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With Steph Carter recently leaving the fold, Gallows are in the midst of another rocky period for their already turbulent career.

In a week where we’ve seen Nine Inch Nails perform their most intimate UK date in forever and both Green Day and Skindred make considerable, statement-making downsizes themselves, it’s no short order to suggest that the Watford-founded crew have picked a tough few days to land an intimate gig of their own. Plus there’s the small matter of Reading and Leeds looming.

Luckily, we have every confidence that they’re gonna absolutely smash it. Chances are that the UK’s finest punk band for a generation will be firing on all cylinders to give us a taste of what to expect come this weekend, and with mysterious punk/metal supergroup The Hell set to make their debut live appearance as main support, it’s probably safe to bet that this will be a gig that keeps people talking for quite some time, and with the threat of the Macbeth being closed hanging over the evening, there’s an important message behind the music tonight, too!

Anyway, why are we even trying to convince you of why this is worth your time? It’s fucking Gallows! Get yourself a ticket and go lose your shit. Go on.


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Chi Cheng of Deftones

Chi Cheng: 1970~2013

A raffle in memory of Deftones bassist Chi Cheng has been put together to raise money for some of the amazing organisations, treatment centres and charities that helped Chi during his recovery after that horrific 2008 car crash that, ultimately and tragically, claimed his life.

Chi sadly passed away in April after a four-and-a-half year battle, but his memory lives on, and this is a great chance to raise some money for some extremely worthy causes, with prizes including tickets to Reading and Leeds, Converse trainers, CDs, merch, posters and gear signed by the likes of Deftones, Letlive. The Ghost Inside, The Bronx, Skindred, Feed The Rhino, Gallows, Johnny Cupcakes, You Me At Six and many more.

To enter the raffle, head to

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BOTL: Foggy style

If, as Zack De La Rocha once claimed, anger is indeed a gift, then Brotherhood Of The Lake could be metal’s answer to Santa Claus. Their latest album, Desperation Is The English Way Vol.2, the follow-up to last year’s excellent first volume, is possibly the most scathing, bitter slice of nihilistic noise to come out of the UK since the late, great Iron Monkey. It’s tempting to ask them what the problem is.

“We’re easy-going guys, really, we don’t walk around constantly being miserable,” guitarist Rusty Cleave tells Hammer “It’s just social situations. We come from Plymouth and it’s pretty bleak. It’s rare to see a woman between 16 and 30 not pushing a pram. I know Rob [Clark, vocals] gets bummed out by our society’s behaviour.” But with song titles like Grief Ritual and To Stop Breathing, it sounds like something runs deeper than just annoyance at pregnant teenagers…

“I know the song titles can be pretty drastic, but they are generally metaphors about not being able to believe people can be happy with those lives,” adds Rusty. “Creatively, anything grim and depressing switches the lights on in our brain. That’s just what turns us on. I live on Dartmoor and I love the fact that it’s so isolated. I think that’s where that miserable, despondent sound comes from.” It’s fairly standard for UK Hardcore bands to share such themes, but BOTL, despite touring with the likes of Gallows and TRC, are not your typical hardcore act.

“We’re kind of outcasts, not in a negative way, but it’s so hard to find a band in the UK that will admit to being a metal band,” muses Rusty. “So the only bands we can go out with for long periods of time are hardcore bands. I love Emperor and dreary post-rock and that’s the kind of thing we try and write. We’re not interested in playing the game; I doubt Black Sabbath cared if they were endorsed by an energy drink. All we care about is the music.” It’s a career path that has been trodden before. Do BOTL set their sights on similar goals as their heroes?

“Having a career like Converge or Neurosis, that’s the goal,” confirms the guitarist. “Those bands still have jobs and their bands give them pocket money, but look at the respect. I’d rather have a back catalogue of amazing albums like that than sell millions with no artistic worth.”

Brotherhood Of The Lake could well make good on their promise, just don’t expect them to be happy about it.

Desperation Is The English Way Vol. 2 is out now via 30 Days Of Night

Interview by Stephen Hill

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Slam Dunk 2013: Up in yo’ grill

Think that Slam Dunk is for pop punks? Well a lot of it is, but there are some blinding heavier acts from across the spectrum playing this year’s festival, too! We’ve picked out the very finest acts set to blow your Bank Holiday to bits next week. You’re welcome.

Cancer Bats

Cancer Bats: True Canadian Hardcore

What is there left to say about one of hardcore’s great modern trailblazers? You know the drill by now: Cancer Bats will bound on stage, rip said stage apart, probably drop that cover just for the LOLs and then bound right back off again. Easy.

Memphis May Fire

The Texans are finally starting to get profile on these shores deserving of their status as one of metalcore’s most upstanding young offerings, not least thanks to last year’s ace Challenger album and a killer stint supporting Cali heavyweights Of Mice And Men last Autumn. Their relentless mashup of big breakdowns and bigger hooks make them perfect Slam Dunk fodder. Expect shit to go off.

Bury Tomorrow

Bury Tomorrow: Considerably Better At Catchy Choruses Than You

British metalcore’s fine young hopes, Bury Tomorrow dropkicked our jaws to the floor with last year’s spellbinding The Union Of Crowns and have generally been laying waste to whatever stage they take to ever since. Expect ferocious riffs and addictive hooks littered with dose choruses. Like this one…

The Word Alive


Sounding like Miss May I had a baby with AFI while eating a keyboard, The Word Alive are pretty much nailed-on favourites to make you want to bang your head, pump your fist, loosen your vocal chords and kick a glo-stick about every few bars.


Heights: hardcore, you know the score

Herts’ finest are not just one of the best hardcore-based bands to come out of the Home Counties this decade (no small order given that Gallows are from Watford, eh?), they’re also only getting better when it comes to leaving your jaw glued to the floor when it comes to the live shows.

Heart In Hand

The South Coast ragers are fast amassing themselves a formidable legion of followers and a well-deserved reputation as a turbulent live band. Expect big pits and, probably, some silly hardcore dancing. Well, it is a Bank Holiday, after all.

 Devil Sold His Soul

Devil Sold His Soul: Future heavyweights

With Ed Gibbs recently announcing his departure from the band, this will be your very last chance to catch DSHS with this lineup! The ambient post-hardcore world-beaters – who recently headlined our immense Razor Tour, lest we forget – will be on top form. Plus, you know shit’s going to get emotional. Don’t miss it.

Slam Dunk 2013 takes place May 25-27 across three venues, with three special mini-Slam Dunk events also taking place around them! Head to the official Slam Dunk site for the full lineup and all ticket details.

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Some mighty new names have been added to this year’s Reading and Leeds festivals, joining headliners Green Day, Eminem and Biffy Clyro, plus the likes of Nine Inch Nails, System Of A Down, While She Sleeps, Bring Me The Horizon and more.

Check out the full list below:

Lower Than Atlantis
We Are The In Crowd
Bury Tomorrow
Frightened Rabbit
Clean Bandit
Is Tropical
Robert DeLong
Flux Pavillion
Jagwar Ma
Willy Moon
Night Works
Dillon Francis
Charli XCX
Fred V & Grafix
Jacob Plant ft. Majestic
Alkaline Trio
The Living End
RX Bandits
The Computers
Cerebral Ballzy
Sick Of It All
The Bronx
King Prawn
Shikari Sound System
Funeral For A Friend
And So I Watch You From Afar
Arcane Roots
Heaven’s Basement
Crystal Fighters
Surfer Blood
Kate Nash
Half Moon Run

British Sea Power
Lucy Rose
Tim Burgess
Nico Vega
To Kill A King
Pure LoveThe Jim Jones Revue
Parquet Courts
California X
Chapel Club
twenty one pilots
The Family Rain

….yeah, quite a lot, then. Reading and Leeds take place August 23-25, with tickets available now from the official Reading and Leeds websites.

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Palm Reader: Future stars

Our Steve loves hardcore, so we thought we’d send him to a show featuring three of the most promising upcoming hardcore bands around. Simple.

A cold, miserable Friday night in Kingston is not the sort of place where you would expect to find something truly inspiring, especially in an, almost empty, converted strip club. It’s here though, in the freezing, pure white confines of the Kingston Peel that the next stars of the UK underground are honing their craft in front of a few curious individuals before their inevitable rise to wider acceptance.

Openers Let’s Talk Daggers are only on for roughly twenty minutes but exhibit more ideas in that time than some bands manage in an entire career. The three piece are a wildly exciting blur of blastbeats, odd time signatures and caustic screeching. If you can imagine The Locust covering At The Drive In then you are in the right ball park. It’s a mouth-foaming set of insane and original noisiness and, like the very best bands, LTD would stand out on pretty much any bill like a sore thumb.

Palm Reader are much more conventional but no less thrilling. If you long for the early days of Gallows or have always wanted a British band that could really compete with Every Time I Die then Palm Reader will have you punching the air in delight. A whirlwind of spite soaked punk rock with the same technical intensity of The Dillinger Escape Plan, PR are the T-1000 of UK hardcore. It’s faster, heavier and catchier than what’s come before. The closing Seeing And Believing Are Two Different Things is an anthem waiting to be discovered, and Palm Reader nearly tear the place down playing it. When they leave there is a moment of stunned silence that a band could be that good so early in their career.

There can’t be anyone inside the Peel that genuinely thinks Palm Reader aren’t walking off unopposed with the title of band of the night. So it’s even more of a shock when The Catharsis match them stride for stride. Where the first two bands opted for precision in their attack The Catharsis go purely for power; they play a type of metallic hardcore that is reminiscent of The Hope Conspiracy or Norma Jean and even recalls Great Southern Trendkill era Pantera. Endless supplies of bludgeoning riffs are their most obvious weapon, but frontman Morgan Tedd also deserves a mention – a spinning, screaming demon who channels a young Phil Anselmo as he goads and harasses those present. They’re a band with genuine crossover potential; they’d fit in on tour with Messhuggah as well as they would Hatebreed. On this evidence you wouldn’t bet against them.

A few miles up the road, in Brixton, emo also-rans Finch play their hit to a sold out Academy, robbing these three bands of extra faces in the crowd. You’d be annoyed, but justice is coming. Let’s Talk Daggers’ E.P. has just been released, Palm Reader’s debut Bad Weather comes out on the 6th May, The Catharsis release Romance on the 20th April. Buy them, and be here next time.

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AMH TV conducted an interview with GALLOWS guitarist Laurent “Lags” Barnard and vocalist Wade MacNeil during this year’s Soundwave festival in Australia.

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British hardcore band GALLOWS has parted ways with guitarist Stephen Carter.

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Longtime Gallows guitarist (and brother of original frontman Frank) Steph Carter has left the band.

“Steph has left Gallows and we wish him the best of luck with his future projects,” say the band in a statement on the official Gallows Facebook. We will be moving on as a four piece like the early days. First stop Australia.”

Gallows latest, self-titled album dropped last year.

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While She Sleeps: Young pretenders

In slightly surprising though not-quite-so-surprising-when-you-remember-that-Gallows-played-recently news, While She Sleeps have confirmed for Bestival 2013! As has our boy Daniel P Carter from the BBC Radio One Rock Show, which is nice.

The Isle Of Wight-based fest also features, amongst others this year, Elton John, Snoop Dogg, Wu Tang Clan, terribly shit indie rockers Franz Ferdinand and Sinead O’ Connor, who did a good song by Prince in the 90s.

We’re not gonna lie, we’re quite up for seeing Elton John. What? He’s a legend. Shut up, Lion King was great.

If you’re up for it, Bestival takes place from September 5-8, with tickets available now from the official Bestival website. While She Sleeps recently played a blinding set supporting Asking Alexandria at London’s Brixton Academy. Read our review here.


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