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Fantasy metal act Bal-Sagoth has checked in with the following announcement about re-releasing an early demo on CD: “The original Bal-Sagoth demo from 1993 will be released as a limited edition CD complete with lyric booklet and archival bonus tracks. Watch for further news soon. “New Bal-Sagoth merchandise has been released via Razamataz.

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Crystal Viper has issued the following statement about canceling the band’s appearance at the Princess From Hell 2013 festival: “Sad news from our booking agency: the Crystal Viper show at Princess From Hell Festival planned for March 3 in Buenos Aires has been canceled. “We don’t have further news about other bands and we don’t know if the festival will happen (we just know Edenbridge canceled as well) – but we know it was impossible to contact the promoter for the last couple of months, and he also didn’t fulfill any contract obligations, didn’t book the flights, nor even started to sell tickets for the festival

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Nuclear Blast Records has issued the following announcement about Hardcore Superstar releasing a new album:

“The Swedish inventors of what is known and loved today as ‘Street Metal’ are happy to announce the release of a new album via Nuclear Blast in early 2013! The record is entitled ‘C’mon Take On Me,’ was produced by the band, mixed by no less a figure than Randy Staub (METALLICA, MÖTLEY CRÜE, THE CULT) and will be out on the 1st of March 2013.”

The band comments on the recording process: “We found this cool abandoned studio that we took over, where we spent the entire summer tracking songs in between the shows. Speaking of shows – we’ll start rehearsing in January so that we’ll be ready to play live everywhere again soon. If there’s a stage, we’ll rock it!!!”

Stay tuned for further news on the new record and upcoming touring activities.

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Sweden’s Demonical has issued the following announcement about working on a new album:

“The highly successful tour through Russia officially closed the ‘Death Infernal’ touring cycle. We would hereby like to thank each and everyone of you who supported us in a way or another during the past 17 months at all our memorable shows in Europe, north-America and Russia. It was a truly awesome and significant ride!

“We hope to see you all again in April/May 2013 when we return to the live scene with full force and a new album under our belt.

“As of now we will fully concentrate on new dominating material and the realization of our upcoming fourth full-length, a process which will take place at Necromorbus Studios in Stockholm between late November and late January 2013.

“Further news, studio-updates and more detailed info will of course be posted here during the path so keep checking back. Until then – Bang or be banged!”

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Saxon has issued the following statement about progress on the band’s new album and upcoming tour dates:

“Hi everybody! Saxon has never been a lazy band and especially this year we have been extremely busy! After we played several festivals all across Europe and some great gigs together with Judas Priest and the very first Hamburg Metal Days – we have almost finished the new album. The mix is done and the mastering is almost finished.

“We have guys who are right now putting the last details together and working bits and pieces out for the artwork. Watch out for further news releases like album cover, track list, some more behind the scenes info etc. Since most of album production work is done, the band can’t keep their feet still and have decided to play a very short Christmas run of 3 dates:

07.12.2012 CH Bern – Metal Christmas Festival
08.12.2012 NL Haarlem – Patronaat
09.12.2012 NL Roermund – ECI

“For more tour dates click here… We are looking forward to sharing the stage in Switzerland with our mates from Motörhead and Edguy and on the two Dutch shows we will be accompanied by Crimes Of Passion. Everybody that comes to our two headliner shows will get little Christmas surprise and we will spoil you with at least one new song from the new album which we will perform live!

“After that, the promotion machine starts; pre-listening sessions for journalists, interviews and, and, and… So keep your eyes open because soon you will see the media full of new Saxon stuff! Keep the faith!”

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Swedish old school death metal band Nominon has issued the following announcement about releasing a new album:

“The moment we are all waiting so eagerly for will soon be here. Of course we’re talking about the release of the fifth Nominon album ‘The Cleansing’ (Deathgasm Records). The cover artwork by Juanjo Castellano has been floating around a bit on the net for some reason, but unfortunately it was not the finalized version. Below you can take a look at the RIGHT version of ‘The Cleansing’ once and for all, ENJOY!

“The exact release date is still to be set, it all depends on how much time the manufacturing of the LP vinyl will take?! The label and the band have decided to wait and release the LP and the CD at the same time, just for the sake of it.

“We can however reveal some further details about this coming storm. The LP will be released as a Gatefold one, the 250 first copies will come as a limited edition with a different colour on the vinyl (compared to the rest) as well as including a sew on patch. The first edition of the CD will be a Digipack version with a 12-page booklet. DEATHGASM RDS also plan to make a special die hard bundle including the LP / CD + T-shirt, yet more info on that particular version will follow later on. Here’s the complete tracklist of ‘The Cleansing:’

1. Satanical Incubation (Intro)
2. In The Name Of Gomorrah
3. Mausoleum
4. Unholy Sacrifice
5. The Cleansing
6. Abhorrent Parasites
7. Hellwitch
8. Slaughter The Imposter (LP-bonus track)
9. Obliteration
10. Son Of Doom
11. Infernal Rites

“You can all take a listen to the song ‘Obliteration’ here. Further news in the Nominion camp: we are proud to announce that from now on all European promotion related stuff will be handled by the German agency SURE SHOT WORX. Check them out for more info on their activites here. For the American market it’s all taken care of by CLAWHAMMER PR. Same guys who did such a killer work over there with the previous album, ‘Monumentomb.’ Right now the band is rehearsing and preparing themselves for some upcoming shows in Scandinavia this autumn/winter upon the release of the new album. Death Metal will prevail.”

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Australia’s Woods of Desolation has checked in with the following update about working on a new EP and recruiting a guest musician:

“Secretly planned for some time, I can now confirm the next Woods of Desolation chapter shall be a very special, conceptual EP featuring guest drums performed by Vlad of Drudkh/Old Silver Key!

“Further news and info will follow when it is available, until then, please spread the word and get ready!”

You can also check out the song “Enshrouded by Solitude” from the band’s “Sorh” EP in the player available below.

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Italy’s Vegan straight edge band Purification has issued the following announcement about signing with Bastardized Records for the release of a new CD:

“After 15 years from our debut 7″, ‘Vessel of Wrath,’ Purification’s legacy continues with the release of a brand new CD called ‘A Torch To Pierce The Night,’ due out February 2012, courtesy of the Germany based label Bastardized Recordings.

“The CD will feature:

– A spoken word by John Joseph (lead singer for the Cro-Mags)

– Artwork done by Dave Quiggle….

– New versions of Legion & Lex Talionis….

“For further news, merchandise & music, you can check our Facebook page at this location.”

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Almah has confirmed the title of its upcoming third album, the follow-up to the previous success “Fragile Equality,” as “Motion.” The cover artwork is available below.

Vocalist Edu Falaschi commented on the artwork, “The cover has been created by myself with my own iPhone. I took a picture in Paris and used some applications to create that motion effect. Then Felipe used my picture and re-created this artwork in high resolution using Photoshop and completed it with new elements. This time we wanted something modern and direct to represent our music and we are totally sure that we got the result we really wanted since the very beginning. This CD will show the real Almah’s language and personality! Stay tuned for further news!”

At the moment the band is finishing the recording of the new CD at Norcal Studios (São Paulo, Brazil). “Motion” is to be released this fall via AFM Records (Europe and North America), Laser Company (Brazil), and Victor JVC (Japan). The album is produced by Edu Falaschi and Felipe Andreoli.

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