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Rock band SIXX: A.M. — which consists of bassist Nikki Sixx, guitarist DJ Ashba and vocalist James Michael — is continuing work on material for its third album, tentatively due early next year.

In a brand new interview with Revolver magazine, Sixx — who has just embarked on a twelve-show residency with MÖTLEY CRÜE at The Joint at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas — spoke about how the new CD is different about its predecessors. “When we did [our 2007 debut] ‘The Heroin Diaries’, it was the soundtrack to a book,” he said. “And when we did ‘This Is Gonna Hurt’, there was a lot of inspiration that drew from the photography in my book ‘This Is Gonna Hurt’ as well as the bandmembers’ personal experiences and how they related not only to the characters in the book, but what they’d gone through growing up. Without meaning to, it hinted at this whole concept of bullying. If you’re different than other people you’re made fun of and you’re made to believe you’ll never achieve your dreams. Loosely, that’s what ‘This is Gonna Hurt’ was about. We feel like between ‘The Heroin Diaries’ and ‘This is Gonna Hurt’, we’ve exposed a lot of wounds and we’ve talked about how to recover from them, but we haven’t had a chance to really celebrate. I think this album is a celebration.”

Asked if SIXX: A.M. took a different approach to writing the songs this time around, Sixx said: “We put a lot fewer restrictions on ourselves. We went into genres that you wouldn’t expect us to possibly be influenced by, but unless you know the bandmembers, you don’t know that there are all kinds of influences, especially from the ’70s and some of the great bands that came out of that era. So when we started writing, it was almost ridiculous. The songs were so left of center that you’re like, ‘These could never be on a record.’ We were creating something so different, and once we got the songs written, people said, ‘God, it reminds me of QUEEN‘s ‘Night At The Opera’ at times. It reminds me of EDGAR WINTER GROUP ‘Free Ride’ and these amazing things off of ‘They Only Come Out At Night’. There was still the drama and the texture that SIXX: A.M. brings, but there was this celebration happening. Then as we started layering in the guitars, bass, drums and vocals, you started to go, ‘Wow, this is a SIXX: A.M. album!’ But it started out as not.”

Sixx also spoke about whether he is concerned that the musical diversions won’t appeal to fans of the first two SIXX: A.M. albums.

“I think SIXX: A.M. fans are going to love this record and I think new people will come in and be really surprised by it and become fans as well,” he said. “I don’t think our first two records sound like the same type of record, but I do think there’s a sound with the band and I think we’re going to continue on that tradition.”

SIXX: A.M., made a rare appearance — its first in four years — on April 11, 2012 at Revolver Golden Gods Awards at Club Nokia in Los Angeles.

As each band member has been kept busy with their other careers — Sixx is also the bassist for MÖTLEY CRÜE and a syndicated radio host; Ashba is currently touring with GUNS N’ ROSES; James Michael is a famed rock producer who is currently working on new records for PAPA ROACH, HALESTORM and others — this marked the band’s first chance to perform in support of their current album, “This Is Gonna Hurt”, which supplied the #1 rock anthem “Lies Of The Beautiful People”.

“7”, the latest EP from SIXX: A.M., came out in December 2011 and sold around 2,700 copies in the United States in its first week of release. The effort contained acoustic versions of songs from the group’s first two albums — 2007’s “The Heroin Diaries” soundtrack and 2011’s “This Is Gonna Hurt”.

Released on May 3, 2011, SIXX: A.M.‘s sophomore album, “This Is Gonna Hurt” is a companion piece to Sixx‘s “This Is Gonna Hurt: Music, Photography And Life Through The Distorted Lens Of Nikki Sixx” book, a follow-up to his New York Times bestseller, “The Heroin Diaries”.

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With Self Defense Family’s new EP, “The Corrections Officer In Me,” officially out now on Family Drugs, a stream of the full release is currently available thanks to . Check out the tracks below. The following press release was also issued: “A shape-shifting collective, rooted in, but not limited to, the post-hardcore sound of the Dischord Records roster, Self Defense Family have made a name in the underground by ignoring normal rock band rules concerning genres, lineups, and release schedules.

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Jeffrey Easton of Metal Exiles recently conducted an interview with vocalist Dez Fafara of Californian metallers DEVILDRIVER. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow below.

Metal Exiles: Everything I read on you refers to DEVILDRIVER as groove-oriented metal but I think your sound is more ferocious than that but with melody. How does DEVILDRIVER balance the ferocity with the melody that turns up in the music?

Dez: I think we are definitely the square peg in the round hole as you cannot fit us into these genres that are happening now. Long ago, our fans started referring us to the California Groove Machine, and I accepted that title because nobody else is referred to as that. We always have a form of melody with, as you said, ferociousness and it is important to try to balance the two. This record [“Winter Kills”] has a lot of tight arrangements as we really got down and concentrated on the songwriting as we wanted the hooks and choruses to stand out. The way we balance it is that we make sure the arrangements are tight and every song had a special momentum.

Metal Exiles: With the title “Winter Kills”, the theme is very dark. What made you want to take this mental route?

Dez: We wrote and recorded during the winter time and technically we are releasing in the winter time, since it is almost fall and you will be listening to it during the winter months. A lot of the lyrics involve reconditioning yourself to a higher level and taking your life to the next stage, so that title really stood out to me. We needed a title track as well and that just stood out to me.

Metal Exiles: What points to a rebirth for you?

Dez: You have to take the lyrics for what they are and I am always that guy who will crack open the door and show you a little bit of light, so sometimes you have to point out the negative to do that. If you take the lyrics and really look into them, you will see those places. The record as a cohesive whole really points to that. The band has a new label with Napalm and a new bass player, Chris Towning, so it really is a rebirth for us. This is our sixth record and we really found out who we are and what we do best with our sound. We have five different records with different sounds, but to me, “Winter Kills” really captures who we are.

Metal Exiles: I know you like being home with your family so you recorded your vocals at home. What was that like as opposed to going to a studio?

Dez: You find yourself thinking that if you displace yourself, putting yourself in the odd place out, making yourself uncomfortable will give you a feel that metal needs, but for me, that’s not the case. I was getting to a point that I was saying, “OK, I got four more songs and I can go home.” I did not want to do that, I did not think the listeners deserved that nor the art. I was just done with being gone for months on end just to record a record. So I put a vocal booth downstairs and I think it added a lot to the feel of the record. The clock wasn’t ticking; we got a lot of the tracks on the first take and if I wasn’t feeling it that day we could just call it quits. It made me feel more comfortable while recording because I was in a state I created. It was very moody, no direct lighting on me and I think that lent to the attitude of the record.

Read the entire interview at Metal Exiles.

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North Carolina-based Corrosion of Conformity (or C.O.C. to their fans) blend all genres of the metal spectrum into one loud, and definitely heavy musical styling. C.O.C. performs "Strong Medicine" for raucous crowd at Scion Rock Fest 2013 in Memphis. Watch more Scion Rock Fest 2013 clips.

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Unique Leader Records has checked in with the following announcement about inking a deal with California act Oblivion: “We are proud to announce that Oblivion has joined the Unique Leader family. Oblivion formed with the intent of creating extreme metal music that will last the ages, music that transcends genres and time.

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AvD (far left) with The Defiled

Anyone who’s ever seen The Prodigy knows that dance music can actually be pretty fucking A) heavy and B) awesome when done right, and given that we’d heard The Defiled‘s keyboard-tickler The AvD likes a bit of the synthy stuff himself, we thought we’d get him to recommend us some bangin’ choons. Or something.

Here’s his recommendations:


“This guy basically invented so many genres. He was an innovator, and one of these people that is just a bit crazy – some of the sounds he has come up with have blown my mind. He did all this without [modern] gear – we have computers these days, which makes things much easier. Also, metal is basically produced the way that dance music is these days!”

Recommended Track: Window Licker


“It’s a drum ‘n’ bass outfit, and they’ve kinda invented their own scene now – techno drum ‘n’ bass! A lot of people have started copying them, but they’re so brutal when it comes to d’n’b. You can always count on them to never ‘cheese it up’. They turned themselves into their own genre, and they’re insane. It’s just disgusting dance music with no melody, which I love!”

Recommended Track: Viva City – Have You Ever Felt So Messed Up (Technical Itch Remix)


“It’s actually the former keyboardist from Nine Inch Nails, Alessandro Cortini. He’s basically written an album called Red, which I can’t stop listening to from beginning to end. What kind of music is it? I’d say it’s simple pop songs, but produced very weirdly, with analogue synths and 808s and drum machines. It’s very original and simple.”

Recommended Track: Enough


“Electronic producers are just flawless – I always look to them as a benchmark. Noisia are just drum ‘n’ bass DJs, but their tracks could be on a movie soundtrack. The techniques they use are just mind-blowing – if you’re into production, give them a listen.”

Recommended Track: Crush Him


“They’ve got all these labels and have been doing it since the 90s, and they haven’t changed one bit. When I was younger and used to take a lot of acid, I used to go to their raves, and it’s really dark. It’s the closest to metal that you can get with techno – never any melodies, disgusting samples and excessive use of 808.”

Recommended Track: One Night In Hackney

New Defiled album Daggers lands on August 5 via Nuclear Blast.

Daggers Tracklisting

1. Sleeper (4:00)
2. Unspoken (4:05)
3. Saints And Sinners (3:49)
4. As I Drown (4:41)
5. Porcelain (3:23)
6. New Approach (3:09)
7. Fragments Of Hope (4:30)
8. The Infected (4:01)
9. The Morning After (4:14)
10. Five Minutes (4:38)
11. No Place Like Home (4:13)
12.I Destroy What Destroy Me (4:15)*
13.Self Under Siege (3:25)*
* = bonus track

Pre-order Daggers

You can see The Defiled lads tear it up alongside Motionless In White and Glamour of The Kill on the following dates this Autumn:

12 Sept // Dublin Academy 1
13 Sept // Belfast Mandela Hall
14 Sept // Glasgow Garage
15 Sept // Newcastle O2 Academy 2
16 Sept // Manchester Academy
18 Sept // Leeds Cockpit
19 Sept // Nottingham Rescue Rooms
20 Sept // Birmingham O2 Academy 2
21 Sept // London The Forum
22 Sept // Bristol The Fleece
23 Sept // Portsmouth Wedgewood Rooms

Buy tickets:

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Black metal is a wide ranging genre, from the low-fi “kvlt” sounds of the early albums to polished symphonic black metal. It’s a genre that has wormed its way into many other styles as well, hence sub-genres like “blackened thrash” or “blackened death metal.” Longtime fans of black metal will be very familiar with these groundbreaking releases, but for those newer to the genre, it’s a good starting place to explore.   It’s a list that could easily be expanded to a hundred or more, and is not meant to be an exhaustive compilation of every important black metal album, just a short list for newbies to check out to better understand the genre.

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Death Mercedes has announced “Sans Éclat” will be released as a 12″ LP this fall by Throatruiner Records and Sieve and Sand Records. A studio teaser is available below, and Throatruiner Records also comments: “With members hailing from various backgrounds (Amanda Woodward, Cowards, L’Homme Puma, Ravi), the 2011-formed Parisian outfit Death Mercedes plays a brand of passionate hardcore/punk that is difficult to nail down to a specific genre. “The band’s debut full-length ‘Sans Éclat’ features ten tracks swinging between crust, screamo and half a dozen other sub-genres to create a very personal sound – strongly melodic while remaining loud and unpolished, and with gruffy vocals delivering (in French) disillusioned and introspective lyrics

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“Exotic Guitar” is a new loop library option for adding a live guitar sound to a variety of genres.

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teamrock radio

Our very own Beez launched his very own radio show on our very own new national station TeamRock Radio tomorrow – set your alarm now.

He’ll present The Pulse every Saturday morning from now on, and he knows exactly what he’s going to do with his airtime.

Beez says: “The Pulse will be a show that treated contemporary rock bands such as Paramore, Parkway Drive and Pierce The Veil with the respect we at TeamRock feel they deserve.

“You’ll hear band you love, bands you are yet to discover and bands you might have written off in the past – but suddenly see in a brand new light.

“TeamRock Radio believes in cutting-edge and exciting modern rock music of all sub-genres. For that, and many other reasons, I belong!”

The station, available across the UK via DAB and across the world via the internet, has also added the following features to its weekend schedule:

Sat morning: The Pulse with Beez
Sat 6pm: The Blues Magazine Show with Billy Rankin
Sat 8pm: The LA Rock Show with Kieron Elliott
Sun 6pm: The Prog Magazine Show with Philip Wilding
Sun 8pm: The AOR Magazine Show with Kylie Olsson
Sun 10pm: Louder Than War with John Robb
Sat and Sun nights: Turn Up The Night with Talita Two Shoes

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