laptop, but he still needs to be in proximity. Van‘s a new dad, he’s got that role as well as a graphic artist, and you know my gig, so I definitely have to stay close to home. This is what we want to do as well. With the last ICED EARTH record, I toured more for that than any other record. I was still able to be a police officer and everything, but still, it took a lot away from family time. I have a five- and a seven-year-old, and it’s hard being away from them for periods of time. I don’t think it’s a sacrifice I’m willing to make, although I appreciate anyone that does it if they need to — if that’s their livelihood, and with the way it is today, you have to tour to survive if you want to be a full-time musicians. It’s something I don’t have to do and I think people appreciate that. They appreciate that it’s a decision I’ve made and they’re cool with that. As long as I put out a good product that people want to listen to, that’s okay. We will tour as much as we can so people who haven’t heard the band, so people can come out and see us, but we’re definitely not going to be ICED EARTH — no six months of touring. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this is the first band that is “your” band. ICED EARTH was Jon‘s [Schaffer] band, and you joined PYRAMAZE well into their existence. This has to be a different type of feeling for you, right?

Barlow: That’s the whole thing. I’ve said this before: it really is for the first time being in total creative control of lyrics and vocal melodies. That’s a big deal for me. It’s a big step, but without Freddie writing the music — he wrote 99.9 however much of the music — it would be different. I’m a music writer, but not writer per se. I did write the basis for “Move The Chains”, but my guitar playing sucks [laughs], but Freddie made it sound like actual guitar playing, and I did “The Answer”, which I wrote acoustically. It’s really more… I’m going to take the hits — good or bad — as far as lyrics and melodies because it is all me. Freddie wrote 99.9 [percent], however much of the music, but it’s really this collaborative effort. Van took the ideas we had and wrote these cool drum parts that we didn’t even think of — it changed the dynamic of the songs. It’s a really cool joint collaboration, and we’re really proud. The first time you left ICED EARTH was shortly after 9/11, and you said one of the primary reasons was that you felt the need to serve your country. Were those thoughts around even pre-9/11?

Barlow: I already had that sort of area — every member of my family served in the military, even my mom. My mom and dad met while in the military, and both of my brothers were in the Navy. The only reason why I didn’t go into the military was because both of my brothers were getting out, and they said it’s not a good spot right now, and that happens with our military, sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s bad. I just didn’t go, and by that point I was getting into music, so I thought I’d see how it went. It’s one of those things — they happen for a reason. My brother, when he got out of the military, he went into law enforcement. He has since retired — he got his time in and he’s been retired for a couple of years. Good for him.

Barlow: I know, right? That’s one of the good things about law enforcement — you can retire in 20 years. It’s not the biggest pension in the world, but at least you can collect when you retire. After 9/11, more than the sense of patriotism, which was certainly there — you feel like you want to do something about it, but even more than that, it really put my life into perspective, like how old I was and where I was. I felt I got a limited amount of time to make sure if music doesn’t work, I have something to go back on because I wasn’t making a living with ICED EARTH. I started looking into law enforcement and just one thing led to another and here I am.

Read the entire interview at

“Dead Man’s Plight” lyric video:


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Nightwish with Floor

It looks like Nightwish mainman Tuomas Holopainen agrees with the general consensus amongst Nightwish fans that Floor Jansen should get the singer gig full-time – even if he’s not willing to officially confirm it, yet.

“The thing is that we haven’t really thought about it in a concrete way, because there is no need to,” he tells FestivalBlog. “It’s been such a mess once again, I feel I need a month or two just to not think about the vocal issue at all. Then by the end of this year, we have to make some decisions. But everyone realises that she is on top of the list, naturally. But I don’t want to do anything official, I don’t want to make this decision just yet.”

Floor stood in with the band following the shocking departure of Anette Olzon last year, but has not yet officially joined the band full-time, instead continuing with her day job, ReVamp. Their new album lands later this year via Nuclear Blast. Meanwhile, Tuomas is busy working on a project based on Scrooge McDuck. No, seriously.

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AMH Newtork recently conducted an interview with AVENGED SEVENFOLD bassist Johnny Christ. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

AMH Newtork: AVENGED SEVENFOLD have officially welcomed in Arin Ilejay as a full-time member quite recently. How has he grown to fit in over the last two years?

Christ: He’s been doing good, man. He came in a little wet behind the ears, to be honest. He was somewhat of a shy little kid but he’s been working out great. He’s a hell of a drummer and a great person. He still has some moves to learn, but he’s been doing well. He can play the hell out of the drums. He killed it on this new record. We had a vision and came in with him. We told him that vision — “This is what we need out of you from these drums — a laidback groove in the pocket, and then you’re going to need to bang out some fills. Make sure that everything is perfect but also in getting the feel right and banging the shit out of the drum as hard as you can.” That’s what we asked him to do and after a couple days of getting it into him, he understood and he just absolutely killed it on this record. I’m very proud of him.

AMH Newtork: How would you say the writing process was different [for your upcoming sixth album, “Hail To The King”]?

Christ: It was a bit more difficult. We went in and figured out what we wanted to do and where we were trying to go right from the very beginning. We’re always trying to do something better than the last record; to do something different and evolve as a band. We really wanted to make an eclectic hard rock record that slams sonically. It’s kind of like bare bones — with a guitar, a vocal and some drums all up in your face. Huge. We really studied some of the bands that had done it before, their ways and what it takes to sound sonically huge. Listening to stuff like LED ZEPPELIN and AC/DC, we were just listening to see just how they achieve that. We noticed that a lot of it was the space. You really have to play with the space in a riff so it can be allowed to breathe. We wanted everyone that when listening to this record to almost zombie-like headbang through it. For us, it was something that we knew was going to take a little maturity. Any time that we wanted to put a whole layer of stuff on top of a riff that we worked on, it was gone. If a riff couldn’t stand alone, it wasn’t allowed to be on the song. Every riff had to be perfect and heavy, collectively what we wanted it to be. If there was one person in the room who went, “Heh, I don’t think it is there yet guys,” we’d scrap the whole song. I think that took a little bit of song writing maturity for us. That made it take a little bit longer. We took it song by song. We weren’t writing four or five songs at once and jumping around. We focused in on each song until it was done and then we’d go onto another one. It took a little effort and it took a little longer, probably six to nine months for just the writing process before we even recorded it.

AMH Newtork: You recorded with [producer] Mike Elizondo again. What was he like to record with the second time around now being more familiar with each other?

Christ: He was great. We already knew how each other worked. He’s very into metal and he comes from a lot of different types of music, much like us. We all listen to a lot of eclectic things. He’s an incredible musician and songwriter, and we have such a respect for him. When he gave his opinion, we really listened. When we were writing the songs, we’d send them straight off to him, saying, “Hey, are we on the right path? Do you think this is a good idea or should we scrap it?” He was honest. He’s another guy that we get sound ideas from. We know that we can trust that he’ll be honest. He gets what we are trying to do. Working with him again was kind of a no-brainer. We knew what record we wanted to make and we told him. He said, “Here’s some stuff to listen to. Here’s some ideas that might get you inspired and get you started.” We were looking into some classical music actually. We listened to “The Planets” [1914-1914 seven-piece orchestral suite by Gustav Holt] and all that stuff. We listened to it for how those composers are able to paint a picture without even having lyrics on it. We had a lot of that and we also listened to a lot of records that we had listened to a lot before. “Back In Black” [AC/DC], “Paranoid” [BLACK SABBATH], those classic hard rock albums that we all know — everyone knows — those records but we never tried to delve in to understand why those records are so awesome. What makes those songs stand out through the test of time? That is something that we wanted to achieve in our own way.

Read the entire interview at AMH Newtork.

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Floor at work

Current Nightwish singer Floor Jansen – who has been fronting the Finnish symphonic metal heavyweights since the shocking departure of Anette Olzon last year – has spoken on the possibility of her joining the band full-time.

“If they would ask me, I would be very flattered and I would love to do it,” she tells Ghost Cult. It will be a major overhaul in my life and my career as a singer, but then again, we’re not rushing things.

Nightwish with Anette Olzon

“Both the guys in Nightwish and I have experiences with previous band breakups and all emotions that come with it. It’s almost like dating. Things feel good and it’s going well, but we’re not in a rush to tie the knot, so to speak.”

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Swedish death metallers DEMONICAL have released the following statement:

“It is with great enthusiasm we can now reveal that guitarist Johan Haglund (SPASMODIC) and drummer Ämir Batar (TORMENTION) have officially joined DEMONICAL as full-time members, making the lineup solid, determinate and ready to unleash death and decay over several continents during MMXIII and MMXIV.

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Newsted is a really real thing. It went from a small project to Jason Newsted's full time gig. He has a big management company backing his band and he's on a pretty big summer tour. Today, the promo blitz continues as Rolling Stone just premiered a new track from his band. The title of the …

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It's really hard to be in a band full time nowadays, and sometimes while being part time can be fun but it won't pay the bills. Altar of Plagues is the latest band to call it quits. Frontman James Kelly released a lengthy statement explaining their decision: “Altar of Plagues will conclude this year. “I …

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